Thursday, June 28, 2018

Rant Mode: Civility and SCOTUS and Voting

Gosh, this has been a week, eh?

I love being schooled on the idea of civility by a party, and a president, that would have trouble spelling, much less defining, civility. But, here's my take ....

I am not for businesses refusing to serve Republicans. I’m not; sue me.

But I come from a people that have been denied the most basic of rights, the right to simply be, the right to love, the right to work, the right to live, live, goddammit, for eons, and so I won't deny people the right to a meal.

Now, that doesn't mean if I run across a _____ supporter, or god forbid, one of his co-criminal and conspirators, I won't raise my voice against them. 

I'd call Sarah Sanders a liar faster than she could say, "{Where's my sammich?"

I'd call Mitch McConnell a pandering fuck, quicker than he could pull his head back into his shell.

I'd call Junior a criminal and a traitor sooner than he can add another bucket of grease to his hair.

But, when businesses start denying service to people based on their political affiliation, or their political position, then what's to say they won't do the same to us?

I don't want that. I want my Free Speech, and as long as I have it I'll use it.

Now ... SCOTUS.

Damn you, Anthony Kennedy for retiring now and allowing _____ the power to appoint your successor. I understand you wanted a Republican president to name your replacement, but this isn't a Republican president. This is a traitor. A Bigot, A racist., A criminal, using the office of president to line his pockets. He cages children and then blames someone else. He sets Americans against each other, He's trying to destroy the Free Press. He bans people based on the color of their skin, unless they’re from Saudi Arabia--where the 9/11hijackers came from--because Saudi Arabia gave him a butt-load of cash.

So, damn you, Anthony Kennedy, for doing this to us. Damn you.

Now, how do we fight this, because we can fight this.

Vote. Cast a goddamned vote.

We won the last election; the Democrats. More of us voted for Her than voted for Him. But a great many of us sat home because they were hurt it wasn't Bernie; or they cast a vote for Jill Stein as a way of protest.

How's that working out for you, Susan Sarandon?

Sure, Hillary may not have been the perfect choice, but if anyone who votes Blue doesn't think she would have been far and away better than what we have now, I dare you to speak up.

So, again, vote.

Vote out the GOP because they have stood by and allowed, and abetted, this lunatic to erase healthcare, to lock up children, to incite hate, to call racists "good people," to demonize immigrants, to ignore and demean our allies while kissing up to a man who wouldn't adhere to an agreement if his life depended on it, to, if not work with, at the very least stand by and do nothing while Russia meddled in our elections.

So, yeah, every single vote counts and y'all better get off your asses and do it, before this country completely disappears.

Cast a goddamned vote!


anne marie in philly said...

and it ain't THAT FUCKING HARD to vote either!

get off your damn cell phones/tv/computers and VOTE!

the dogs' mother said...

Our primary is in early August. Should
be interesting to see if things change
from our normal votes.

Jim said...

Well said Bob . . . and I am with 100 percent on this.

mistress maddie said...

I do believe Trump is shaking with fear already.

He knows and said just today he barley has the votes now for a SCOTUS replacement. Be great if they get fucked after the election. If that ass wins again...I may go into coma for 8 years.

Dave R said...

All their excuses have about as much weight as a fart from the Idiot Jerk's ass.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Yes, I was wondering why Anthony Kennedy just couldn't have hung on for another couple of years so that hopefully a non-fascist government could appoint his successor.

Helen Lashbrook said...

Jill Stein sold herself out to Putin very much as der Trumpenfuhrer did, only with less results.

Mitchell is Moving said...

Yeah, we just sat and ranted over morning coffee. And I agree about not denying service. That being said, however, the Supreme Court did just say it was OK to deny service to a gay couple.