Monday, June 17, 2013

Steve King: King of the Racist Tweeters

Last week, minutes after Sebastien De La Cruz finished singing the National Anthem at a professional basketball game, racist fools took to Twitter calling him every derogatory name they could amass from their tiny brains and demanding that he be returned to his home country. [See post HERE]

Note: he’s American so he is home.

But, it got me wondering about what kind of fool wants to spout their racism via the interment for the entire world to see and about a minute later I got my answer.

Steve King, delusional Republican asshat Congressman from Iowa is that kind of fool. King, who pushed a restrictive amendment in the House of Representatives basically calling for the end of deferred action for DREAMers, took his opinions to Twitter and Tweeted the following:

And then he added this:

And then these are the “brazen” illegals to whom he was referring:

One of the leaders of the protest, Julieta Garibay, said the protesters—dressed in caps and gowns and carrying signs that said "future teacher," "future lawyer" and other professions—wanted to remind King that "we are here to contribute to the country we love."
"The House GOP has a choice: Will they stand with Steve King and his push to return to deporting Dreamers, or will they do the right thing and lead on immigration reform for our families?"— Julieta Garibay.

I guess the racist fools with Twitter accounts have a leader, and the people of Iowa elected him to  Congress. And here are some folks who pointed out King's racism:


truthspew said...

He's being an ass, that's for certain.

These young people were brought here when they were VERY young. Why shouldn't there be a path to citizenship for them?

And his screed against De La Cruz is VERY interesting as the young man is in fact a U.S. Citizen.

R.J. said...

I'm surprised a knuckle dragger like Steve King not only is on Twitter, but also doesn't have a "social media expert" tweeting for him. What an asshat.

the dogs' mother said...

think be4 u tweet!!

anne marie in philly said...


Ron said...

Yesterday on TV I saw Steve King, Louis Gomertz and Michelle Bachmann together. I think Michelle was making another one of her crazy assed announcements. The first thing I thought when I saw those three clowns together is "WHAT A WASTE." When I was a kid I used to automatically respect authority and people in positions of power and influence. Not anymore with bozos like those clowns i government.

viktor kerney said...

can we throw him in a dungeon now?