Monday, February 03, 2014

Services Are Canceled: The Pastor Was Arrested For Kidnapping, Robbery & Impersonating Police

So, before I start let me reiterate … again … that I am no fan of organized religion, though I do carry with me my own personal beliefs. One of the reasons I loathe organized religion is that, oftentimes, its leaders are using their power as men, or women, of faith, to deceive folks, lie to folks, mistreat folks, break the law. And yet these people ask for our faith.

Case in point: Colorado Springs “Pastor” Michael Abromovich.

Last week Michael Abromovich was arrested for impersonating a U.S. Marshall in order to intimidate and rob gay men whom he had met online and arranged to meet for sex.

Yes, the “pastor” lied, robbed, and was all gay and shiz, but he asks your forgiveness because he’s dealing with a lot of stuff; Abromovich was recently diagnosed with cancer and has a new baby in the family. And y’all know how that makes normal men wanna play sheriff and meet The Gays for sex so you can beat ‘em up and rob ‘em; it’s an age old story.

According to police documents, a man named “Mike” posted ads on Craigslist offering to meet other men for a sexual encounter. Now, one of those men has come forward to say that he agreed to meet “Mike” at a Denver motel and when he did, “Mike” jumped from a car, shouted, “U.S. Marshall,” shoved him against the door, and then handcuffed and searched him. The man was then taken into a room at the motel and held at gunpoint — by what turned out to be a paintball gun. “Mike” told the man he was looking for evidence and then took the man’s laptop, iPad, iPhone, cash, debit card and his car keys.

And, in turns out, that “Mike” AKA Pastor Abromovich, would call these motels in advance and identify himself as a U.S. Marshall; and when he arrived at the motel he showed a badge to the desk clerks.

Abromovich was caught after being pulled over for a traffic violation; he showed the officer his, um, “badge” and after the officer checked it out, he found that Abromovich was being sought by Colorado authorities. He was arrested and placed in the Maricopa County jail; now the not-so-good pastor is facing felony charges of aggravated robbery, kidnapping and impersonating a peace officer.

He should have also been charged for impersonating a pastor; and a human being.

And before anyone jumps on my back, I’m not saying that all men of faith are this evil and this criminal, but when a man represents himself as a man of faith, and people gather together and hold him up as some sort of higher being and shower him with their love and adoration, and their money, and that man is a desperate criminal, this is what happens.

That isn’t faith. That’s foolishness.


anne marie in philly said...

asshat of the week candidate right here!

the dogs' mother said...

Okay, another reason why Craig's List is evil!
(when posting lost kitty we only got tons of spam trying to rip us off)

Mark in DE said...

This sad man has probably been repressing gay feelings for years, and became a pastor to show God his diligence. As we all know, you can't repress your natural feelings forever. His self-loathing likely lead him to begin taking advantage of the very people he wished he could be. Very sad.

Ron said...

There was a time when one could arrange anonymous rendezvous via the Internet or ads but that day is gone. I never used Craig's List, this is just another reason not to. As for religious leaders, they have the same foibles as the rest of us out here in the Great Unwashed.