Tuesday, June 28, 2016

The Rump Says Something Stupid [AGAIN!!!] And Twitter Goes Nuts

Last week the United Kingdom voted to Brexit … to exit the European Union [EU] in favor of isolationism, xenophobia, and economic collapse.

In effect, they built a wall around Great Britain to keep out the brown-skinned immigrants fleeing the Middle East.

Sound familiar? Walls? Xenophobia? Anti-immigrant?

Sound stupid? Well, here’s stupid. Donald [t]Rump was in Scotland the day of the vote and as the results were announced he Tweeted:

Now, to be fair [t]Rump is an ignorant turd who gets his facts from Melania when she’s posing nude for a men’s magazine, but even he had to have been aware, even his people had to have made him aware, that Scotland overwhelmingly voted — 62% to 38%  to stay in the EUU.

Yes, the man running for president cannot even get a simple fact right.

And so the great thing was the Twit-response from some Scottish folks, and others, to The Rump:

And there you have it, the man who would be president — goddess help us all — doesn’t even know what’s going on in the UK … when he’s in the UK.

Oh ... and "fucktrumpet"!!


mistress maddie said...

I'd grasp my pearls in shock over trump , but alas, I didn't have them on currently.

the dogs' mother said...

My favorite - Delete your golf course!

viktor kerney said...

he stays stupid

Raybeard said...

Got several smiles and more out of those comments - a respite from tearing out my (remaining, sparse) hair.

krayolakris said...

Well said, all. It was amusing to hear that the Rump commented that he is related to "the Scotch." Idiot.

anne marie in philly said...

when is the rump NOT spewing something nasty from his asshole (mouth)?

Mitchell is Moving said...

I read these aloud from facebook yesterday. My favorite is "you witless fucking cocksplat." I also loved "touped fucktrumpet" but it's a comb-over, not a toupe, so I'll just drop the touped part and stick with Fucktrumpet. Yes, that's the best. But I suppose we should give him a break; he didn't know what BREXIT was until 2 weeks ago.


Robb Delman said...

Even though it sounds pleasant, I prefer 'numpty', Sarah Lancashire used it in "Happy Valley" and I promptly added it to my vocab.

Helen Lashbrook said...

I am so depressed over the result; all the brainless seem to have voted leave. What they don't seem to understand is that Scotland will now have another referendum about leaving the Union and get on and leave, so they can remain in the EU which has more good points than bad.

The Leave vote was stoking up fears of immigration; the twazzocks don't realise that we've been welcoming immigrants into this country for thousands of years....two anyway. Joseph of Arimathea was supposed to have visited Glastonbury (allegedly). You can just imagine the Celts wondering about letting him in as he wasn't from around here.