Tuesday, October 23, 2012

He Lies, She Lies

It's funny that we expect Mitt Romney to lie because it's the one thing he does consistently, but now it seems Queen Ann Romney has done her fair share of mangling the truth.

Ann "You people!" Romney was a guest on The View this week--her husband said in one of his secretly taped meetings that he's afraid of those women--and she talked up Mittsy’s attendance at every single funeral of every single fallen soldier while he was governor of Massachusetts.

Oops, not so fast and loose there, Annie, because it turns out that Mittsy missed at least one funeral, and probably because the dead soldiers mother dissed him.

Stephany Kern's son died in Iraq while Mittsy was governing Massachusetts and, well, he apparently tried to contact Kern but, in her grief she was not taking calls, and this didn't sit well with Mittsy. He apparently went all Fatal Attraction on the woman....I will not be ignored... and left voicemails that offended Kern: 
Mitt Romney [on voicemail]: "I can’t believe you haven’t returned my call. Here I am making a second call; I haven’t heard from you."
Kern says many officials, including Romney and Senators John Kerry and Ted Kennedy, left messages for her the day after her son died, but she was so grief-stricken that she couldn't speak to any of them. Still, it was Mittsy who felt offended and snubbed by a mother who'd just lost her son.
Kern: "I didn’t listen to any of the calls, [but Romney] was completely unable to understand that a mom was not going to return his phone call, and that it wasn’t a priority for me. I wasn’t being disrespectful. I was being a mom who was greeting the casket of her son coming home from war."
Kern's husband remembers hearing Romney's second and third messages, with Mittsy saying "I'm a busy man" in one of them.

But here's where the lie comes in: Mitt Romney didn't attend the funeral for her son, Marine Lance Corporal Nickolas Schiavoni, though his office said he would visit the grave.

Uh huh.

This is a Mittsy M.O. It's all about Mittsy, calling mothers of dead soldiers for purely political gain, and when one mother won't speak to him, he decides to skip that funeral. I mean, let's take his wife at her word; she said Mittsy attended all the funerals, but we know that's a lie and we know that at least one funeral he didn’t attend was the son of a woman who was too distraught to speak to him.

That's Mittsy.

Let's not forget that just this past month the mother of Glen Doherty, a Navy SEAL killed in the attack on the U.S. consulate in Libya, complained that Mittsy was using her son's death to score political points; she asked him to stop doing so.
Amanda Henneberg, a spokeswoman for the Romney campaign, refutes the Stephany Kern story, saying Romney would "never" exhibit the behavior described in the story: "Anyone who knows Governor Romney understands he would never treat or address anyone in the way described. The Governor honors the commitment made by every brave American who wears our nation’s uniform as well as the sacrifices made by their loved ones. He honored this fallen Marine by naming Nov. 26th Nicky Schiavoni Day."
Hmm, was that to save face, Mittsy?

This speaks volumes about one, just one, of my issues with Romney. He’s out for himself in everything he does, from making money by buying and selling companies, to sending his money on vacation to Swiss banks and the Cayman Islands, to running for president, not because he wants to lead, but because he wants the job on his end-of-life resume.

He isn't out for anyone but himself. Dead soldiers and grieving mothers don't matter; what matters is the press Mittsy would get from attending funerals.

That's Mitt Romney.



anne marie in philly said...

I can't believe that, after all the lies and deceptions and bullshit, people are still willing to vote for this prick. WTF?

the dogs' mother said...

I hate to wish away October but the election can't come too soon!

Anonymous said...

CRYBABIES! Mitt is rich and I'm not, so I'm going to cry about it. It is totally fair to expect perfection out of someone other than yourself. How many soldiers' funerals have you been to? How much have you given to charity? Ridiculous.

Tamayn Irraniah said...

People are going to vote for him because they've been lifelong republicans, and I've never been to a fallen soldier's funeral myself because I'd never be arrogant enough to assume that my presence is requisite to honor them. I think their service speaks for itself.

Bob said...

You're an idiot.
No one is saying a word about Mittsy being rich. It's about the Romney's being first-class liars and panderers.
You need a good long sit-down.