Thursday, July 11, 2019


Programming Note:

As of 5PM EST, I am gone. For the next five weeks, I will be in Oregon helping my Dad recover from surgery. He’s having a new ankle installed and needs several weeks of rehab and until he’s cleared to drive, I’ll be playing Nurse Ratched.

Sadly, and seriously sadly, Carlos cannot come along. He’s filed a claim for disability because of his eyesight and we don’t know when his hearing will be scheduled and so he needs to be in Smallville; plus, the idea of boarding our dog and cats for over a month seemed just too painful, so this is, not for the best, but how it is. I haven’t spent more than a few days away from Carlos and that’s the part that has me most verklempt. But we’ll soldier on, we’ll call several … many ….times per day and may even videochat via Facebook.

I have a few things planned for my absence, but don’t know how much, if any time, I’ll have to read or respond to blogs. So, please, play nice, resist, Vote Blue, speak up, stand up, fight, love.
A few weeks back I posted about LGBTQ straight ally, Cody Barlow, who became internet-famous after decorating his pickup truck in a rainbow flag to show that “not all country boys are bigots.” Well Cody drove his truck in Oklahoma City’s Pride parade recently and shared his experience via Facebook:
“It was truly an honor to be part of the Oklahoma City Pride Parade. I really appreciate the opportunity to support such a wonderful community of people.
I saw people laughing, smiling, and radiating happiness. It was all about expression, love, and supporting others. A beautiful sight.
I was glad to have the opportunity to spend time meeting the people that this had a positive impact on. It gives me a chance to actually shake someone's hand, give them a hug, and feel their emotion when they tell me how this impacted them. Social media is too impersonal, so I like having that human connection when I speak with people.
I apologize if there was anyone that wanted to talk to me, or take pictures, and did not get a chance to. It means a lot to me to try and speak to as many of you as possible. I know it is not easy to tell your stories, especially to a stranger like me, so I appreciate that.
Much love to you all!”
As I’ve always said, the march goes on, but it’s nice to see some of our straight allies take us further by truck.
The owners of Plush Daiquiri Bar and Grill in Houston are defending a server who described a customer as a “fat” and “gay” on the customer’s receipt, saying:
“It was just her way of describing him. It wasn’t anything against him or anything personal. It was her way of referencing back who to deliver the food to.”
They said she didn’t realize he would see it and she was disciplined.

Former GOP congressman and severely self-loathing homosexual Aaron Schock was filmed slipping cash into a go-go dancer’s tiny briefs in a gay bar in Mexico City.

I need little Miss Hater to go away. We didn’t want her when she was spreading anti-LGBTQ ;legislation around town and we don’t want her now that she’s decided to let us all in on the secret we already knew she’s queer, dear.
Skin care company Nivea has been using ad agency FCB for nearly 100 years until last week when FCB presented a new ad for skin cream that featured two men touching hands. At the mere suggestion of that ad, a senior Nivea executive allegedly said:
“We don’t do gay at Nivea.”
FCB has dropped Nivea as an account.

Note to Nivea: homophobia is bad for your skin. Look in a mirror.
In another case of showing his stupidity,  _____ recently claimed credit for homelessness, describing it as a “phenomenon that started two years ago.”


In an interview with Fox News’ Racist Misogynist Pig Tucker Carlson, _____ brought up the issue of homelessness and “filth” in America’s cities in comparison to major Japanese cities:
“It’s very sad. It’s a phenomenon that started two years ago. It’s disgraceful. I’m going to maybe, and I’m looking at it very seriously. We’re doing some other things, as you’ve probably noticed, like some of the very important things we’re doing now.”
He then failed to mention one single important thing he’s doing now, but did say:
“You can’t have what’s happening, where police officers are getting sick just by walking the beat. I mean, they’re actually getting very sick.”
He then failed to cite one single provable instance of an officer getting sick while walking a beat.

He then claimed, again without one single shred of evidence, that he has ended homelessness in DC.

New Summer Shows … New Hot Men …

Top row … the gorgeous Brit Adrian Lester on Starz’ The Rook. Two episodes in, and two episodes of Adrian’s gorgeous backside. I don’t even care what the show is about. Then we have Lincoln Younes on the sudsy Grand Hotel. Typical soap opera, but Lincoln does find time to appear shirtless in most of his scenes; Chris Warren is also in Grand Hotel and is not nearly as shirtless …someone needs to rectify that.

