Monday, October 10, 2011

The Hot List

So, as the new TV season has begun, there have been some interesting new shows, but, more importantly, there have been some interesting new men.
Like these:
My-Husband-In-My-Head, Randy Andy Cooper, is now on in daytime and nighttime.
Twice the info, twice the giggles, twice the hotness.
The boy does know how to rock a pair of jeans.
Charles Mesure is on this the last season of 'Desperate Housewives'.
Beefy, hot, Australian. It doesn't get much better.
Danny Pino has joined the cast of 'Law & Order: SVU'.
He's taken the place of Hottie Hall Of Famer Chris Meloni.
He's a lovely Latino lad.
Darren Criss from 'Glee'.
The boy can sing and shake his hips.

It's Not Unusual that I think he's adorable.
David Harewood is on Showtime's 'Homeland'.
He's as hot as his father, Dorian Harewood.
Dylan McDermott has long been a favorite of mine,
but thanks to 'American Horror Story' we now see him
in all his naked glory.
Joshua Bowman costars on 'Revenge' with the deliciously bitchy Madeleine Stowe.
Dimples, gorgeous smile, and a hot twinkle in his eye.
Plus, he had been, on at least one occasion, a "sweaty brute."
Mike Vogel is a pilot on 'PanAm'.
I know the show is about stewardesses, but mike is who I'm watching.
This is Parker Young.
He plays the obligatory hot teen boy on 'Subirgatory'
but he sure knows how to wash a car
and he certainly knows how to shake his moneymaker in a tight pair of Levis.

Who are you watching?


  1. Dylan is looking really good

  2. I'm currently in lust with Scott Caan of Hawaii Five-0. I love little men and he is just about the perfect size. Plus he walks around like a tough guy, like he has something to prove. Clearly he has a Napoleon complex, and that turns me on to no end.

  3. Very nice! Wow. . . . I created a collage of Anderson Cooper photos, set them to a Baroque soundtrack and posted it on the Youtubes. Yes, it was just about the gayest thing I've ever done.

  4. Scott Porter on Hart of Dixie is cute as a button.

  5. 'scuse me while I grab some towels to mop up the mess I just made. You just can't help but salivate...

  6. Why Bob, I'm watching Andy in and out of bed!!!! And that Parker Young? I thinks I should be watching that show.


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