Friday, March 16, 2018

PR All-St★rs 6 Ep10: ♪ ♫ I've Got The Music In Me ♫♪

All right, this is gonna be quick because I have a bedroom to paint … I am so over sharing a queen-sized bed with Carlos and three cats.

Here’s the deal …the designtestants meet Alyssa at the Hard Rock Café in Times Square and pick random numbers off the jukebox to tell them what musical genre they get. And when they get that genre, they must create a performance outfit for that style. They have $250 and one day, but the winner gets a vacation at the Hard Rock Hotel in Cancun, and the chance to create a new Hard Rock t-shirt to be sold at ‘select’ Hard Rock Cafes somewhere.

It’s all about the music, so let’s dish …
Anthony goes for the big bold look, with lace and sheers and fringe, in blues and lacks. He’s calling his look a festive glam kimono. On runway day, when Ken sees Anthony’s finished look, he’s stunned, and wonders where it suddenly came from.

On the other hand, Ken is going for a sheer white jumpsuit, with strategically placed pieces of fabric to hide the model’s bits and pieces. He’ll also create a full-length cream-colored coat. When Helen critiques Ken’s look, saying the crotch seemed off, he shut her down with an “I know! “Helen whined about “attitudes” in the workroom, when she’s been the biggest attitude all season long…well, perhaps tied with Joshua. Anthony notes that he and Ken used to compare notes on their looks, but once “they said face-off … that bitch turned into a gargoyle.” But when he sees the look, he says:
“Ken’s fabric is absolutely stunning … I’m not exactly sure what’s going on with this whole coat moment … and the adult diaper effect.”
Rebecca Minkoff worries that Anthony’s kimono might be too tight to move in, and she encourages him to test it out. For a hot minute I thought we were going to get Anthony in a glitzy kimono prancing around the room. Rebecca loves Ken’s idea of the sheer jumpsuit but warns that it might take time to do the correct coverage.

My girl looks amazing. She looks like she’s about to shake up the building.

It is pop Vegas showgirl, though when Ken sees it walk, he says, “Dayum!”

I love my look. The color. The cut. The overall look slays.

I’m getting bathrobe from the coat, like something the pop star would wear as a cool down after the show.

The Beautiful Georgina Chapman™ loves the color and the sheer sleeves; it says, “pop star.” As for Ken, she loves the cream color, and the sheer jumpsuit, and the draped coat.

Isaac noted that the front of Anthony’s look read “showgirl” while the back, with the peek-a-boo panties looked more “gym shirts.” He liked Ken’s better, but also got a bathrobe vibe from the coat. He said it wasn’t “on the nose,’ but it was a “bull’s eye.”

Olivia Culpo thought the fringed and embroidered crotch on Anthony’s look seemed like the Garden of Eden—is that a lesbian moment?  But she said Ken’s look was giving her life and loved the versatility of the coat.

Alyssa said Anthony’s was a traditional, sexy Beyoncé look, while Ken’s was more forward thinking. She did feel the coat wasn’t well thought out, but The Beautiful Georgina Chapman™ loved it; Isaac noted that divas wouldn’t wear a cream coat and Georgina replied,
“Oh, they could. It’s just so f**k off, I’m onstage in a cream coat.”
Fabio kept chanting ‘Rock Rock Rock’ as he played the jukebox, and the jukebox rewarded him with a country twang. But, he’s done performance wear—for Chris Brown … which means a pair of baggy saggy pants and a sweatshirt—so he can do this, He’s going for separates, too, and will make a dress, shorts, vest combo.

Helen was also trying to stay away from country, but she also pulled what might be the short straw. And that, to her, meant dark blue sequins, in a dress with a full skirt and puffy sleeves. And of her look, she brags:
“As much as I love Fabio, I’m gonna cream him.”
Fabio sees her dress and he’s suddenly not worried at all. Edmond sees Helen’s look and wonder what her music genre was …not a good sign.

Rebecca Minkoff takes one look at Helen’s sequined number and wonders how you can tell it’s country and not pop. As for Fabio, she wondered how it would stand up against Helen’s loo; she urged him to pare down all the separates, so he can finish.

When I think of country, I think of hips swaying and having fun.

When I saw this look, I thought, ‘This is what Loretta Lynn could be buried in.’ Country Goth Funeral.

I love that’s a short … a vest … a romper …all in one.

If Helen’s is Country Funeral, Fabio’s is Carrie Underwood’s Country Picnic.

The Beautiful Georgina Chapman™ called Fabio’s look cute and snappy, and loved the proportions, but also said it was too “on the nose” and really nothing much. As for Helen, she loved the bodice but thought all the sequins made it look cheap.

Olivia Culpo loved the color on Fabio’s and the way it caught the light. She thought the dark sequins of Helen’s dress made it seem lost.

Alyssa said Fabio pulled off a country look but stayed true to his aesthetic. She felt Helen’s looked like a Renaissance Faire costume; she said it looked a like a Weird Disney Princess Gone Wrong.

