Wednesday, March 07, 2018

Architecture Wednesday: The Cooperage

I’m all about recycling; paper, plastic, cardboard, electronics, clothes. So, why not a house recycling from an old factory or something? The ultimate recycling project.

This home, housed in a building dating back to the early 1900s in a former industrial site in central London, was remodeled in 2015 to become a private home.

The architectural firm Chris Dyson Architects uncovered many of the factory’s original elements, neglected during the previous renovation works, and stripped away many of the recent additions that covered up the history of the site.

The home covers some 5200 square feet and since the clients wanted this to be their ‘forever’ home, they needed a sensible relationship between all the rooms and the possibility of a future adaptability … achieved by expanding the basement and building up.

An independent, suspended staircase made of steel and wood goes from the basement to the roof and is an homage to the industrial past of the building.

I love the openness of the home, the clean lines, and the use of the old brick and new steel, to maintain the heritage of what was a cooperage.

It’s gone from a factory making barrels to a gorgeous private home.


John Gray said...

Our cottage would fit intirely into that hallway

anne marie in philly said...

for a moment, I assumed this home was in philly or boston just by the exterior; narrow cobblestone street, repurposed factory, etc.

but then again, my city and boston were started by the brits...

mistress maddie said...

Well struck pay dirt again!!!! You had me at the outside. The interior space is amazing and of course I'm in love with the black staircase, and all the white. The use of the plant wall is stunning, and gives a natural texture to the place. I'm all about textures, and this place has it. I wanna move in now!!!!! I'd be in the bath for three hours alone.

Mitchell is Moving said...

I was sold when I saw the exterior! I don't love how the stairs present on the main floor (too office lobby like for me) but I love the stairs and landings as they rise up. I LOVE this place!

the dogs' mother said...

As much as I love London I would prefer the
tent we lived in when we were there! :-)
Very talented people and I'm sure the owners
are super pleased with it. xoxoxo

barryearle said...

While I admire the design of the homes you feature, I tend to find them very impersonal. The picture frame helps reduce their size but actually being there is like standing in the middle of a huge empty space with a table way over there and a couch way over here and a hard surfaced floor connecting them. They have little to no character. Everything is designed, art directed. Maybe it's because I like smaller spaces in my own life and so these huge rooms just seem so empty to me.

Helen Lashbrook said...

Where's the parking?

Anonymous said...

My home town at last! The staircase frightens me but I love the living wall. The rug in the lounge and “hanging” fire place add warmth. Good choice!