Thursday, July 03, 2014

Hobby Lobby ... Your Source For Christian Love

The Green family, who own and run the Hobby Lobby stores — we have one here in Columbia, in which I will not set one foot — like to proclaim how ‘Christian’ they are; Steve Green, the president of the company, proudly says, "We're Christians, and we run our business on Christian principles."

Hardly. Look at the crap they sell and I dare you to find many that don’t say ‘Made In china’ on the bottom. I double-dog dare you.

China, a country that has one of the worst human rights records in history; a country where children often toil in sweatshops making the little trinkets you can buy at Hobby Lobby; a country where, in Shanghai at least, the minimum wage is $293 … a month. And that;s the highest paid anywhere in mainland China; it works out to about $10.00 a day … a little more than a dollar an hour.

That’s what your Christian Hobby Lobby is selling you. Doesn’t sound very Christ-like does it? Can you call yourself a "Christian business" when you support underage labor?

And since this issue is ALLEGEDLY all about Hobby Lobby’s Christian owner’s refusal to pay for contraceptives under their healthcare plan, let’s look at how China handles that situation, since Hobby Lobby is really an extension of the Chinese marketplace right here in our own back yard.

Think about China's one-child policy, which means that many Chinese couples hope for sons to carry on the family name; female children are considered valueless and because of that there is an enormous underground abortion business going on. Hobby Lobby, in purchasing goods made by children for a dollar an hour funds that abortion business. So, so Christ-like.

There are roughly 35,000 abortions in China every single day; 336 million over the last four decades. In purchasing Chinese made products, Hobby Lobby pays for that,. though they don't want you to know it.

Okay, sure, lotsa companies buy their goods from China and sell them on their shelves to us, but how many proclaim to be ‘Christian’ businesses run on Christian principles? How can they be so riled up about providing employees with health insurance covering contraceptives when they don’t give a good God damn about the policies in China that result in horrific child labor and forced abortions? 

If contributing to a healthcare system that provides state funded abortions or birth control was truly against their deeply held Christian beliefs, Hobby Lobby could easily have chosen to buy and sell goods made in the US. And they could have opted to do business in any part of the world where these services aren’t funded by tax dollars. They did not.

How is that Christian love?

And speaking of Christianity and faith, think about the 1.35 billion Chinese people who are denied the freedom to worship; Hobby Lobby doesn’t care about that because they have knick-knacks to sell.

So, if you shop at Hobby Lobby, think about that the next time; think about the children who made that plate; think about the women forced to undergo abortions because their unborn child won’t be male; think about the people in China who cannot freely worship. And if you still want that little trinket, then stop calling yourself a Christian, because you aren’t. If you still want to spend your money at Hobby Lobby, go right ahead, but in addition to knowing what you are buying, and where it came from, and how it was made, know where your hard-earned dollars go.

For their employees’ 401K plans, Hobby Lobby invests in the very industries the Greens say they oppose; they invest, and make money off of, the makers of Plan B, Tevo Pharmaceutical Industry. They also invest in Actavus, which makes a generic version of Plan B, and also distributes Ella, a second form of birth control that Hobby Lobby claims to be religiously opposed to.

Unless they’re making an investment in it.

Hobby Lobby also has investments in Pfizer, AstroZeneca and Forest Laboratories; companies that make drugs commonly used in abortions, including Cytotec, Prostin E2 and Cervidil. Hobby Lobby’s 401K investment program, which offers an employer matching contribution, also invests in Aetna and Humana, two health insurance companies that cover abortion, abortion drugs as well as Plan B and Ella.

But they have no problem with that because they're making money off of those investments.

And finally, know that, just before declaring their Christian faith as a reason to opt out of paying for contraception under their healthcare plan, Hobby Lobby’s own private insurance plan actually provided coverage for both Plan B and Ella; it wasn’t until Obamacare came along that they suddenly had an issue with it.

That ain't Christian, it's Teabagging.

So, when you listen to folks praise Hobby Lobby for standing up for their Christian faith, be aware that they are not being truthful. They buy goods from countries that fund abortions, state-sanctioned and illegal abortions; they buy goods from countries that have one of the worst records for child labor laws. And, they take your money, the money you spend on bric-a-brac and crap, and invest it in the very companies that provide the kinds of drugs and services they say their Christian faith is against.

That is not Christian love; it’s hypocrisy; it’s corporate greed; it’s a lie.


the dogs' mother said...

I've always wondered what Chinese workers think of the trinkets they make - like bobblehead dolls and such. Americans must have A LOT of money to spend on stuff like this!!

Anonymous said...

This is the best-written post I've read yet about this issue. I thank you from the bottom of my middle-aged, feminist heart.

Bob Slatten said...


jadedj said...

Hear hear! Well said!

Among other reasons, it is this sort of bullshit hypocrisy that caused me to renounce my childhood "Christian" upbringing when I got old enough to figure out the lies.

anne marie in philly said...

it's the "do as I say, not as I do" rule. oh yeah, and men know more than women do, so shut up bitch.

thank the dogs and cats there are none of these stores round here! and even if there were, you would not catch me dead in one; kinda like wally-world.

Biki Honko said...

Bravo! I sure wish their financial connection with the drug companies had been brought to the attention of the court. But then, those men were only interested in propping up a withering religion and furthering their hate agenda on women.

There is also a delightful activity that is still going on today in China, exposing female infants to the elements until they die. Well, the joke is on them, with a sex ratio completely out of wack it wont be long until fathers will once again be selling their daughters to the highest marriage bidders.....

Raybeard said...

I'd like to see a reply from the company to this post, but I don't want to have to wait till hell freezes over.
It's always the same with those who are loudly vocal about their religious 'principles', Christian or anything else - you've only got to scratch them slightly to reveal a hypocrite underneath.