Isaac dubbed Fabio’s look “country star pool party’ and said it as less performance and more tennis wear. He thought Helens look was “country star bar mitzvah” and not at all performance; he said it was a bore.
Stanley actually took to his confessional to tell us:
“Y’all don’t know, I’m really rock.”
Then he picked leather and fishnets because that’s really rock. And it’s a lot of separates…a skirt, a vest a pair of fishnet tights and a fishnet shirt; Anthony came over to warn Stanley that he promised not to do more than three pieces and he was already up to four.

Last week, for the Red-Carpet Challenge, Edmond said he was known for ruffles and would do ruffles; this week, he claimed to be known for his performance wear. Edmond? You are known for guns and pecs, honey, just do that.

Anyway, he’ll be going for unpolished pants and a rock top, but, you know, sexy. And he’s looking particularly sexy this week in his jeans and pecs-and-guns t-shirt.

Guest Mentor—I guess Anne is still out of town or recovering from the beatings she took mentoring Joshua—is designer Rebecca Minkoff, and she tells Stanley that he’s trying to do a lot, and that he needs to know what to eliminate when he runs out of time. As for Edmond, she tells him to pick a lane and keep his focus.

I think she possesses this whole rocker chick mentality. It looks a little happy… it could have been darker

Fishnets don’t make it rock, and the top and skirt are too matchy.

I’m totally loving my look but that doesn’t mean the judges will.

It’s rock’n’sex.

The Beautiful Georgina Chapman™ thought Stanley’s look was contrived, and wasn’t feeling the matching skirt and shirt, and t-shirt and tights. But she loved the ease of Edmond’s look, and the open back; she said it screamed rock’n’roll.

Isaac thought Stanley’s looked like a man’s tie and would have splatted neon yellow paint on it to rock it up; he felt let down this week by Stanley. He called Edmond’s look a “dressy rock star” but loved that the black fabrics; he said it looked like expensive designer wear.

Guest judge, actress and designer, Olivia Culpo thought Stanley’s was too cute and too put together; she said it was like a cheerleader out. She called Edmond’s look fluid and wondered what it might look like without the jacker. Edmond explained that the shirt was sheer, and the model wasn’t wearing a bra. Olivia asked if that was bad, and Alyssa said,
“We can’t do nipples.”
Alyssa said Stanley’s look wasn’t risky enough, but thought it was well-made, to which Isaac said, “How hard is it to glue stripes to leather?” She felt Edmond’s was almost unisex and could work for a male or female rock star
In the Rock Face-Off, Edmond gets the high score, and Stanley is on the Bottom.

As for Pop, it’s very close, but Ken gets the win, and all the judges agree that Anthony should be safe.

In Country, Fabio ekes out the win and Helen will face-off against Stanley.

The winner, between Edmond, Ken and Fabio, is Edmond; a well-deserved win for him. The loser is clearly Helen, and she seems truly shocked by the choice.

I seemed truly ecstatic by the decision.

I was happy to see Helen go. I didn’t care for her whole competition attitude; I like when the designers just want to do their best, give it all and let the cards fall, while Helen wanted to play strategy. Now she can play it at home.

As usual Anthony gets the Line of the Night, when he says of Stanley’s multi-piece garment:
“We’re not doin’ no eight pieces with two sides and a biscuit on the challenge, Stanley.”
Anthony has won Line of the Night almost every week … except for those Howler Monkey Squeals.

I loved Rebecca Minkoff as Mentor; she seemed to really want to help, and the designers noticed that, too. Perhaps next year Anne could be traveling every week?

I admit I have a mad crush on Edmond, and kept rewinding the DVR to watch him walk away, or rock that t-shirt, or fill out those jeans. Sue me.

As for The Tents? Anthony is a shoo-in; Fabio and ken and Stanley have a good shot. That leaves My Edmond; but he nailed it this week, so maybe he’ll be on a roll and get a shot to show. If not, he can come by Casa Bob y Carlos and sit on the couch with me and we’ll watch together.

What did YOU think?


AlexandriaVic said...

Bob, thanks for your recap each week. Watching Project Runway All Stars and reading your critiques are like cereal and milk. They go together. Great job.

I echo your observation. I like it when they treat each other with respect and try each week to do their best. Never liked Helen. I love what's left. Anthony is always good for a laugh. He seems like a fun person. I laughed out loud when he said the side biscuits comment. Love Rebecca's input as well. Anne can move on to something else. She comes across as less than pleasant.

the dogs' mother said...

When the punk rock band lived here we had two leisure suits from Goodwill. One in bright orange and one in bright blue. Then there was the lead singer in his homecoming queen outfit. So music clothes can be very out there.
great recap! xoxoxox

BootsandBraids said...

After so many cringe worthy designs, Edmond finally redeemed himself. Alyssa also redeemed herself from that unflattering oversized outfit she wore last week. She looked stylish and cute last night. The dynamics between Ken and Anthony, not to mention the very funny shade they throw, is going to make it sad to see this season end. The two of them should have their own show.

Kirk said...

I liked Edmond's the best.