Thursday, July 02, 2020


As Mistress Maddie said in a comment yesterday, hot gay British journalist James Longman proposed to his boyfriend fiancé, Alex Brannan, yesterday.

James Longman—and I believe the last name suits him—has long been one of my boyfriends—and as I told Carlos about the engagement, I then had to tell him again who James Longman was …
“You know how when we watch GMA and I squeal like a schoolgirl about my boyfriend being on TV? That’s James Longman. And now he’s gonna be a Husband-In-My-Head.”
Carlos said:
“It’s must be getting pretty crowded up there.”
And he’s not wrong.

Here’s Alex and James, the happy cute couple.

Tuxedo has been trying to explain the asshattery of All Lives Matter on Facebook for weeks now … this time he chose a direct route.
I’ve always called them The Chicks, just because I wanted to, but now it appears that the artists formally known as the Dixie Chicks are now officially The Chicks. If you didn’t know, and how could you not, the word “Dixie” is commonly used as a nickname for the Southern United States, mostly regarding those that composed the Confederate States of America.

So, The Chicks can now be found on Twitter at @thechicks, and their website has been redirected to In addition, The Chicks released ‘March March,’ a new song that features footage from protests through the years and up to today, naming both George Floy and Breonna Taylor in the lyrics.

March, march.

I was watching a movie called The Weekend over the, um, weekend, and learned a new word to describe my need to accept no responsibility for my actions: I’m Alibipolar.

That’s all.
Well, well, well … the Mississippi legislature has voted to remove Confederate symbol from the state flag. And Governor Tate Reeves, has said he would sign the legislation into law. Mississippians will vote on a replacement flag in the November election and the current design cannot be an option.

That’s my idea up there.

Still, there is a move to make sure the phrase ‘In God We Trust’ will be somewhere on the flag, totally ignoring that whole Separation of Church and State thing. Oh well, baby steps … 
I was sitting in a parking lot waiting on Carlos and a woman came out of the store and raised her hand, holding her keys, to unlock her car because, apparently, she’d forgotten where she parked. She raised that hand, pointed and clicked … nothing; raised it again, pointed and clicked …nothing.

I was tempted to toot my car horn just to fuck with her. And if I got caught? Alibipolar.
I was watching GMA the other day and there was another viral video of a Karen at Trader Joe’s shrieking and whining about having to wear a mask because she has a medical condition and you’re gonna get sued and she’s not a sheep and … you get it.

After the video, they brought on the GMA doctor, Jen Ashton,  who calmly explained that if your breathing issue didn’t preclude you from being outside then you don’t have an issue breathing. But then she nailed it further by saying:
“And if you can shriek at Trader Joes employees at the top of your lungs about having a health issue that precludes you from wearing a mask, you don’t have a health issue. You can breathe just fine.”
Snap, Karen.
Why? WHY????

Because the first two films made a combined $1 billion around the world, there will be a third Mamma Mia movie.

Haven’t I suffered enough? Lockdown? Furloughed from work? And now this?
Under lockdown, with case rates climbing every day, I have little desire to set foot outside unless I must, so I watched a couple of films with hotties the other day…

The first was Official Secrets was about an woman who worked for the British government and released secret intel to prove that England, and the United States, lied about the WMD in Iraq, and lied about Saddam Hussein’s involvement in 9/11, to force that illegal war. Good film, but, again, it had some good-looking men [top left and top right] in Adam Bakri and Matt Smith—who has been here before..

The second was The Weekend, where I found my new tagline—see earlier Bobservation above—with two delicious mens [lower left and lower right] Tone Bell and Y’lan Noel. The movie was cute funny, at times, but needed a few more laughs, so I focused on those two and found myself, um, interested.

Lockdown can provide some nice views if you’re looking in the right direction.


Treaders said...

That is a brilliant song from the (Dixie) Chicks. I've loved them for ages!

Mistress Maddie said...

