Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Architecture Wednesday: Sawmill House

At first glance, I thought the Sawmill House was more Boxcar House; it sparked my inner homo, er, hobo … I kid, homo hobo.

Then it looked a little Cinderblock and Sticks.

Then it just looked cool.

The idea was to use one ton blocks of reclaimed concrete to anchor the home into the landscape and then create an envelope of sorts to create a unique internal environment.

Large sections of the roof, as well as the façade, are mechanized and movable; entire walls of glass pivot, creating new courtyards, new rooms. Large operable verandas, screens and doors transform the spaces to suit various climatic and social conditions, from communal hub to private retreats, and by rolling back a 46 foot section of the roof over the deck, the sun passively heat the dwelling for most of the year.

I still don’t get “sawmill” but I do get cool. 


the dogs' mother said...

Definitely different!!

mistress maddie said...

I really have to stop having gin while reading...I thought this said Sawhorse House. Anyway, the outside I don't care for but the inside is very interesting. A little to sparse and open for me, but the house boys will be happy for frolic room, or would that make it a rompus room?

Mitchell is Moving said...

This could possibly be my favorite so far. Nothing ostentatious. No McMansion. Really cool!

viktor kerney said...

I think I could live there