Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Architecture Wednesday: Clearwater River Canyon

The home sits on about 40-acres on the south side of the Clearwater River Canyon near Lewiston, Idaho.

Talk about privacy … and views!

The house, er, houses, cover roughly 2,200 square feet divided into two buildings: “the barracks” sits in a ravine along a seasonal stream, and “the study house” stands on a crest where an Idaho grass and fescue slope meets a Ponderosa pine forest about 300 feet above the Clearwater River.

The west side of the frame provides access for window washing and support for removable perforated sliding panels, for shading and protection against the wind. On the east side, the frame admits decks and a porch with an outside shower. The operative windows placed strategically on the four sides of the study house allow ventilation of the updraft, since the summer temperatures in the canyon often reach more than 100 degrees.

The house is made for folks to getaway, and to enjoy the views on every level as the house was designed to climb down the hill and take in all the sights.

Count me in.


the dogs' mother said...

Stunning but a bit scary. Familiar territory
for much of the family - went to college just
up the road in WA. Drive always scared me.

mistress maddie said...

Dear I'll let you have this one. I have wealthy friends and this looks like their gardening shed.

Meanwhile,Clearwater River Canyon...sounds like the next big political scandal.

Deedles said...

Thank you Maddie! Personally, I find the whole thing kind of depressing, but I've been more churlish these days so I figured it's probably just me.

By the way, Bob, do you pronounce your name to rhyme with Satan or Satin? I've been corrected before over spelling that doesn't go with pronunciation. I'm working on a poem *cough*.

Helen Lashbrook said...

better than living in a tent city at those temperatures!

I used to live in Idaho, not that far from the Snake River Canyon

Mitchell is Moving said...

Fun space. Great angles and light. We rented a vacation place in Spain for a month before moving here. It was a major, beautiful,contemporary renovation filled with angles and levels and stairs, A large 3-bedroom staggered over 5 levels. Going from one level to the next for every little thing became a chore.

Bob Slatten said...

What do you think? =)