Monday, May 25, 2020

He Could Have Saved 54,000 Lives By Doing Something Earlier?

If the United States had implemented social-distancing measures on March 1—just two weeks earlier than it did—54,000 fewer people would have died from COVID-19 by early May, according to a new report from disease modelers at Columbia University.

And, when asked about the report, _____ responded by attacking a reporter and calling it “fake news” and the White House followed suit later by issuing a statement blaming China and the World Health Organization.

Remember the truth … _____ did nothing when he first heard about this …then called it a hoax …then said it would disappear … then said it wasn’t his fault … then blamed China … then used briefings as campaign rallies … then blamed Obama and tried to deflect ... then touted his success …and then played golf.

And 98,000 people are dead.

Sidenote: it took just 80,000 votes caross three swing states to give _____ the White House, far fewer people than have died because of his ineptitude. I’m not saying that those 80,000 are among the dead, but more people have died than put him in office. We can change this course in November,


the dogs' mother said...

Very happy to have our governor.
take care! xoxo :-)

Sooo-this-is-me said...

Ironic that he is threatening to open churches and take out even more of his base voters. What a walking disaster of a man.

bk said...

If he had followed South Korea's example the US could have had as few as 5000 dead.

Deedles said...

Coulda, shoulda, not woulda.

Helen Lashbrook said...

I see the delight of the evangelicals failed to attend church yesterday despite demanding they open...oh silly me, he was attending his own church,his golf club (made in his own image - big, ugly and with a huge absence of class)

anne marie in philly said...

the dump doesn't give five fat flying fucks about the dead, nor those who will die from COVID-19. to him it's all still fake news.

VRC-Do You! said...

I shake my head...The film footage from various locations of folks thinking it is Black Friday out there...Did you see the folks all crammed together at a waterpark...We have Alabama teetering on having no room at the inn-hospital-for sick patients...I want to have things open as much as the next person...BUT I understand public health...What a bunch of "snowflakes" out there AND weak local governments not taking punitive steps to keep folks asses at home or if out social distancing and wearing masks...I know, I know we have to appease the dictator in charge...NOT...At this rate, we will never see the light of day...

Dave R said...

I'm still betting that the moment Biden is sworn in the Idiot Jerk will board a plane to Moscow.

Sadie J said...

We HAVE to change this course in November or there won't be anything to save come the next election.

Bob said...

Sadly, ours is a _____ doofus.

I think you mean "waddling" disaster.

He'snot that smart, but thinks he knows better than anyone else.

Can and will work to vote his orange behind from office!

The evangelicals are sheep, following a rapist masked as their prophet.

We know, he made sure to tell he takes no responsibility.

Americans are stupid and lazy and ignorant enough to think they're freedom means they can endangers other's lives for a haircut and a Big ac.

I'd like him to leave now.


Mistress Maddie said...

Good points Bob! Now the most powerful political group, the non voters must get off there touché'. In the last election of 2016 there was close to 90 million who didn't vote. That is scary considering that that's more then Hillary or trump each got individually. THEY will have the real power and the power to make some huge changes. A friend of mine didn't vote because he said they were both evil, sorry excuses of humans, and now he doesn't like either again. I'm going to get him to vote somehow, if it kills me.

Happy Memorial Day to you and Carlos and all in Bobville!!!!!!

It's Just Jake said...

I believe I have the same Guv'nuh as The Dog's Mother? The name is Inslee, Jay Inslee...
I'm in the Big City and the consistent resolve and steady pacing of his actions during this crisis is admirable.
His plan for re-opening isn't going as smoothly as the closing('cause so many people are just tired of this shizz...), but looking at early results from Alabama and the other early-opening states surely shows he's alot more right than wrong*.

"Stay the course!" I think someone famous once said that. And VOTE BLUE!!

*His news conferences. Yeesh... I may, in fact, have all afternoon to listen to him, but really he needs to tighten that up.

Sixpence Notthewiser said...

He didn’t act cause it would make him look bad. That’s why he’s not pushing testing: because his incompetence is going to be glaring. But he gaslighting of the country continues day in day out. The thing is, whomever does not want to see how corrupt and inept he is it’s because they don’t want to. His incompetence and incapacity to Lead are evident. Whomever votes for him (or does not vote) is n idiot.


Moving with Mitchell said...

What Covidiot-45 is doing is ignorant and evil. What his followers are doing is ignorant and tragic. And I have such unkind thoughts lately for all of them. I just won't share them here.