Saturday, July 11, 2020

I Ain't One To Gossip But ...

Today in Pandemic News … Madonna in Desperately Seeking Attention!

Yes, once again Madge has taken to her bathroom to Undress Herself, this time appearing in a hat, black underwear, gold bracelets and a crutch by her side.

The crutch is real, as is her desperation. I mean, women can pose however they want but sixty-one-year-old Madge just seems keen on baring herself for attention because there’s no other reason for this.

Perky breasts and a Frozen face. I think she’s Borderline neurotic and needs to take a Holiday from social media. I will Cherish the day when Madonna Louise Ciccone will learn The Power of Goodbye.
About a month ago, the country group Lady Antebellum announced that they were changing their name to Lady Antebellum because of its association with slavery and would simply go by Lady A from now on.

A hot second later and one Anita White, a blues singer from Seattle, let them know that she is Lady A, and has been using that name forever. So, the group and the Lady Zoomed one and  both made it clear that they’re not going to budge from using the Lady A name and hope to find a way to coexist.

Until the artists formerly known as Landy Antebellum decided to sue the artist always known as Lady A for calling herself Lady A. Lady A, the group, who once said they stood with BLM, is now suing a Black woman, for using Lady A as her stage name. Lady A, the reboot—made up of Hillary Scott, Charles Kelley, and David Haywood—claim they tried to work it out with Lady A but could not and now they would like the court to grant them trademark of the name even though she began using the name years before Lady Antebellum was even around.

Self-entitled country music superstar trying to force a woman to change her stage name because they’re butt-hurt she got it first. Perhaps they should call themselves Lady Asshats?
Rumor has it that Kanye West’s ALLEGED run for the White House is the result of yet another bipolar meltdown.

Who knew …, well, other than every person on the planet? 
It’s all about the green as long as you aren’t racist about the Black.

With reality show “stars” Stassi Schroeder and Kristen Doute getting fired from Vanderpump Rules over racist bullying of fellow cast member Faith Stowers, and then fellow castmates, Brett Caprioni and Max Boyens, getting axed for racist Tweets, reality show producers are trying to find a way to stop the fall-out of racism.

And it’s coins. Yes, networks like CBS, MTV, VH1, and others are working to stop racism from tainting their pristine brands by hiring private investigator, Edward Myers, to pick through reality stars’ social media for offensive language. And to top that off, networks are offering “good behavior bonuses” for their “stars” who don’t post their racist shiz online.

Oh, they can still be racist AF, but keep it off the internet and we’ll give you money. Funny, I thought not being racist was just being a decent person, I didn’t know it was away to make a living.
Although divorced, lovebirds turned hatebirds Johnny Depp and Amber Heard are keeping their story alive by suing one another for every single thing they did while married; seriously, this courtroom saga is longer than their marriage.

We learned that one night, after a bad fight, Amber Heard defecated in Johnny’s bed, and now it’s Amber’s turn, providing photographic evidence that Johnny likes whisky and coke, er, cocaine, and Keith Richards music. Amber photographed Johnny’s party set-up and she also snapped Johnny after he’d passed out post-party.

I don’t know what this is all about, except the two are suing each other for saying slanderous stuff about the other and then go to court to sweat that the slanderous stuff they each said is true.

Can’t they just get a room and scream at one another for ever and leave the rest of us alone?
Apparently one Kourtney Kardastrophe stepped away from her family’s attempt at fame, AKA Keeping Up with the Kardastrophes, because she ALLEGEDELY wanted to spend more time with her children.

Of course, this was right after the show aired a physical fight between Kourtney and First-Lady-Wannabe-But-Will-Never-Be, Kim, but now, months later, and because she’s not on the show and out of the limelight and doesn’t know how to live like that, Kourtney is talking about leaving the show.
“I have been filming the show non-stop for 14 years … and it became a toxic environment.”
Became? The show was built around Kim’s porn debut and having a mother who sold her daughter’s sex tape for some coins, some fame, and a TV show.

It is built on toxicity, Kourtney, and you’re still in it. It’s in your family’s DNA.


Mistress Maddie said...

Good God what stench sugar!!!!!!

I had no idea that was even Madonna!!!!!!

Very disappointed with Lady Antibelium. I actually liked their music. Can they not just come up with another creative name? I mean, they are writers!?!?!?!?!?

Maybe the rest can hang at the Roger Stone party this week now that he is pardoned?!?!?! It's about to stick even more.

Blobby said...

Madge's biggest problem might be that hat. But nice to know she can afford teh iPhone11

anne marie in philly said...

depp & heard - two three year olds acting out.

NO ONE wants to see madge's saggy baggy tits!


and the country group needs to get over its white privilege and pick a new name.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

I hope Lady A, the blues singer, prevails! She had the name first, even if she's not as famous as the country group.

the dogs' mother said...

There is always Lady B --- Z

take care, xoxo :-)

Deedles said...

This is a real pile of maggot ridden horse hockey! Amber Heard, the acting ability of a wooden plank. I've been dying to get Johnny Depp into a hot bath with lye soap for years.

Helen Lashbrook said...

of course Kanye West is mentally ill; who else but someone desperately unwell would marry into the Catastrophe klan?

VRC-Do You! said...

Lady A-the singing group-which I love-and Lady A-the singer which I never heard of.

I advocate for a full reporting of this issue. What you said is true. There is some speculation that the female singer did not trademark the name and or was slow in doing so. And Lady A the singing group has used the abbreviated name to sell merch about the same time the singer did. Then there is what the singing group is calling extortion because the female singer wants 10 million.

I don't know where the truth lies here. This is why we have courts to adjudicate these types of issues.

What I do believe is the singing group should not have the leg up because they are famous, and she is not, and to what some are calling White privilege. The singing group should not be at an advantage because they have more money to maneuver in the legal system. This may or may not be true but we do have a track record of having such resources is to one's advantage.

I would like to have seen this issue addressed and settled quietly. But in this day and age, it may be like swimming against the tide.

Let's see what shakes out.

Helen Lashbrook said...

PS - how about calling themselves Lady Anti-Bellum - one letter different and a completely different meaning

Bob said...

Lady Antebellum.who claimed they wanted to change their name to honor the Black Lives Matter movement, is not trying to take away a Black woman's name. Vile.

The hat, the crutch as a crutch, the need to pose nude in her bathroom for attention.

Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes.

She should since she's been using for about 20 years before Lady Asshat came along.

I like your thought process!

Amber Heard is Kristen Stewart Wooden.
And Depp is a petri dish of goddess knows what.

The woman was using the name long before the country group came along.They should be the ones trying to figure a new name, not her ...even if she never trademarked it.

I like THAT idea!

VRC-Do You! said...


Not to beat a dead horse. But Blanch you are. :)

I couldn't agree more. They co-existed prior to their name change and why not now.

Now is about circling the wagons and ensuring the band as control of everything they produce-merch and music.

If I understand correctly Lady A-the women-is saying in so many words if you want the name lock-stock-and barrel then I want 10 million. I sure hope the band is not claiming victimization and saying we have no alternative but to sue. Arbitration comes to mind.

Work it out. The BLM issue is the band's issue to work not the ladies. Maybe the band should pick another name.

Let's be a class act.

Dave R said...

I stopped reading after the Madge bit... I didn't know she was Asian? When did that happen?

VRC-Do You! said...

Don't know where to put this----

Further reading---

"The Band Formerly Known as Lady Antebellum Has Already Lost (Guest Column)"--Variety Magazine.