Thursday, July 17, 2014

Random Musings

Well, it looks like I'll have to stop calling you Flori-duh; and maybe Carlos and I can get married in Key West????
So Carlos and I are hooked on TNTs Murder in the First because … Taye Diggs. Of Course, it’s also a pretty good show, but still … Taye Diggs. Anyway, we were watching it Monday night and I look over at Carlos and he’s asleep.

‘Go to bed,’ I say.
‘I was just resting my eyes,’ he says.
I give him my Wendy Williams’ Mmm hmmm and a few minutes later and he’s asleep again.

‘Go to bed,’ I say.
‘I was just resting my eyes,’ he says.
‘If you’re tired …’
‘I’m not.’
I give him my Wendy Williams’ Mmm hmmm and he’s out again.

I watch for another five minutes or so, looking over at him, head down, eyes shut, a snore on the horizon, and I kindly set the DVR to record the show, and then lean in very closely, and very sweetly, with all the love I can manage, shout into his ear:


Oy. It’s hard out here for me and my sleepy man.
Christian Minard is a lesbian who was studying at Southwestern Christian University, a school affiliated with the International Pentecostal Holiness Church so you know what that means. But, one semester shy of her sports management degree, Minard married her girlfriend Kadyn Parks, and when the school learned of her same-sex marriage she was expelled.

I was aghast and angry, but then I thought again. Christian school? Pentecostal Church? And the fact that as part of her admission requirements, Minard signed a lifestyle covenant that prohibits “homosexual behavior like same-sex marriage.

Sure, it’s backwards; sure it’s wrong. But Minard signed it because this was the only school that had the degree program she wanted. And she never once challenged the requirement during her entire stay there, so my question is, wouldn’t it have been better to wait until after graduation to marry and thus avoid being expelled and having to start over at a different school? Or, if she got married to try and test the school’s rules, why not do it earlier and avoid this mess?

I’m all for fighting for our rights, but she didn’t fight for them at all until they personally affected her.
Apparently one of Fox & Friends hosts, Heather Nauert, was all confused and stuff by Illinois State University's "all-gender" bathrooms that avoid any kind of confusion for transgender and cisgender students. In fact, she was so confused, she became an eight-year-old girl again as she and her ‘friends’ snickered about it on-air.

So, they had Fox News’ Steve Doocy take to the streets with a copy of the new bathroom sign and showed it to a collection of Fox News fans to get their feedback and expected the same sort of childish nonsense the news folks displayed.

"Maybe a family restroom?"
"Restrooms for both genders."
"Transgender, that's right."

Responding to the viewer's lack of dismay, confusion, or moral outrage, host Brian Kilmeade said, Well, they're better people than us."

No kidding.
That Jesse Palmer, the college football analyst from ESPN. I might have to rethink my sports watching. That’s all. Carry on.
Well, color me shocked, but who knew that a red Speedo was a ticket to homophobic harassment and being kicked out of a water park — a place where one might expect to see a Speedo?

It seems that Jesse Colter wore his red Speedo to the Kentucky Kingdom and was told his swim attire was suitable, suitable, by one of the park's public safety officers.

But then an officer from the Louisville Metro Police ALLEGEDLY approached Colter, called him "queer" and threatened to arrest him for the crime of Speedo wearing; Jesse says the officer told him that several Public Safety Officers from the park had warned him against the Wearing of the Speedo — which seems to be untrue — but Jesse still left the park to avoid being charge with wearing a bathing suit at a water park.

Let me get this queer, though, because I imagine that police officer would have no problem with a woman wearing the tiniest of bikinis in the park, and would probably be hiding in the shrubbery rubbing one off, but a guy in a Speedo is a crime?

Only in Kentucky, though sadly, that’s probably not true either.
Look, here’s the deal: you can disagree with me on every single issue, social or political, all you want, day and night, week in, week out, but please, for the love of the Baby Jeebus, if you’re gonna carry a sign, or spray paint your message on a building, learn to effing spell!

