Thursday, December 03, 2020


When I first moved to Miami to start life with Carlos I met many of his friends. Most were genuinely nice, one was, well, let’s say, he was difficult. I’ll call him Maynard because that’s his name.

Every time I was around Maynard in those early days—he and his partner came to our house for dinner, and we went to theirs—Maynard would always tell me he’d forgotten my name.

Bob. It’s Bob. Just the three letters and two of ‘em are the same. And yet, without fail, he’d give me that, “I’m sorry, I’ve forgotten again.”

About eight months after moving, my friend Carissa came from California for as visit, just in time for Carlos’ birthday. We gathered a group of his friends—Maynard and his partner included—and off we went to South Beach for dinner. Carissa met everyone, loved everyone, but paid special attention as Maynard once again asked my name while we had cocktails in the bar, and she does not play.

Over dinner, she looked him dead in the eye as he was talking and asked what his name was because she’d forgotten.

“Maynard.” He said in a huff.

“Mayo?” She asked.


“That doesn’t sound right to me. You should have a simpler name like Tom or Bob. Something no one would ever forget.”

On theway home in the car, Carlos was smiling like mad; when we asked him why, he said he loved to see Maynard squirm. Carissa was, is, and always will be, one of my favorite BFFs.

As you can see, Tuxedo is starting his own war on Christmas, with his own brand of snark, and we’re all fine with that.

As many do these days, Florida ReTHUGlican Congressman Anthony Sabatini used Twitter to reflect upon what he was thankful for on Thanksgiving Day.

I am thankful this dumbass lives in Flori-duh. They deserve him.

Ashley Grames used Tik Tok to brag about not following COVID protocols like wearing a mask, social distancing, gathering in crowds, traveling and allowing her children to have playdates. Her bosses saw her Tik Tok message and put her on administrative leave.

Good, I say; bad, you may say, but … Grames is an oncology nurse at Salem Health. A nurse. Someone who has probably been on the “front lines” of the pandemic and brags about not following protocols, but then going to work with cancer patients, and others with ailments that could be affected by COVID:

“Yesterday, a nurse employed with Salem Health posted a video on social media which displayed cavalier disregard for the seriousness of this pandemic and her indifference towards physical distancing and masking outside of work. … We want to thank those of you who brought this to our attention and assure you that we are taking this very seriously. This individual does not speak for Salem Health and has been placed on administrative leave pending an investigation.”

Asshat. Leave? Fire her.

Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill has asked the Supreme Court to reverse a decision by the US 7th Circuit Court of Appeals which upheld another Indiana judge’s ruling that allowed both members of a married same-sex couple to be listed as parents on their child’s birth certificate.

The original case involved Ashlee and Ruby Henderson who challenged Indiana’s birth records law. They sued the state health commissioner and Tippecanoe County officials because county officials would not list both of them as parents on the birth certificate of their son, who Ruby conceived through artificial insemination, and won that case.

Now, Curtis Hill, an asshat, says:

“A birth mother’s wife will never be the biological father of the child, meaning that, whenever a birth-mother’s wife gains presumptive ‘parentage’ status, a biological father’s rights and obligations to the child have necessarily been undermined without proper adjudication.”

Seriously, this tool thinks a birth mother’s wife wants to be the father? She wants to be acknowledged, legally, as the parent of the child, and this homophobic move by Hill screams back to the Dark Ages for LGBTQ+ Americans, and we will not go back.


While he continues to pout and lie about the election results, and the number of Americans who voted for Biden, ______ also gets smacked down in another way.

It appears that, since  November 3rd, President-elect Joe Biden’s favorability rating has risen six percentage points to 55% while ______’s favorability has edged down three points to 42%.

He just can’t win. Loser.

Mitch McConnell is back at work in Congress but has no plans for any COVID-19 relief but is fast-tracking more judicial nominees to the courts.

Thanks, people of Kentucky, for voting this traitor back into office. I hope none of you needs any relief during this second, worse, wave, because your boy gives no fucks about you.

Another trans sister has been murdered.

Chae’Meshia Simms, a Black transgender woman, was shot and killed November 23rd in Richmond, Virginia.

First responders were called to the site of a car crash and found Simms’ body in the driver’s seat, killed from an apparent gunshot wound. 

Simms’ death came three days after National Transgender Day of Remembrance, and she is now the 39th violent death of a trans or gender non-conforming person this year, more than any previously recorded year. 

This needs to be stopped. It’s Hate. Stop it.

Sheep. After weeks of listening to him crying fraud and foul play and cheating, all with no proof whatsoever, _____’s sheep have gifted him with $150M. The money is being funneled into a GOP fundraising committee and a _____ PAC established to fuel his post-White House activities.

Like lining his pockets, but the sheep still send their checks.

It’s time for some new hotties on network TV like …clockwise from top left … Gerardo Celasco—who formerly went by his stage name Adrian Bellani—a Salvadoran-American actor on sci-fi show, NEXT,  where he just smolders. On the legal drama, All Rise, this season they have added Shalim

 Ortiz—who’s been here before—and Ian Anthony Dale—who has also appeared here in the past; hotties are always worth a second looks. Lastly we have Sean Boyce Johnson who has joined the cast of For Life. Oy, the smile on that man.

Thank the goddess for a DVR.


Mistress Maddie said...

Maynard? That's an awful name. Alost as bad as Cecil!!!

