Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Bob Flournoy Is Marketing Anti-LGBT Hatred For Profit

I have often said that I would appreciate any business owner, florist shop, wedding venue, dressmaker, tuxedo rental, photographer, DJ, anyone, who has an issue with The Gays getting married to please post their thoughts and feelings in their windows and in their ads so we, The Gays and The Gay Friendlies, will know which businesses to avoid.

And that’s exactly what Bob Flournoy is doing in Texas. Flournoy is a Republican, a lawyer, a good Christian, the former Angelina County Republican Party chair for over a decade, the owner of a wedding venue, a bigot and a homophobe.

Flournoy owns Texas Forest Country Weddings in Huntington, Texas and he says he was once asked by a same-sex couple … Martha! My smelling salts please …who wanted to have their wedding at his venue and Flournoy told them he wouldn’t do it, and also took out a full-page ad to tell all of The gays, and The Gay Friendlies, that he will never host a same-sex ceremony:
“Our Christian faith demands that we not participate in same-sex, transgender or any other perversion of marriage. If you disagree with our stance on marriage, please respect our Christian belief and have your wedding elsewhere.”

Click to emBIGGERate his Christian faith; and that makes me wonder then, if he’d be unwilling to do any wedding for an atheist or agnostic … Buddhist … or is it just The Gays who affect his Christian sensibilities and turn him into a hate-filled ignorant fool. And he’s going on and on about this new “perversion” called marriage equality and how, well, let’s have Good Ole bob Flournoy spell it out for you:
“The family is under assault and being destroyed, and this is one more nail in the coffin, and that’s why I have been up front about what I believe. As you know, my wife and I have been placed in a situation where we face the choice of giving up the freedom by which God has made us free or bow down to the ungodly and perverse conduct of those who want to marry the same sex or claim they are some sex other than what God made them to be. We have decided that we must obey God rather than man, regardless of the consequences here on earth."
Huh; the family is being destroyed because The Gays want a wedding? I’m still waiting for proof of that, besides the flapping lips of asshatted wingnuts like Bob Flournoy. And I’m still trying to figure out how his freedoms come from God, because this is a country of laws, not a country of laws made up in some outdated history book that asshatted wingnuts like Bob Flournoy use to pick and choose their hatred.

And so, to make sure that people like Bob Flournoy can survive in business when they blatantly advertise that they are bigots and haters and homophobes, Bob Flournoy is reaching out to other bigots and homophobes, in the baking business the florist shop, the musicians, who will work with him to create a Homo-Free Business Directory, AKA The Yellow Pages of God Hates Fags.

And he’s raising that bible Flag to try and persuade folks that The End Is Near; he says that after the government comes for his little hoe-down wedding venue they will be silencing pastors and churches, and, oh dear Baby Jeebus, taxing churches! And he swears to his God — not the God that most folks believe in, but the God to whom he cuts a check every month so his megachurch pastor can buy a new manse or helicopter for Jesus — the government is forcing churches to accept the transgender agenda and provide accommodations for them.

Oops. Sorry, Bob Flournoy, I’m’a call bull shiz on that one, especially since you live in Backwoods, Backwater, Backasswards Texas, one of the 21 states with laws prohibiting discrimination based on sexual orientation in public accommodations, meaning that no same-sex couple who wanted to have a wedding in your barnyard of a venue would be able to sue you for denying them service because they’re gay.

Yes, Bob Flournoy, this Gay Agenda that you believe is set out to destroy you, cannot be used as a reason to sue bigots like yourself so you don’t have a cowboy boot to stand on; spit out the chew and relax a spell. Asshat.

And since no one can sue you, and you’re free to be a bigot and hater, I’m thinking you only took out that ad to get more notice for the business you own in Texas, The Land Of Bigotry. And that’s what really irks me; you aren’t about God and the Baby Jeebus and your Christian faith; you wanna make a buck! That’s your God; that’s your belief. And so you’ve opted to market hate to make a buck.

But I will post about you in the hopes that The Gays and The Gay Friendlies see you for what you are, a lying hypocritical homophobe out to make a dollar off of intolerance and I hope those people will stop using your Bunkhouse, Outhouse, Farmhouse, Shithouse you call a business.

Hate doesn’t win, Bob Flournoy; ask God about that.


viktor kerney said...

He will learn the hard way

the dogs' mother said...

People creating families does not destroy marriage.

Men who cast off a wive for a younger one and then cast off
that one for a still younger one and dally around outside
of marriage and leave four children without a father - THAT
destroys marriage - sound like anyone we know?

Debra She Who Seeks said...

I hope for their sake that none of his children or grandchildren are gay or transgendered because what an atmosphere to have to grow up in. Yuck.

anne marie in philly said...

asshat of the week here! oh but if someone discriminated against HIM (white male, xstain, gray hair, bald) you would never hear the end of it! can't have it both ways, muthafucka!

Helen Lashbrook said...

I've just come out of hospital and in one of the other beds in my bay was a lady who is gay....so what? She's a living breathing person no different from me save in her sexual bent (plus she is a biker chick). How hard is it not to accept that? Go on Bob, give it a try, have a same-sex wedding at your venue and discover that the LGBT community are no different from the rest of us; some will get drunk, some will have a good time and say thank you as they leave!

Admin said...

i wait to the day when people like him has an heart attack and the paramedics tells him
My Gay Life demands that i don't help homophobic assholes in case of emergency.
If you disagree with my way of life, please respect that and die elsewhere