Thursday, April 28, 2016

Vacation Post: Kristi Merritt is An Ignorant Fool

Kristi Merritt of Washington posted a photo series to her Facebook page that attacks transgender people and applauds those so-called Bathroom Bills in North Carolina and Mississippi.

First, Kristi Merritt dresses up in a sombrero, holding a Corona, and standing in front of a bag of tortilla chips, holding a sign reading: “Does this make me a Mexican?”

Then Kristi Merritt donned a pirate costume and asked the same ignorant question.

And lastly, Kristi Merritt put a picture of a dress and said that wearing a dress does not make you a woman. 

Yup, despite the fact that no trans person has ever been arrested for sexual misconduct in a public bathroom in the United States of America Kristi Merritt says trans women should not be allowed to use women’s restrooms because they are just men in dresses.

Wearing a dress doesn’t make you a woman.

Wearing a sombrero doesn’t make you Mexican.

Wearing a pirate’s hat doesn’t make you a swashbuckler.

But all those thing put together with Kristi Merritt's transphobic, backwards, asshatted idiotic thinking make Kristi Merritt a complete bigot and an utter fool.

Again … Kristi Merritt is a bigot and a fool, no matter what outfit Kristi Merritt’s wearing.


  1. Posting stupidity on Facebook does not make you worth any attention.

  2. This is right up there with Matt Staver's wife threatening to take a gun along into the lady's room to protect herself - they just don't realize how ludicrous their hate has become.

  3. what an ignorant racist homophobic bitch!

  4. Perhaps we are going about this the wrong way; may be we should ignore these idiots who seem to thrive on publicity? And just maybe Facebook should police their own product and stop these hateful people disseminating hatred


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