Friday, June 03, 2016

Good News Friday: Zoe Lofgren Calls "Bigot" On Gail Heriot

Last week, during a House Judiciary Committee hearing California Congresswoman, and Democrat, Zoe Lofgren, above, read aloud from the testimony of Gail Heriot, below left, a member of the US Commission on Human Rights who was testifying against the Obama administration's recent guidance for schools on how to accommodate transgender students:

"If I believe that I am a Russian princess, that doesn’t make me a Russian princess, even if my friends and acquaintances are willing to indulge my fantasy. Nor am I a Great Horned Owl just because — as I have been told — I happen to share some personality traits with those feathered creatures."
After noting her support for the guidelines from the Justice and Education departments, Zoe Lofgren noted that she felt it was “regrettable” that Heriot’s comments were put into the record:
"I’ve got to say, I found this rather offensive and it says to me that the witness really doesn’t know anything and probably has never met a transgender child who is going through, in almost every case, a very difficult experience finding themselves."
And when Gail Heriot tried to jump in and defend her testimony, arguing that the administration's guidance was "offensive" Zoe Lofgren shut her down:
"I think you’re a bigot, lady. I think you are an ignorant bigot."
Then Congressman Steve King, the Republican from Iowa, and a bigot himself, tried to tell Lofgren she was out of order, but she went all "Not today, Satan," on him too:
"Mr. Chairman, it is my time, and I would just like to say that we allow witnesses to say offensive things, but I cannot allow that kind of bigotry to go into the record unchallenged."
Gail Heriot, idiot bigot, tried to chime in again, asking Lofgren if she believed Heriot to be a Russian princess and Lofgren snapped:
"I have no idea."
We do know, as Lofgren pointed out, that Gail Heriot is just one more anti-trans bigot who has no idea what transgender means and yet has decided she’s some sort of expert by comparing it to an insane belief that she’s either a princess or a bird.

Either way, she’s nuts and Zoe Lofgren just schooled her.


anne marie in philly said...

dumbass redumblicans. "today I think I am a fiddler crab; what bathroom do I use?" shit thinking like this holds us back as a people and a nation.

Frank said...

These narrow-minded heteros (and believe it or not some narrow-minded gays) think they know more about transgender folks than transgender folks themselves. They prove over and over that they are ignorant of the facts.

And the narrow-minded bigots have always and still do think they know more about gays and lesbians than gays and lesbians. We spend so much time and energy trying to correct their ignorance of the facts. There should be a constitutional amendment to require all opinions expressed publicly to be backed up with facts.

Helen Lashbrook said...

People don't want facts; that is made clear by all Trump's supporters who refuse to listen to truths, only Trump's lies. That's why all these Republicans are happy to spout nonsense, because in the main, no-one will call them on it. So good on Zoe Lofgren

Yours Ever

the Russian Princess!

Mitchell is Moving said...

So glad Zoe Lofgren told it like it is and didn't back down.