Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Architecture Wednesday: Eberl Residence

Last week was all about a place that seemed a world away but really was just a stone’s throw from Downtown Miami.

So, this week, we’re headed to the Rockies … way up in the Rockies, a true world away.

A luxury home crafted of traditional building materials for Colorado — wood and stone — while offering a modern, open feel. Still, the architect chose to integrate the home into the landscape, around trees and boulders, up hills and down.

The home was designed for a cowboy and an artist, with an emphasis on massive raw steel beams juxtaposed with refined larch cabinetry, heavy lashed timber set off by the lightness of window walls.

Monolithic stone walls lay perpendicular to a curved ridge, organizing the home as they converge in the protected entry courtyard. The walls radiate outwards from there, both dividing and capturing spacious interior volumes and distinct views to the forest, the meadow, and the Rockies.

It truly is a getaway home …


the dogs' mother said...

Pretty nice. Like most of the wood and stone.
That picture - its eyes follow one around the
rooms... cue Twilight Zone music.

mistress maddie said...

Boy, this sure isn't the homestead that was on the Ponderosa! I absolutely love it! The staircase is amazing. The perfect place to leave behind this crazy world.

Mitchell is Moving said...

OK. I DO like this one. Do they ship to Europe?