Bottom row … Ronan Raferty is also in The Rook and just oozes sexuality while keeping his clothes on. What? Aldis Hodge is in Showtime’s City on a Hill and is just plain dreamy beefcake. Lastly, Latino Shalim Ortiz smolders on Grand Hotel and was half of a man-on-man kiss on the show, though his character, for now, is not gay. Too bad.

Hopefully that will keep you all satisfied until my return


Deedles said...

Not that it helps but, all my best wishes to you, Carlos and your father. Take care.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Shame on Nivea! Their products are crap anyway.

Wishing your Dad a speedy recovery. A month away from Carlos will be tough but remember -- "absence makes the heart grow fonder."

Bob said...

Ah, but it does, buttercup, it does!=)

You're right about absence, but still....a month??? Oy!

Agnes Goldberg-DeWolfs said...

First Maddie , now you? Oh the horror. William and I are the same, not more than three days apart. I'm sure the time will fly, and speedy recover for your father.

Trump. Does he EVER answer a question? He babbles.

Raybeard said...

All best wishes to you, your Dad, Carlos and the pets for the coming weeks, Bob. We know it's likely to be tough for all of you so we'll re-double our positive thoughts in your direction. Hope the month goes by with minimal pain and inconvenience as poss in the circs. Looking forward, as you will be, to your return to 'normality'.

Bob said...

Thank you, sir, your words mean quite a lot. As for me returning to "normality" that ship has sailed. but I'll be back to abnormality definitely!

Sixpence Notthewiser said...

Wishing your dad a fast recovery!
Hopefully Carlos will get his claim fulfilled soon. And also, boarding for the fur babies would be expensive!
Now on to the post: that straight boy could get it. Seriously much more aware and centered than may gay men (I’m looking at you, homocons)
Cheeto, as always a disgrace.
Nivea can suck a big one.
Aaron Schock is another disgrace. I hope he never gets laid. But there’s always the one.


Bob said...

@ Agnes Goldberg-DeWolfs
But Maddie's on a luxury train! Damn her!
Thanks for the good wishes, and the idea of not having to blog about ____ does make things easier!

Bob said...

Thanks for the good wishes.
And yes to Cody; no to _____, Nivea and Aaron!

Helen Lashbrook said...

I hope Carlos has a designated driver to take him to the hearing if necessary.I'd volunteer but I'm a bit too far away for the trip to be viable.

Hope your Dad's op goes well

Bob said...

Yes, we have friends who can drive him wherever he needs to go. Thanks for the offer, but, you know, we drive on the wrong side of the road over here!

the dogs' mother said...

(Bob) (Bob's Dad) (Carlos)
Take care1 I will inform Oregon
that you get loverly weather and
only rain at night. xoxoxoxo :-)

Susan said...

Bob, wishing you and your Dad all the best. I'm sure he will be in good hands with you there. Being apart from Carlos will be difficult, but thankfully there is face time online. And then there are the fur babies: will they be looking for you while you are away? Take care. <3

Jennifer said...

Safe travels, Bob. We'll miss you while you're gone.

You and Carlos can pretend to be having a sizzling long distance summer fling! ;) And think of the fun you'll have (ahem) when you finally get back to each other! Plus, a month will go by in a flash and you'll be glad you did the right thing for your dad.

Anitia Moorecock said...

i believe im unanimous in that maddie says "absence makes the heart grow fonder, and other parts hatder"

think of the reunion already.

Moving with Mitchell said...

And, as of today, I don't DO Nivea.

anne marie in philly said...

all the best wishes for a quick recovery for your dad.

carlos will keep the furkids in line; they would much rather be in their own home than in a kennel. and yes, you will miss carlos, but at least there is video chat now, not like when you 2 first met! you will do fine; he is yours and you are his.

Bob said...

As long as it's not as humid as Smallville, i'll be good!

Thanks; yes, I'll hate being away from Carlos that long but we will burn up phone lines and video chats.And the cats, well, Tuxedo, have been informed and they will be taking charge while I'm away!

i'm liking the idea of sizzling summer romance!

@Anitia Moorecock
Trude dat!

Me neither!

Thanks, doll! You're absolutely right, as always! =)

Sadie J said...

I hope your time away goes quickly. Good luck to your dad.

Avon had a line of men's skincare that didn't sell well and got pulled. Maybe if they'd targetted gay men in their ads, it would have sold. Because, honestly? Straight guys rarely use skincare products! I'm sure Nivea will discover that soon enough.

Sooo-this-is-me said...

Awwww I'm gonna miss you :(...
This blog is awesome, I hope everything works out for you, your dad and your special snuggle bunny!

Ur-spo said...

these always make me laugh and cry