Wednesday, March 28, 2018

If You F-Bomb A Republican They Tattle On You

I have been impressed and amazed by the high students stepping up in the gun control debate; I love the fierceness, the eloquence, the passion they all have when speaking on this issue. I myself tend to go a bit more gutter-mouthed when railing against the NRA.

And so I was also impressed by 17-year-old Noah Christiansen impassioned phone call to Mark Amodei, his Nevada state Congressman, about the issue and the fact that he told the lawmakers to “get off their f‑‑‑— asses” and pass gun-control laws.

What failed to impress me, however, was that Mark Amodei, a Republican, because of course, had his staff call Christiansen’s school, Robert McQueen High School in Reno, and report the student’s use of the F-bombs, and watch as Christiansen was suspended for two days and barred from joining the student government.

Oh, Mark Amodei … fuck off, sir, kindly fuck off.

Even more childish of the grownup is his defense of his staff’s tattling on Noah Christiansen:
“Welcome to the world where words have impact.” 
Oh Mark Amodei, welcome to a world where asshats lose elections.

Noah Christiansen’s disciplinary record was nearly spotless; he was running unopposed for class secretary; … had never so much as had detention before. But one day at school he joined a walkout in support of the Parkland students and made that phone call.

At 10:17 AM—symbolic for the 17 people killed in Florida—Noah left class one minute early and joined hundreds of other students gathering at the front of the school.  There he took a handout from other students, a list of lawmakers and their’ phone numbers.

Noah wanted to call all of them but settled on Amodei because he knew of the congressman’s record as a gun-rights supporter.; when a staffer answered the phone, Noah said:
“I believe bump stocks should be banned, the minimum age should be raised, and Congress people not already asking should get off their f**king asses and do something about gun control.”
Noah admits he wasn’t so smart in his choice of words, but he does have the right to use the words of his choice; sadly, the GOP fuckmonkey Mark Amodei got his NRA panties in a snit and had his people call the school and while like a gaggle of little bitches about the F-bomb.

Amodei, however, defended his aide’s decision to report Noah:
“He didn’t ask for any specific thing or beat the kid up. He just said, ‘I wanted you know that this guy was really vulgar. We had a lot of calls and nobody else was.’”
So, so, so, sorry Mark Amodei., now … fuck off, asshat.

Students like Noah Christiansen are coming for your seat in Congress and will work to fill it with rational thinking people and not just goose-stepping NRA lapdogs with blood on their hands.

You’re lucky I didn’t call because I’d still be on the line and still be far more vulgar than Noah Christiansen.

But, this is all far from over …

Since Noah’s impassioned plea for gun control legislation did not occur during school or at a school-sanctioned or -sponsored event, the ACLU of Nevada is stepping in to defend him, calling the suspension an unconstitutional attack on Noah’s First Amendment rights.

But officials say Noah Christiansen has a habit of bad behavior and cited the time at a school debate tournament earlier this year when Noah Christiansen went off-script to give his thoughts on how _____’s policy positions and rhetoric is harmful to the community.

Afterward, Noah wrote a letter of apology to his student opponent, who lodged an unfounded bullying complaint against him.

But Noah was never disciplined for that, so why is the school bringing it up now?

Apparently, they want to look as foolish and childish and asshatted as Mark Amodei.


Deedles said...

Yeah, that kid looks like a pure, trouble making, hardcore thug. LOCK HIM UP! I feel an Anne Marie f-bomb coming in from Philly coloring the air blue along the way! Sing out Louise!
I gotta get some more decaf :)

the dogs' mother said...

The Congressman needs to take a deep breath and get a grip.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Politics is a blood sport. That's one of the ugliest things about it.

mistress maddie said...

Ahhhhhhhhh fuck em.

VoenixRising said...

I just responded to his tweet asking for high school art submissions by saying, "How about I just submit a HUGE painting telling you to GO FUCK YOURSELF? #asshat"

anne marie in philly said...

FUCK THAT GOP WHITE MALE IGNORANT EVIL DISGRACEFUL MUTHAFUCKA! karma is a bitch, muthafucka! hope someone outs YOU; you MUST have a skeleton or 6 in your closet of shame!

Helen Lashbrook said...

One F word does not a vulgarity make