Monday, September 26, 2016

Debate Day: Today In Petulant Childishness

So, the Clinton campaign confirmed the rumor that anti-Rump billionaire, and Twitter Rump Trolling, Mark Cuban will be sitting in the front row at tonight's first presidential debate. Some folks are dubbing it "psychological warfare" though, really, it's just a dig at the Rump and not actual warfare.

But it did inspire that Dead Raccoon Toupee Wearing Wannabe to name-call Cuban and threaten his own seating arrangement and then Tweet about it [above].

Sadly, though Rump cannot spell the woman's name correctly: it's Gennifer Flowers.

h/t and photo


the dogs' mother said...

Amazingly crude. Surprising? No.

Professor Chaos said...

Not sure how Gennifer Flowers is supposed to make Hillary look bad. Maybe if he was debating Bill it might make sense.