Thursday, September 08, 2016

Random Musings

I believe that you don’t have to ‘like’ everybody and that not everybody is gonna ‘like’ you. There are some people that I know that I just don’t care for, for whatever reason.  Now, that doesn’t mean I’m rude; I’m very polite … Hello, how are you? … but I’m not asking how their weekend was nor am I talking to them about mine. I guess it’s keeping those that I don’t care for out of my personal space and my business.

Cue the New Co-Worker who never meant a moment of silence she didn’t want to fill with chatter. I can’t with her. But, I maintain my politeness until …

One day she says to me, “Smile!” in that pesky cartoon chipmunk kind of way, and I replied that I don’t just blindly walk around with a smile on my face lest the workers at the local Nuthouse — is that the PC term? — spot me smiling at nothing and throw a net over my head.

So then she says, “It takes more muscles to frown than it does to smile.”

I reply, “That’s an old wives tale told by old wives.”

I know … Ow. I guess my politeness was wearing thin.

She then says, “I will make it my job while I’m here to make you smile.”

I reply, “When are you giving your notice?”

And I smiled.
Kellyanne Conway, [t]Rump’s campaign manager is saying [t]Rump will deliver on his campaign promise to get Mexico to pay for that border wall and that his position has “never changed.”

Oddly, though, the President of Mexico has said that his country will never pay for a wall, and that he told [t]Rump that just last week. So I thought I’d lay it down like this, if it makes it clearer who is right and who is the blowhard:

You own a house next to some people who own a dog that keeps running into your yard and eating your dog food, and digging up your roses and pooping on your patio.

What are you gonna do? Well, you’re gonna build a fence to keep that dog out of your yard and you say the neighbors will pay for it.

Yeah, right; let me know how that works out for you.
So Colin Kaepernick sat out the National Anthem recently and the world went nuts. But then he opted to kneel, rather than stand or sit, out of respect; he kept the protest but he gave an inch to the haters.

Now, however, the local police who are hired  to patrol the stadium during as football game and to protect players are saying they might not protect him because he used his right of Free Speech to sit out the anthem.

Um, let me get this queer: one does not have to stand for the anthem as the U.S. is … not yet … a Police State, so Colin Kaepernick is breaking no law with his non-violent protest.
But the police who are paid to do a job are saying they won’t do their job because they don’t like Kaepernick’s protest.

Huh; it sounds like those police officers are just the kind of police officers Kaepernick is talking about.

So, to those officers, you are getting paid to protect the players, all of the players and if you choose not to protect one because you don’t like his politics or his opinion, then turn in your paycheck and stay home.

It really is that easy.
Hot Guys …. Carlos and I recently saw Grandma starring the fabulous Lily Tomlin as a lesbian grandma helping her granddaughter get an abortion. But there, very near the beginning of the film, Lily’s character’s car won’t start so a neighbor, played by Robert C. Miranda, top left, helped jump start it.

As I am apt to do, when spying a hot man with one line of dialogue, I said, to the screen, “He can jump me any time!”

Cue the Carlos side-eye.

Also, on the Starz show Power it’s all about the sizzling Omari Hardwick, but recently I have noticed that Andy Bean, right, an FBI agent, has been wearing some very nice, form-sitting suits and looking a little smoldering himself. And finally, in the most recent episode, we got some Andy Bean Butt Shots … and it was fabulous.

Omari has a little competition …
Most folks are steering clear of Florida and The Zika and waiting for Congress to do something which, as usual, they are not because, well, vacation time but …

Last week, Florida Republican, yes, Republican, Congressman David Jolly decided to make a point by bringing a container of them to the House floor to condemn his fellow “lawmakers” for failing to pass legislation to combat the mosquito-borne virus.

That bill is stalled in the Senate, where Democrats … yes, Democrats … are blocking it in a dispute over restrictions on Planned Parenthood.

So Jolly railed at Congress while holding a closed container of the type of mosquitoes that carry the Zika virus.

He did say the mosquitoes in the container were free of the virus, but taunted his fellow lawmakers about what they would do if they were released. 
“Can you imagine, colleagues, the fear and anxiety in this chamber if these hundred mosquitoes were outside this jar not inside this jar?”
I kinda wish he’d let ‘em loose … just to watch the legislators scramble and because maybe, just maybe, if the lives of our Congressman were at risk they’d take a greater interest in the lives of the people they represent.

Kudos to Jolly.
Phyllis Schlafly, the homophobic, anti-feminist activist occasionally referred to as the mother of the so-called … because I think God would beg to differ … Christian conservative movement, dies this week at the age of 92.

Now while I am not a firm believer in "heaven," I would like to think that as Ms. Schlafly — and you just know she'd be pissed at the 'Ms.' — reached the Pearly Gates, God, a feminist,  would greet her and say:
"Oh Phyllis. You never learned that I am Love and Acceptance and Equality. We have no room for you here, but there is space ... downstairs. And not to worry, Hitler stopped snoring after he got that special pillow."
North Carolina Governor Hate, er, Pat McCrory doubled down on his state’s transgender bathroom law in a new ad for his re-election bid, saying the law — which requires transgender students to use the restroom of their sex assigned at birth — protects everyone’s “privacy and safety.” Well, not the privacy and safety of trans Americans but then what do they matter, right?

Apparently they matter quite a bit to the people of North Carolina because right now McCrory trails his Democratic opponent, North Carolina Attorney General Roy Cooper who stood against the Hate Bill, by an average of 3.6%.

In addition, 55% of North Carolinians disapprove of the law and over 70% of voters feel the law has been bad for North Carolina’s national reputation.

Buh-bye Pat. Take your hate and go home … for good.
Father Anthony Giuliano, a Catholic priest who believes homosexuals must live a “celibate life” to be good Catholics has been accused of molesting a 15-year-old boy about 30 years ago; but, without a change to the statute of limitations on child sex abuse in New York, the Pedophile Priest’s crimes will go unpunished.

See, this past summer, New York state legislators failed to vote on the Child Victims Act, which would have made it easier for child sex abuse victims to seek justice against their abusers, like the Catholic Church, by creating a one-year window for victims to bring charges against their tormenters.

Why there’s a statute of limitations on child rape is beyond me, but what isn’t beyond me is that the Catholic League has called the legislation “a vindictive bill pushed by lawyers and activists out to rape the Catholic Church.”

Yes, because holding child rapists accountable for their actions is mean. Excuse my French, as my Mother used to say, but “Fuck off Catholic Church.”


the dogs' mother said...

>:-( for your co-worker!!

I remember the whole ERA/Phyllis Schlafly circus. I
was in high school. I remember her saying I would get
sent to Vietnam.

Anonymous said...

Is it just me, or does McCrory look a lot like the warden in The Shawshank Redemption? It's probably just me.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

No, no, no -- Hitler started snoring WORSE after he got that special pillow. After all, it's HELL! (Sheesh, who's your source of info?)

And on a more serious note, in Canada there is no statute of limitations on rape of any description. It has always horrified and mystified me why it is different in the USA.

Dave R said...

What's so funny about the McCrory mess is that bill was supposed to, at least in his mind, lock in his re-election.

MMTampa said...

David Jolly beat the same Democratic (Dino) that Rick Scott defeated for his first term. Rick Scott's wife owns a medical firm that "certified" in Zika treatment and research. Guess how much federal money is going in her purse. . .

Helen Lashbrook said...

I thought the McCrory pic was the unlovely Wayne LaPierre

There should be no limitations on child sexual abuse or any sexual abuse for that matter; it can take the victims a Hell of a long time to raise the issue. All victims should receive justice.