Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Mother Confronts Her Son's Bullies, and She's Arrested

Hell hath no fury like a Mama protecting her young son.

When Jamie Rathburn found out that kids at Greenbrier Elementary School were calling her third-grade son “gay” and “stupid,” she was upset, but when he came home with bruises and scratches, she was done.

She emailed the school, and then met with school faculty and administrators, who apparently told her “boys will be boys” … who bully and beat up other boys, I’m guessing. The school passed on doing anything, but then Rathburn learned that one of the teachers had to follow her son around the schoolyard, and so she took matters into her own hands.

She entered the school without permission from the front office and confronted a group of her son’s third-grade classmates and their teacher, and recorded a video on her phone:
“I walked right in that school [and] told those children that bullying wasn’t okay. If they wanted to continue, then I needed to talk to their mommas because the school wasn’t doing anything.”
She then cussed out her son’s teacher and the principal, who had done nothing to stop the bullying. After posting the video on Facebook, Jamie Rathburn was arrested and booked into Greenville County jail on a charge of non-student interfering, disrupting or disturbing schools. The district later issued a no trespass order for preventing her from for all Greenville County schools for her illegal entry. If found guilty for the misdemeanor charges carry, she could face a $2,000 fine and up to a year in jail.

All because she wanted to protect her son from bullies at a school that acted like it was no big deal.

Rathburn’s family started a GoFundMe campaign to pay her legal bills, and it has raised $4500 of its $8000 goal.

Beth Brotherton, director of communications for the Greenville school district, said:
“Maybe in her mind she was going there to confront a bully or a couple of children, but in not knowing who those were and choosing to yell at dozens of innocent kids, there is nothing appropriate about yelling at other people’s children’s in a school setting after you’ve snuck in illegally.”
Hey Beth, you ignorant tool, lemme ask you a question. Since we hear all the time about bullied kids committing suicide, and since the school seemed to have a “so what” attitude, and did nothing to stop the bulling, and the physical assault, what exactly did you expect Jamie Rathburn to do?

What would you do if it was your child? Sit back until you come home one day and find your child hanging from a belt in the closet? Sit back until you get a call at work that your bullied son took a gun to school and killed a classmate?

Rathburn does not regret standing up for her child, or the way she did it, and maybe, just maybe, she saved his life.

But hey, it’s not your child … this time.
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Deedles said...

*Sigh*, lately I've been rolling my eyes so much I'm afraid they're going to get stuck looking through the back of my head!

the dogs' mother said...

When the twins were in middle school a girl
committed suicide from being bullied by
the 'elite' girls.

Sixpence Notthewiser said...

Children are little monsters raised by monsters.
Children will repeat what they see at home.
This child was bullied by children whose parents think that that behavior is acceptable.
Thank goodness I don’t have children. If anybody does something to a child of mine they’d be hell to pay.
I hope her family get the funding they need.


anne marie in philly said...

mama done good. now she needs to remove her kid from that school and spread the word that greenbriar elementary school allows bullying to flourish.

jadedj said...

Good for her. The wrong person is being fined and possibly going to jail. In fact, that damn principal and teacher need some court my view. This kind of crap is being exacerbated by our baboon-in-chief...or least it seems there is more evidence of it since he wormed his way in the WH.