Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Polly Neace Says She Was Fired For Being A Good Christian

If I’ve said it once on this blog, I’ve said it a billion times, I don’t exaggerate! I kid; what I’ve said is that I have my own religious/spiritual beliefs and they are mine and while I might share them I don’t expect you to embrace them, follow them, live by them or even understand them. And, in return, I don’t care if you worship no one and nothing, God, Goddess, Allah, Liza, Buddha, Mother Earth, Father Time, Papa Smurf, just don’t push it on me and we’ll get along fine.

Sadly, some folks don’t get that idea and think they can preach to you while buying a cup of coffee, a bag of groceries, or doing your banking.

Polly Neace, a U.S. Bank teller in Kentucky, says she was fired because she believes in God. Polly doesn't just go to church on Sundays; she brings church with her every day of the week and says that she was terminated from her job for telling clients to "Have a blessed day."
"I say, 'Have a blessed day,' all of the time. All of the time. I don't feel there's any better kind of day you can have than a blessed day."—Polly Neace
Now, that doesn’t necessarily bother me, though I’d prefer just a simple thank-you or maybe even “Have a nice day.” But, while Polly says most folks didn’t mind her saying her blessing, she did receive a code of ethics violation in March 2011 after several customers complained about her using the phrase.

Of course, though she admits to receiving the violation notice, Neace maintains no one ever really complained. Okay, maybe they did and maybe they didn’t; but she feels “Have a blessed day” isn’t so offensive, and so she took her sermons a step further and began asking customers if they accepted Jesus as their savior.

Honey, just cash my check.

Neace was reprimanded and given multiple warnings, but continued with the phrase because, well, God, and God says she should be able to say whatever she wants and inflict her devout faith on anyone and everyone. So, Polly says she complained about the whole mess and, she says jokingly, told a manager she might as well go back to saying "have a blessed day" and be fired.

And she was fired the next day.

Of course, because she’s a good Christian woman who simply wanted to spread The Word, even to people who just wanted to do their banking and get on with their day, Neace says she has been persecuted for her religious beliefs and is, naturally, suing.

I think Polly should sit down, open a newspaper, and find herself a job as a minister because that’s what she truly wants to do; she just picked the wrong place to do it.

Not everyone wants to hear from you, Polly; not everyone shares your faith, Polly. I was hoping to read about someone who responded to your query about Jesus say, "No, but Satan just called and we're doing lunch next Thursday."

Have your faith, love your faith, talk about it until you are Smurf blue in the face, but it doesn't belong at work. That said .... Have a blessed day, Polly.


anne marie in philly said...

I cannot abide these types that wanna push their religion in yo face.

she can sue all she wants, but if her bank has a WRITTEN (operative word) policy against religious displays/conversions, then she has no case.

the dogs' mother said...

During the teenage years one of the band mothers got waaaay to intrusive with her xtian-ity. I bought the boys a Satan Fish. They put it on one of the huge amplifiers. It is now kicking around Seattle with another band. It is probably my fault that WA got equality marriage and legalized pot.... said...

Polly Neace was fired because she didn't do what she was told to do by the people paying her to do it. Plain and simple.

What she was actually saying is, really, quite irrelevant. The fact that her employer instructed her to stop saying it, she refused and continued to do so after repeated warnings, is what ultimately led to her dismissal. She was a combative employee with the potential to cost US Bank revenue. The company is business to make money ... not to please employees.

viktor kerney said...

poor Christian

Professor Chaos said...

Jesus Christ! (no pun intended) These people will twist any situation in order to feel like some persecuted minority. And I'm sure this story will get picked up by FOX and talk radio and Drudge, etc. and no one will actually read the original story to find out that this lady's full of it, they'll just hear "another Christian fired for her beliefs."

mrs.missalaineus said...

does this mean we can fire part of the supreme court now?


jadedj said...

All else aside, what is evident to me is, this woman (and others like her) display a serious lack of common sense. That is to say, NOBODY GIVES A SHIT about your relationship with Bejesus, lady!

Blobby said...

If she thinks she can say whatever she wants, so can I. like "fuck you, honey". Or "shove your fucking religion up your twat - and can I have that in all twenties?"

Debbie said...

OH NO. Another example of Christians being persecuted. News at 11.

Tee said...

perhaps now the good Ms. Polly can go get a job from Hobby Lobby and continue her greeting with their blessing.... till then, let the rest of us just have a NICE Day! and for the record, I take blessings, but If you've been asked to not say it, DON'T. Like my sister says too many religious people are like pedophiles: always trying to shove something down your throat.