Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Architecture Wednesday: Queens by Cambuild

First off, I'd have to be interested in a house called Queens, and especially this house, that looks like an Old Queen with a new face.
Sometimes those old houses i like to call Mullet Houses, because they retain their staid front exteriors, but there's quite a party goin' on out back. But this four-story house has been meticulously restored, seamlessly extended melding the old and the new, and tastefully renovated in sympathy with the heritage of the original home.
With tuck-pointed brickwork and solid timber staircases and Jarrah floorboards and tow, count 'em, two gourmet kitchens, every element has been carefully considered and crafted, making this home a testament to what’s possible.
Plus, while keeping the last century details, the house is very clearly a 21st century home with its ducted air conditioning with humidity control, smart wiring, CCTV system, commercial-grade switchboards and LED lighting throughout.
It's an old, new Queen.


mistress maddie said...

Very nice Bob!!!!! I LOVE this house, so my style!!!! I love white against a dark wood floor like that!!!! So clean looking! My favorite part is the foyer entrance and hall. Nice nice moldings, arch and wainscoting!!!!! You have warmed up cockles. I d be remissed if I didn't thank you for your rubbing in the warm almost 70 degree day you had no Kathys blog! I have no power and we had yet another snow and major ice storm. I'll cut the hag mother nature when I see her!!!!!!!

Bob Slatten said...

Sorry about that MM, but we're be dropping back to the 30s again tomorrow, though i'm sure you'd consider 30-degrees practically tropical with all your ice and snow!

MAC said...

OOOH, I love this one. The only thing I would change is a little color on the walls.