Monday, February 24, 2014

WTF? Oprah Winfrey

Oh honey, No ... no ... Noprah.

Ms. Winfrey was at the BAFTA Awards in London a while back and showed up on the red carpet in this hot mess by Stella McCartney.

Lace sausage casing is what I'm getting; I'm also getting the idea that nobody tells Oprah what to wear, or that she might wanna hoist the girls up a little bit instead of letting them ride around on her belly. This does nothing for a larger woman other than making her appear even larger.

Sidenote: Oprah herself Instagrammed a video of her having to be sewn into the dress right before leavving her hotel.

That should'a been a sign ....


the dogs' mother said...

Wonder what is on the agenda for the Oscars?

anne marie in philly said...

dayum, hope her bra doesn't break; those puppies might kill someone!

it's a pretty dress, but not on oprah.

mistress maddie said...

Oh dear Bob, you know what this process is called don't you? Squeezing 10lbs of flour in a 5lb bag! I don't know WHY bigger women insist on wearing lace. It is not forgiving and has no give. The only time I liked it was on Adele at the Grammy's in that red Valentino. And then it was the color and length that made it work.