Thursday, September 15, 2016

Random Musings

So let me get this queer … calling [t]Rump supporters "deplorables" warrants an apology, but calling a Mexican a "rapist" or "drug dealer" or "murderer" and calling Muslims "terrorists" and calling a woman a "pig" is just fine with The Rump crowd?

That IS deplorable.

And while I’m at it, let me make this queer ... if you’re gonna have The Rump on your "news" show, or your gonna interview him for your "news" magazine, and then you ask about Hillary's health, but not about his own medical records, his unreleased tax returns, his Trump U scandals, his payoffs to the AG's of Florida and Texas to avoid any further Trump U scandals, you are not a journalist and you can sit down now.
Carlos and I had another Movie Night at Home last Saturday, and watched The Walk — about Phillippe Petit’s highwire walk between the newly built Twin Towers in 1974.

First thing … it’s good we didn’t see this in the theater because, while I don’t have a fear of heights, I have a fear of looking down from great heights, so I kept yelling at the TV and grabbing my legs every time Phillippe was atop the towers.

Second thing … the Hot Men of The Walk, from left to right, the beefy James Badge Dale as the American accomplice, the utterly adorable Joseph Gordon-Leavitt as Petit, and the dreamy Clément Sibony — whom I first spotted in The Hundred Foot Journey — as the French accomplice.

They more than made up for my queasy knees …
This week the NCAA opted to move all of its championship games out of North Carolina over HB 2, the state’s anti-LGBT Hate Bill, and one Republican Congressman, who is also a Baptist Pastor, Mark Walker, likened the move to extortion … oh, but he did:
"We will not be intimidated by elitists who are attempting to extort and embarrass North Carolina for defending its citizens.”
Um, Dumbass … may I call you “Dumbass”? … this isn’t extortion, it’s commerce, it’s Free Speech. You wanna legislate Hate then people and companies and sports organizations can choose to do business elsewhere, and when North Carolina goes belly up, please allow me to remind the people there that you, sir, with your GOP Band of Bigots, brought this on, and allowed it to happen.

You fought for hate.
In the Seriously Who Cares What You Think File …

Greedy bastard and ex-pharmaceutical CEO Martin Shkreli showed up outside Chelsea Clinton’s New York City apartment last Sunday to taunt Hillary Clinton about her health.
“Do you need pharma bro’s help? Why are you so sick?”
Sit down, fool, you are the problem in this scenario; you are the sick one.
Last Sunday Carlos noticed some water pooling in the drainage ditch along the road in front of our house and since we hadn’t had rain in a few weeks it was odd.

He called the city and they sent someone out to check it … on a Sunday … and we were told that, of course, there was a leak at the water main but it was on “our side” and so we needed to fix it.

Carlos called Craig, a handyman-contractor we’ve used in the past right away but Craig didn’t return the call. I reminded Carlos that it was Sunday and maybe he was out of town or not taking calls or whatever. We let it go ...

The next morning, I walked into the kitchen at 6:45 AM and found Carlos preparing to call Craig and ask him if he could fix the leak. I forced Carlos to put the phone down and said, “It’s 6:45 AM!!!!! Why are you calling now?”

Carlos: “He’s a contractor, he should be awake.”

Oy. I had to wrestle the phone from his hands.

Sidenote: Craig returned the call Monday morning, sent out a plumber who fixed the leak — damn tree roots — and charged us only $100. The next day Carlos took our last two water bills to City Hall to show the crazy increase in usage because of the leak and the good folks at City Hall gave us a $100 credit on our bill.

Everything works out …
The other one of Donald [t]Rump’s Idiot Sons, Little Donny Jr, said in an interview that Daddy cannot release his tax returns because … wait for it … it’s the height of stupidity … it’s rich … richer than [t]Rump … because releasing them would allow We The People to scrutinize them in a way that would detract from Daddy’s message.

Um, Donny Jr.? Duh.

It’s lucky this fool has a job with Daddy because someone so idiotic should not be allowed to walk around freely lest they hurt themselves.
Speaking of [t]Rump … my father is having surgery in November and my brother and  I were going out there to hang with Dad while he recuperates.

My dad, though, thought it best if we split the time — one of us go first and one finish up — because there was no need for both of us out there at the same time. I thought, “Okay Dad, whatever” and then he explained why he also thought it be best …


Holy schnikeys. Seriously. I used to joke that my brother and I weren’t really related because we are so very different, but I wonder if the joke is on me.

I’m related to a “deplorable.”
The little town of Morehead, Kentucky was nothing but a little town no one ever knew until its most famous resident made news.

See, it’s home to Kentucky Kounty Klerk Kim Davis, that many times married anti-marriage equality asshat who, for a short time, was the darling of the GOP; she’s yesterdays news, wrapped around a dead fish by now.

But, this past week, because of Kim Davis, Morehead, Kentucky held it s first ever Pride festival. Kim didn’t show … she may have been out planning her fourth, or is it fifth, wedding, but there was a Drag Kim.

Bravo, Morehead! Bravo!
This last one has had me laughing all day …

Yesterday The Rump continued with his “African American Outreach” by a black church in Flint, Michigan.

The Rump opted to use his time at church to beat up on Hillary Clinton until the pastor of the church, the Reverend Faith Green Timmons, actually walked up to him and said:
“Not today Satan.”
Okay, she didn’t say that, but she did say:
“Mr. Trump, I invited you here to thank us not make a political speech.”
And he acted like a chastised schoolboy, in front of her, but then scurried like the rabid rat he is back to Fox News to say the pastor "was like a nervous mess" as she introduced him and so he “figured something was up."

He then agreed with the host of the show that the pastor “sabotaged” him. Yeah, that’s The Rump. A woman, and a black woman at that, dared to silence him so it’s a rigged speech, a rigged event.

Not today Satan.


anne marie in philly said...

bwhahahaha on the last photo...I always knew there was something wrong at mc dog chow...

spouse's brother is a rump supporter, as is my sister; both of them are GOP returds.

we the people need to keep up the pressure on the rump and his asswipe family!

mistress maddie said...

Oh dear Bob.......where do you and your brother go from here?!?

the dogs' mother said...

Glad the water issue worked out!
Hope Oregon gives you loverly weather
in November and your Dad does well.

Sheila Morris said...

Bob, I don't know how you do it - your blog is witty, thoughtful and you are oh, so, wicked smart.
Keep at it, my friend. Whenever I read your work, I feel we are more related than you are to your brother. :)

BloggerJoe said...

so we've got that in common, my brother is also voting (T)rump. When I told my sister several weeks ago while she was visiting, she was as astounded as I. She lives closer to him, so she may go do the "older sister" thing. Or maybe just beat him up.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Your father is a wise man to schedule you and your brother consecutively, not concurrently. Why have Civil War in his house while he's trying to recuperate, LOL?

Sadie J said...

Ah, I feel you pain! My brother has also been swayed by the dark side. I love him to death, but right now I'm glad we live 4 states apart!

Helen Lashbrook said...

I am just astounded that any intelligent person could be taken in by the Strumpet's lies, but alas I have a friend who thinks the Donald is reasonable in his demands and that he is being side swiped by the lefty media!

Bob Slatten said...

My brother and I will not discuss politics around weapons or sharp instruments!

Why, thank you! I does what i can!

@Blogger Joe
Luckily I am a non-violent person ... physically. Words are a whole other thang!

Dad wasn't born yesterday, but then he'll be recuperating alone with my brother!

We have a continent between us, so that does help!

Well, it just proves that no one is perfect and that there is someone for everyone and that people believe lies.