Anthony Sabatini and his Gov Ronald DeSantis can both STFU. Their why in months Florida will be all dying again and have the highest infection in the country once more. And yet another reason I can't stand the state...that governor

Wait Ashley Grames is a nurse?!?!?!?!?!? No time to discuss.OFF WITH HER HEAD!

That's the dump's approval rating is even 42% is appalling!

Mitch McTurtle is next on my guillotine list!!!! No time to waste...just off them now...where were they when people were dying???? Just off with all their heads!!!!!!

Sheep. Not only herd mentality, but stupid and gullible and living in fantasy just like their leader.

I was just thinking....probably a good thing I'm not actually the Queen of Hearts.

Helen Lashbrook said...

Sadly we can guess the response of the right-wing religious bigots to the Indiana AG's appeal; Mother Rabbit Face will certainly stick her oar in and demand that no same-sex parents get to be acknowledged as parents of their children cos it ain't natural! You aren't going to heaven Justice Handmaid; you must be going to purgatory because I doubt the other place wants you either

Helen Lashbrook said...

PS @MM - how about Wilfred? The latest of our "revered" Prime Minister's children bears that dreadful name.

Deedles said...

Bobulah, I was just thinking, maybe Maynard suffers from having to live with the name his parents stuck on him all of his life. Getting through school alone could've turned him into a supercilious asshat. Can you imagine the cruelty? Maybe he was bullied by Bobs over the years. Then again, sometimes an asshat is just an asshat.

Skipping through ick and depression, I love Ian Anthony Dale! What a beautiful looking man!

That Presidents chart always makes me chuckle.

Jimmy said...

Unfortunately, there are a lot of Maynards around. I wish you guys would move back to SoFlo. We need more people like you.

Mistress Maddie said...

@ Helen- yes, Wilfred is pretty bad. Right there on my worst names for females next to Hazel.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Hey Tuxedo, I celebrate Toyotathon too! They're the best! And so is Carissa -- what a true pal!

Treaders said...

Everyone needs a Carissa in their lives!

anne marie in philly said...


and I love the tweet; the clown should be changed to a devil though.


the dogs' mother said...

(Bob) (Carlos) (Tuxedo)
I loves the Presidential
head chart.
take care, be safe, xoxo :-)

uptonking said...

Nice tweet of the week. Though a devil would have been more appropriate.

Is there an azzhat emoji?

That's a nice collection of television swarthy. GRRRR all.

Sheep gonna get fleeced... what you gonna do? Stupid feeds stupider.

Trans children being killed. NBC news finally devoted a three minute story to it on their national news. Deserves more attention.

McConnell... he has some serious karma coming his way.

At this point... especially since his current plan seems to be to declare martial law to block Biden, I am surprised he has any support.

I didn't know Indiana was so back-azz-ward. Very sad. I hear stories like this and realize that ignorant people are in all sorts of positions of power.

Ashley? Fired and thrown in jail for endangering the lives of others.

Sabatini - douche.

Love me some Tuxedo... he so cute.

And Carissa rocks! Maynard. A little passive aggressive, huh?

Agnes Goldberg-DeWolfs said...

Has your friend not heard the "say the name three time rule" when meeting someone? It works.

The nursey nurse nurse nurse is just appalling. They should be able to take her nursing credentials away from her with such a piss poor, unsafe, and sorry attitude.

Sixpence Notthewiser said...

Cheeto still has an approval number? Idiots.
That ‘friend’ got what he deserved. I wanna go to a party with Tuxedo AND Carissa. We’ll be fine.
Honey, it’s Indiana. What were you expected?
That nurse needs to be slapped. Really. And then fired. And never be hired by a hospital ever again. Ugh. The nurses I know are all awesome. Some look like they’ll cut a bitch but they’re PROFESSIONALS.

Now, the menZ today are.... whoa.


PS that tweet is both hysterical and sad.

Bob said...

Maynard turned out to be okay, but yeah, Maynard.
And I’m thinking we need to cleanse your home of the sharpened objects lest you go full Maddie Rogue on the GOP.
On second thought …

Just when you think the world has changed, the bigots slither from the ooze.

He was just an asshat.
And, yes, I have long fancied Mr. Ian Anthony Dale.

Maynard lives in Florida!!!

That’s a real, holiday, and Carissa is a true friend.

True. True.

Yeah, clowns can be fun, but devils and _____? No.

And the clown has done the most damage.

It was a kinda swarthy week.
Fire Ashley indeed.
Tuxedo is adream, and he knows it.
Sometimes passive aggressive is needed.

And when the name is Bob .. I mean, how hard is that to remember?
I like your plan with nursey nurse nursey.

Oh, a Tuxedo Carissa party might be fun.
I’d hoped Indiana—home to Mayor Pete—would have evolved, but they’re still a bit Pence’d up.

Dave R said...

I hope Grames leave is unpaid, she deserves nothing.

Sabatini isn't very good at sabotage.

Curtis Hill... doesn't know some sperm donors prefer to remain anonymous.

And you're right about the sheep. I wonder what they'll do when he leaves for Russia? Say Bah Bah Bye?

Deedles said...

You guys do know, doncha, that Pennywise from Stephen King's IT is a clown. They're scary as hell!

Moving with Mitchell said...

Our niece in law doesn’t swear. Ever. It’s annoying. But when she’s really frustrated, she says Oh Maynard! SG had several friends who treated me like that. I wish I had a friend like Carissa. And tanks to Tuxedo for speaking up for my rights!

Travel said...

Some days, I just want to pull the covers up over my head and wait for January 21, 2021.

Debbie said...

I’ll call him Maynard because that’s his name.

i love you LOL!!!