Tuesday, September 27, 2016

My Two Cents: The Debate

Yes, I watched it ... all. 

At about the five minute mark I was ready to change the channel because the sound of Rump's voice and his anally-shaped mouth were making me physically ill, but Carlos politely suggested we continue to watch; by "politely suggested" I mean, he took the remote and tied me to a chair and forced me to watch.

So   ... just a couple of debate notes ….
Rump says that American companies move out of this country because then, when they sell their goods back into the United States, they pay no taxes. He says that practice should be stopped. Good idea, except ... it came from a man wearing one of his own suits, shirt and tie, all manufactured outside this country and then sold back to the US for the tax break. How can you trust him to bring jobs back when he’s made a career of sending jobs out of this country?
Rump said he was “smart” to not have paid any federal taxes. Huh, should we all work to be that smart? I mean, if Rump and his ilk, the 1% — though I believe he’s not nearly as rich as he says — don’t pay federal taxes then it’s no wonder our infrastructure is falling down. Pay your fair share, Rump, and zero is not fair.
Rump says he was never for the Iraq war and yet there is evidence he was; he lied.
He says he wasn’t a birther, but that Hillary’s camp started it; he lied.
He says he wants to do something about gun violence and then praises the NRA.
He says Stop-and-Frisk, a definitively racist practice, is the solution to police shootings; yeah, because more racism is the solution to the problem of race in this country.
Lastly, he said Hillary has neither the looks nor the stamina to be president, but one of the people on that stage last night was cool, calm, collected, and laid out plans and thoughts and ideas and facts, and the other one was a sniffing, twitching, water-gulping, microphone grabbing, face making, rude dick named Donald Trump. He didn’t have the stamina to get through ninety minutes with her.
Just sayin’.


the dogs' mother said...

Flipping thru the channels afterwards - only one
said he won (Hannity, of course, on Fox).

Frank said...

Here on Mountain time we had just sat down to a late dinner and I had to turn off the TV because I could not eat and listen to Trump without getting indigestion. Saw the last part of the debate and found the man just irritating, loud, interrupting constantly and talking over Hillary again and again.

All in all, the same lies from Trump...yet he repeats them with an air of arrogance that convinces the mindless masses that he is telling the truth. Blah, blah, blah...

I felt bad for Hillary that she had to be on a stage with this bully.

I hope her campaign has learned a bit more about how to get her message across and about how to debunk Trump's lies more convincingly.

Anonymous said...

There is a comedian (impressionist?), Anthony Atamanuik, who does Trump so well, that I can't even listen to him, let alone the "real" thing! Urp...six-thirty in the morning is way to early to even contemplate this..this..THING! COFFEE, STAT!


BloggerJoe said...

still, in his defense, he was given a bad microphone (he says)

mistress maddie said...

It was a good debate. And you could tell Hillary's cool composure was getting to him. Yet again, he still was not answering questions with a direct answer, or the answers didn't always have anything to do with the question. And yet again when he was saying how he loved Charlotte, he had to say he had some successful investments there. Can he ever not gloat about something not related to his empire???? Could he not say he just loved Charlotte?

mistress maddie said...

And incidentally, I have friends who are amateur drag queens who have better wigs.

anne marie in philly said...

spouse watched, I refused to listen to cheeto jeebus and his phony wig.

Professor Chaos said...

Well, I'm not one to ralk, I certainly didn't have the stamina to get through this debacle.

Helen Lashbrook said...

I didn't watch as the sight of Trump triumphantly walking into the arena was too much, so I read the transcript and was horrified about how often he interrupted...yet was all hurt and upset when the moderator interrupted him. And the hard questions he was asked were so unfair...Hilary was allowed a much easier run than he was!

But why, oh why was he not picked up on all his lies...or was that a pre-condition of agreeing to take part?

Fearsome Beard said...

I'm baffled as to how he has such support. Baffled I tells ya. His level of support scares me as much as he does.