Im still crushed. Lets go to the wedding and we'll fight over which of us catches the bouquet!!!!! I have always thought Jmaes is so handsome. Has if ever occurred to you just how many hot journalists are at ABC?!?!?! Oh well....on to my next target...Leo Suter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Beechman House? You need to see him hunty.

Mask it or Casket! Yes. It's simple with me. wear one. These idiots that ignore and die won't collect tears from me.

I wouldn't have known that's what the Dixie Chicks meant. I guess thats good.

And of course Tuxedo is the wise one. The virus of hate is in the heart...and I don't think can be cured...hence why the virus and Mother Nature has more work to do.

NO ONE , NOONE.....Will be more disappointed in a MAMMA Mia not coming out then Anne Marie. She misses herself some ABBA music. How will she muddle through?

Deedles said...

I love Carlos and his acceptance of your cup running over with head husbands. Now, I've never heard of Alex and James (not surprising) and from the pictures I don't understand the "hotness" factor. They don't do a thing for me. Also, which one is which? I see the same picture everywhere with no identification.
I have a lot to say about everything else, but I'm not going to, except, that tweet! Perfect!
Oh, one more thing, do you ever have a cleaning out of your head to make more room for more recent husbands? You should keep a headache with that crowd.

Sixpence Notthewiser said...

Hahahahaha well, Carlos May be on to something. But I feel you. The number of men I mentally undress is alarming.
Oh Facebook. That cesspool. Did you read that Zuckerberg had a meeting with the higher ups and told them he didn’t care about the ad exodus? Right before meeting with the people demanding change in his hateful site. And he’s suing people in Hawaii out of THIER land so HE can build. Cancel Facebook.
I love that you posted about The Chicks! I was thinking about posting that new song! Great minds....
And The weekend, huh? *runs to Apple TV.*


the dogs' mother said...

(Carlos) (Tuxedo)

take care, be safe xoxo :-)

Raybeard said...

Never heard of this Jim Longman chappie - but from the pic he looks....... 'interesting'.

As for a 'Mamma Mia 3', oh YES PLEEEEEEEEZE!!!

anne marie in philly said...

tuxedo is one smart cat! the tweet is also a keeper.

@maddie - I never saw the first 2 "mamma mias" and I don't intend to see #3.


Deedles said...

@anne marie- Not even with a ten foot fake "pole"!

Helen Lashbrook said...

Great News - Ghislaine Maxwell has been arrested as she ought to have been long ago (but she was hiding). Hopefully no judge in their right mind will allow her bail - she conspired and enticed on behalf of Jeffrey Epstein!

I went to school with two of her sisters but they don't seem to have caught the criminal blood of their father (as far as we know).

and yes Toledo is right! Make love not hate.

Bob said...

Me,too. I lovelovelove 'Not Ready to Make Nice.'

I'm off to search for Leo!
I can't with ABBA, except MAYBE when Cher covers them.

James is on the right and his looks combined with a British accent ..... suh-woon.
Every so often, usually when they die, a Husband In My head goes missing.And i will say it's really all about the One Husband In My Heart!

They're a pair!

And James is a Brit!
And I knew you'd be in for MM3!

Tuxedo is akeepr.
And let's you and I NOT go see Mamma Mia together!

Hopefully she won't get Epsteined while in custody.

Bob said...

I just saw you photo with you Google name. Two words: Stun.Ning.

Deedles said...


Dave R said...

I've always liked The Chicks!

My, there are karens showing up all over the place.

I have yet to see a Mamma Mia movie.

My moneys say's they opt out for a Pentagram, that way the phrase works for them.

Michael said...

i like your design for the Mississippi flag!

Bob said...

Me, too.
Mamma Mia, just say NO!

Thanks. I doubt they'll use it .....

Travel said...

It is simple, if a business can say no shoes no service, they can say no mask no service, it is the same issue, one of public health.

I understand Texas has ordered masks in public, with a $250 fine. TEXAS!

If we had done this four months ago, maybe we would be reopening boarders, instead of being shunned by the world.