Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Rapist Brock Turner Seeks To Profit From His Crime

I’m sure you are remember Brock Turner, the privileged white male Stanford swimmer who raped an intoxicated woman and received the harsh punishment of just six months in jail because the judge thought a longer term would be too much for the rapist.

Well, Brock Turner, now out of jail after just three months, has a new plan for his life and it’s possibly even more disgusting than the actual rape he committed.

Much was made recently of Brock Turner registering as a sex offender in his hometown, as though that was such a severe punishment; it must have been because Brock’s mother went with him and shielded him against photographers wanted to snap a photo of the rapist out of jail.

His daddy didn’t come because he was busy writing a letter to Judge Aaron Persky — the judge who went so lenient on a convicted rapist — to whine about how his son the rapist couldn’t enjoy a dinner out with family without people staring or commenting.

Turner, who still alleges that the sex was consensual, though he has no explanation as to why the sex had to take place in an alley, beside a dumpster, with the victim unconscious, or why he fled when two men saw him on top of his victim, now has a plan to make money off his crimes.

Oh, but he is; Brock Turner, rapist, with his parent’s blessing, hopes to give a series of lectures around the country on college campuses to highlight the dangers of “Party Culture,” cuz, you know, it was a party, it was alcohol, that made Brock Turner an unrepentant rapist.

Funny, then, that there are literally millions of men around the world who can drink, even to the point of excess, and still not drag an unconscious woman to an alley and force themselves upon her.

But this is an earning, er, learning tool for Brock Turner; go out, get drunk, find a really drunk girl, walk her outside, take her to a dumpster as she slips in and out of consciousness, and then rape her, and after all that, use that experience to line your bank account.

The idea that the rapist gets to talk, the rapist who still refuses to take responsibility for what he’s done … she asked for it … he was drunk … is the very essence of the problem of rape in this country.

Rapists, well, the white ones at least, are given lesser sentences, laughable sentences, and then when they rejoin society they get to turn their crimes into a windfall.

And for him to ask to do this, and for any college anywhere to allow him to speak, to pay him to speak, is just further blaming and shaming the victim.

Brock Turner is a rapist and he should never be allowed to profit from it.

The best person to speak at college campuses would be the victims of rapists like Brock Turner; their stories have merit; their stories could save lives.

Brock Turner just wants a paycheck.


the dogs' mother said...

Important topic - not the person to deliver it.

anne marie in philly said...


Debra She Who Seeks said...

The whole family is appalling.

Blobby said...

I can't imagine a college would allow him to knowingly step on campus. But then I can't imagine a judge letting him off the hook either.....so what the fuck do I know?

Helen Lashbrook said...

He should be inside for the next 20 years; these lenient sentences....are they partly the result of electing judges?