I mean, if the "English-only" crowd is going to demand President Obama deport millions of immigrants, shouldn't they first be required to learn to spell?
Thomas Ravenel, a former Republican state treasurer in South Carolina who was convicted of drug trafficking and starred in a reality television series —  Bravo's "Southern Charm" — has filed a petition to run as an independent candidate for U.S. Senate.

Sit down, asshat.
Outgoing, though not fast enough for me, Minnesota Congressnut Michele Bachmann actually blamed those migrant children on the borders for the deaths of innocent children in Minnesota and the rape of women in her home state.

Oh, yes she did.

“Foreign nationals that have come into the United States are between 300- to 500,000 [and] my heart is broken for a female college student in Minnesota who was raped, murdered and mutilated by a foreign national who came into our country. We had a school bus full of kids in Minnesota — four children were killed on that school bus because an illegal alien driving a van went into that school bus.”

Yes, she believes that these migrant children are crossing the borders to grow up, get jobs driving buses so they can kill good American children. Or, maybe these migrant children, the boys I assume, are coming here so they can grow up and rape our womenfolk!

Gosh, I want this dingbat to run for president in 2016 because we’ll need a good long laugh while we wait for Hillary to win.
I caught a little of Lifetime’s The Witches of East End, but found it nothing at all like the fabulous American Horror Story: Coven.

But it did come with man candy, so it was fun to watch for that reason alone, though I doubt I’ll watch again.

Still, from the top: Christian Cooke, Daniel Di Tomasso, and Eric Winter. Yum.

10 comments: said...

Christian Minard appears to be proof that “dumb jocks” come in all shapes, sizes, sexes and sexualities. I find it curious that any self-respecting lesbian would enroll in such a school and positively baffling that she would be surprised by her expulsion when she married another woman. She gets no sympathy from me.

Mitchell is Moving said...

I don't like Southwestern Christian University, but then I wouldn't go there. And I wouldn't sign a lifestyle covenant. Yeah, the University policy is hateful and appalling. But I don't know what Christian Minard was thinking either.

As for the rest.... Taye Diggs.

BloggerJoe said...

Partner/Spouse and I have a picture in our bedroom of Crazy Eyes in full crazy mode in three colors that jump at you with the single word "TARD" at the bottom. I start my day with a laugh every day.

mistress maddie said...

Christian Cooke!?!?!? Talk about rubbin one out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ahhhh yes ,the old " I was just resting my eyes." now he will need a Beltone.

SEAN (The Jeep Guy) said...

Totally agree with you about Christian - and that was the ONLY school to offer a sports management degree? She should have gone to my nephew's school.

Helen Lashbrook said...

If you think Congress is obstructive now, just wait until little Hilly Clinton gets in....or doesn't. I suspect that we will have more of the same old, same old with her. She will be almost as Republican as Romney.

Raybeard said...

It's reassuring that sick eagles are cared for until recovery and are allowed to convalesce. What? They put them down? Oh hell, I might have guessed!

Kyle Leach said...

Oh yes the "resting my eyes" episodes...know those. :)

Learn to spell. Yes, yes, yes, please.

the dogs' mother said...

As the loving spouse, and mother of, several dyslexics they would, at least, consulted the Mother of all Spelling before they spray painted that.

Biki Honko said...

Christian Minard is unworthy of our attention. In all of this country only one university has a sports management degree? Really? Hmmm, yeah thats a load of crap. She made her bed and now she gets to lie in it. I have no compassion for her at all.

I watched the bathroom clip and found it amusing that the people on the street understood the sign and were cool with it.

Swimsuit-gate is quite compelling, just cant get enough of it. Or, it just may be Jesse's lovely body I'm enjoying so.

I'm glad that all the eagles within that ugly brick building arent ill! Whew!!!

Love, love love how the tea baggers can just twist shite around until it sounds logical, to them at least.

Thanks for posting the pics of all that lovely eye candy! yummy!