Friday, June 14, 2013

Good News Friday: Church Sign Welcomes Boy Scouts After Gay Ban Is Lifted

When the Boy Scouts of America made the decision to welcome gay scouts--but not gay scout leaders--there was, as expected, a great deal of fallout from several religious groups, politicians, radio hosts, and some churches.

One church, the Roswell Street Baptist in Marietta, Georgia, publicly severed ties with the Boy Scouts and the congregation cheered that news. But just across town, One World Spiritual Center had the opposite reaction, welcoming the Boy Scouts, and putting up a sign to say so.

Senior Minister Rev. Stephanie Seigh said the church decided to act after learning that two major Cobb County churches -- Roswell Street Baptist and Johnson Ferry Baptist -- planned to cut long-standing ties with Boy Scout troops over the issue of allowing openly gay members.
"Just as the other churches were honoring their beliefs and their values when they made their decision, we are an open and affirming congregation," said Seigh. "We honor all paths to God and many lifestyles. So we are also honoring our beliefs and our values in making this offer to the troops. We put the sign up after hearing that a couple of churches in the metro-Atlanta area had asked their Boy Scout troops to leave after the ruling by the national organization allowing gay young men and boys to join the scouts. We wanted the scouts to know that we were a spiritual community that would welcome them."--Reverend Seigh
One World says it has an activity center, including a full-size gym, and is waiting to see if a response comes to church's invitation.

A spokesman for the Boy Scouts Atlanta Area Council says nine other organizations in Cobb County have expressed interest in partnering with scout troops that need to relocate.

One door closes .......


anne marie in philly said...

ya gotta wonder how many closeted folk there are in the southern baptist organization...

the dogs' mother said...

Yup, far more good people than ones who live in fear and ignorance.