Monday, July 13, 2020

For the Stunning Deedles: The Kitchen

I had posted some photos of things in our kitchen that I liked, and the delightful DeeDahLahDeeDah remarked how large the room seemed, so I figured I’d shared what it looked like when we moved in and what it looks like now, with a little paint and some scrubbing …

As you can see, in the photo, for the love of god, there were blue mother**king sponge-painted walls and a freakin’ chair rail. Also, what I politely called a Porn Lamp above where a table might sit. I went an olive green on the cabinets and a sunny yellow on the walls and ripped down that stinkin’ rail.

In this picture you see more brown than should ever be in a room, as well as an old, OLD, OLD Jenn Air Downdraft stove and the skinniest fridge I’ve ever seen. We kept the stove a while until we had a gas line run to the house, but the fridge went away instantly, as did the cabinet above as the new one was ‘human’ height.

This is the other side of the room, with the old and new paint, as well as a new dishwasher and, yes, I have one, and no, I’ve never used it, a trash compacter. I have decided that since we are not, as yet, redoing the entire kitchen, I am going to buy a small wine fridge because I need wine more than I need my trash compacted.

And these last photos are the kitchen today … well, the kitchen about a month ago when I took the photos. Lighter, brighter, and with new lamps, a new gas stove, and without a freakin’ chair rail!!

There you go, Duchess Deedles.


Mistress Maddie said...

So THATS where most of the Bob and Carlos antics take place!?!?!?! I love it Bob. It should be the way you want it....since it never fails, it's the gathering spot for most gatherings.

Deedles said...

I love it, Bobulah! Thanks! I agree, wine fridge beats trash compactor hands down! Love the cozy little table.

the dogs' mother said...

Fun to see!
take care, be safe, xoxo :-)

Treaders said...

I love your kitchen. Makes me dream of Provence and sitting in your kitchen with a nice glass of rosé! It's just beautiful!

Helen Lashbrook said...

The sophisticated colours of your kitchen now are 1,000% better than the old out of date aged pine; it looks a nice comfortable place to work and eat.

Dado rails (aka chair rails)are very Victorian and we had them in our Edwardian house (3 houses ago) along with picture rails. My Mum's Victorian house also had the dado and picture rails.

Frank said...

I'm not sure how true the colors are in the photos but your cabinets and walls look almost identical to was the first painting project we did after we moved in back in December of 2015. So I can say: good choice!

Sixpence Notthewiser said...

I love how you transformed it! Totally different. That sponged-on wall, hunny....
It looks bigger and airier. I really like the sitting area and the corner cupboard.


Bob said...

That's one of the rooms .... and we like that it's large since that is where most people end up during a party.

Right? Trash goes out, wine goes in. Sheesh! =)

Thanks; you, too.

Well, now I'm going to pretend I'm in Provence when I sit in there!

Yeah, it was the first room to paint after we bought the place. And I do like chair rail, but in this house it was everywhere!

I think the colors are close to true. And it looks like we have th same [good] taste!

I really had to look past the paint colors throughout the house when we first looked at it. U G L Y.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

MUCH improved!

anne marie in philly said...

more wine YASSSS!

have you two ever "horizontal bopped" in that kitchen?

it IS lovely; inviting for a cuppa cawfee and a slice of tres leches cake!

Dave R said...

Faux paint on the walls was considered tres chic at one point.

That island is amazing. Glad you kept the built-in, so many tear them out and stick in a pottle plant or an extra chair. And tile! I would kill for tile. Palate is very, very nice.

Bob said...

I agree!

Let's just say that the island isn't JUST for food prep.

Oh, in our next project, the tile will be gone. Grout lines? No!

Moving with Mitchell said...

Charming. Cheerful, Comfortable. I would be happy nuking a cup of water in that kitchen... and washing dishes.

Michael said...

I love how you transformed the kitchen. It is much more inviting!!

Bob said...

And you could do both in here!

Thanks, we think so too.

Travel said...

Nice improvements. Better colors, making it yours, to fit your life.

BethB from Indiana said...

I don't seem to have the gene that it takes to want to remodel, repaint, etc. I lived in more than 20 different houses/apartments/condos since graduating from college in 1972. Some were furnished and I just moved in. Some were totally empty, so I cobbled stuff together from my parents and sisters. I didn't own a place until #18. I bought my first piece of furniture--a feminine Lazy Boy rocker-recliner and got rid of the "Victorian" frippery of the condo, but that was it. Same with the second condo. Finally, house #20--we've been here since 1996. We've re-painted walls, recarpeted, laid down tile and manufactured wood flooring, repainted outside, re-roofed, enlarged the deck, installed two new windows, re-placed appliances, created a walk-in shower with grab bars, and still there is much to do. Re-doing the kitchen cabinets seems daunting.

Would consider coming to Indiana to offer tips on sprucing up my house?

BethB from Indiana said...

Geez, I forgot to mention that I love the colors and choices you've made in your home. I talked about me instead. Sorry.

Bob said...

@Beth B
It sounds like you've done a lot, and doesn't it feel better to know that you did it??

As for coming to Indiana, my travel expenses are rather high.=)