Wednesday, June 03, 2020

Architecture Wednesday: Cap St-Martin House

First things first … it’s black, and I love a black, or maybe dark, dark gray, house. It’s so slimming and elegant and really goes with everything.

This home, the Cap St-Martin residence sits at the end of a long winding path, in Potton, Canada in the midst of other, secondary homes isolated from each other by the forest, but facing Lake Memphremagog; the descent to the lake from Cape St-Martin is steep, but a staircase helps take you down.

In addition to being black, it’s also been designed in the ‘barnhouse’ style—a black barn? I could die—but was also designed to be open to nature along both sides of the main part of the home.

As you approach, you’ll see two gable roofs; the smaller one houses the loft for guests, above a garage, as well as the art studio for the client. This section of the home is connected to the main volume by a glass tunnel with views to the forest and the lake.

The main home is mostly taken up by the great room, also with expansive views to the lake on one side ,and into the woods on the other. This central room contains the living, dining and kitchen spaces, and is designed as a gathering place. At the far end, just beyond the kitchen is a covered terrace to enjoy the outdoors.

Stairs lead to a catwalk that crosses the main space as it leads you to the bedrooms, all with views of the lake; the master bedroom has its own terrace and views.

It’s not so big, though the spaces seem so, and it’s like a barn, and it’s black, and it’s on a lake … Me want.


"Tommy" said...

The bathroom is wonderful .. and the house spaces offer such views..

Mistress Maddie said...

I like the farm house feel to it. A little sparse inside....i need a little more warmth and that bathroom is giving me a A-HA moment. But the exterior is stunning.

the dogs' mother said...

Well, of course, it is great,
being in Canada... :-)

Sixpence Notthewiser said...

The idea of having that social space (the main room) taking up most of the what's the main space of the house is great! And I'm with Tommy: I'm all about that bathroom.
Those ceilings, though...


Moving with Mitchell said...

Great space. I’d warm up and humanize that interior... a lot.

Travel said...

It is a great space, but it looks unlived in. There is furniture showing the function of some of the spaces, but nothing that tells me anything about the people who live in the space.

whkattk said...

Stunning! Now, put it in the hurricane-free zone in the Caribbean.... :-)