Tuesday, June 07, 2022

The Bad and The Good ... Tuesday June 7, 2022

These really are the easiest posts to compile because there are dumb people everywhere and it seems they are all trying to out-dumb one another with fear and loathing, but there are some bright spots, and given this is Pride Month, it’s especially nice there most are LGBTQ+ … so here goes:


Rayla Campbell, the GOP nominee for Secretary of State, said this at the state Republican convention:

“You can’t just sit and say, ‘Oh, that’s terrible. Maybe somebody else will take care it. Oh, that’s not so nice.’ Well, I don’t think it’s so nice when [teachers are] telling your five-year-old that he can go suck another five-year-old’s dick, do you? This is what they’re doing!”

And uttered without a shred of proof.


GOP Representative Billy Long, a candidate for Senate, has a bizarre new plan to get Thing 45 reinstated to office.

He says that he will get Vice President Kamala Harris to resign, and then he have President Biden appoint Thing 45 as vice president, and then have Biden himself resign, putting Thing 45 first in line to ascend to the presidency.

Seriously, he thinks this might work.


The Louisiana House approved two anti-abortion bills that restricts access to abortions.

One makes it a crime to sell abortion pills through the mail, while the second closes every abortion clinic in the state, criminalizes most pregnancy termination actions, and sends physicians who perform the procedures to prison.

I really want the mistress of just one GOP politician to come forward and talk about the abortion she had at the behest of her anti-abortion lover.


House Republicans passed a bill to ban all transgender students from playing high school and college sports and requires a genital exam in any disputes.

These pigs voted on this bill on the first day of Pride Month.



Stewart Parks is a GOP candidate for Congress and wants y’all to know that if he’s elected Pride celebrations are done.

“If you elect me, this month will be the last National Gay Pride month ever celebrated. We need to elect people into US congress that will stand up and say Homosexuality and Transgenderism are evil. I will push to have the 2015 Obergefell vs Hodges ruling overturned which legalized same sex marriage … We have to ban it asap and safeguard our children against it. We have to get Transgenderism out of our schools. When I win this election everyone will know their gender again.”

Stew seems a little too enthralled with being gay or trans. I think he has a secret …



The Supreme Court has declined to hear an appeal from Boozy and Clod, AKA Mark and Patricia McCloskey, that St. Louis couple who waved guns at a Black Lives Matter protest outside their home in 2020. They are both facing an indefinite suspension of their law licenses.

Sorry, not sorry.


Students and faculty at Passaic Preparatory Academy rallied to show their LGBTQ+ pride after a school board policy prevented them from hoisting a rainbow Pride flag on the flagpole in front of the school.

After students at Passaic Preparatory Academy raised the flag last June for Pride Month, the Board of Education, realizing there was no policy covering which flags could be flown, worked to change that policy into one that allows only an American flag, a New Jersey state flag, or a school flag to be flown.

So, what did the students do? Well, since the law says you cannot fly a Pride flag on the flagpole, the students opted instead to hang Pride flags in every single window, and on every wall in the school.

This is how you do it.


The state’s GOP Governor Spencer Cox issued a proclamation marking June as LGBTQ+ Pride Month and calling on Utahns to be more welcoming and accepting of the community:

“This should not be controversial. There should be nothing controversial about supporting a group of people in our state who have historically felt marginalized.”

Cox may be the only Republican governor in the entire country to issue such a proclamation; last year, he issued a similar proclamation, becoming the first Utah governor to officially acknowledge Pride Month.

Good on this Governor.


Years back the Los Angeles Dodgers mistreated Glenn Burke, the first out gay player in Major League Baseball history; this week the team will be honoring Burke’s legacy and his family at its 9th annual Pride Night.

In 1978, the Dodgers traded Burke to the Oakland Athletics because the Dodgers’ general manager, Al Campanis, disapproved of his homosexuality. Campanis ALLEGEDLY tried to hide Burke’s sexuality from the public by offering him $75,000 to get married, to which Burke incredulously replied, “To a woman?!??”

It was particularly insulting to Burke as he had a solid rookie season and helped the team advance to the 1977 World Series. During his time with the Dodgers, Burke was also credited with inventing the high-five as a congratulatory gesture with teammates.

Burke’s stint with the Oakland A’s didn’t go much better after the team’s manager Claudell Washington introduced him to the team with:

“Oh, by the way, this is Glenn Burke. And he’s a faggot.”

Some teammates avoided showering with Burke, and he was released from his contract and sent to a minor league team in Ogden, Utah. After Burke left the sport entirely he moved to San Francisco and played on gay teams, but later fought addiction and died of complications related to HIV in 1995.

Over 40 of Burke’s family and friends are expected to attend the event. During the event, the Dodgers will take a moment to officially honor Burke and the players will wear custom rainbow ballcaps.

Think of how different this all might have been if professional sports wasn’t such a hotbed of homophobia.

Congratulations, Glenn, I’m giving you a high-five right now.

Remember, We The People have to make the Good News happen by speaking up and standing up and shouting out and voting to remove those people from office who are out to harm women, People of Color, and the LGBTQ+ community in their quest to take this country backwards.

Not to mention the NRA lapdogs and asshats.



  1. Never forget that LGBTQ people are on the Conservative hate list, unfortunately for Conservatives it's a very long list and large numbers scare the hell out of them.

    1. Their Hate List is pretty much my Love List so that can, hat tip to AM, FOAD!

  2. The neverending fuckery of the Repuglyclowns never ceases to surprise me. When you think they've been evil and stupid enough... And the kids are sometimes so awesome I can't help but slow clap.


    1. Those kids, yes indeed. They are the future.

  3. I don't understand how Boozy & Clod got their law licences in the first place; what university did they graduate from? Der Trumpenfuhrer university?

    1. Maybe some "college" in some island nation somewhere.

  4. Glad Glenn Burke is being honoured, even if it is too little, too late. Love the story of those clever kids at Passaic Prep Academy! And "Boozy and Clod," LOL!

    1. Sad, yet nice, about Glenn Burke. I think he be pleased and surprised.

  5. And then Billy Long is going to get Melanie to divorce the Golden Asshole. And then he’s going to get Marla Maplesugar to redo the Rose Garden.

    1. I am DYING over Marla Maplesugar.

  6. It is encouraging to hear some of the good stories. It gives hope during Pride Month!

    1. That it does, Michael, that it does!

  7. Yes, good stories are hopeful and expect
    they will increase!!!
    xoxo :-)

  8. The Goods saved the morning

  9. To quote a certain someone, what a basket of deplorables in that "bad" section!

  10. Billy Long sounds like a certified dumbass


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