Friday, August 11, 2017

I Didn't Say It ....

Donald _____, on his transgender ban:

“I have great respect for the community. I think I’ve had great support, or I’ve had great support from that community. I got a lot of votes. But the transgender, the military’s working on it now. It’s been a very difficult situation and I think I’m doing a lot of people a favor by coming out and just saying it. As you know, it’s been a very complicated issue for the military, it’s been a very confusing issue for the military, and I think I’m doing the military a great favor.”

Wait, so you treat a “that community” as though they’re less than, denying them the right to join the military—something you dodged five times—and you think they support you?
They don’t; more and more people are turning from you. And if you’d bothered to listen to anyone, like your military leaders, you’d know they don’t support you, so this isn’t good for the military and it isn’t a favor.
It’s discrimination based on the fact that you’re a fucking tool.
Seth Meyers, on _____’s “working vacation” and his crashing a wedding party at his golf club:

“‘Meetings and calls’ sounds like how an eight-year-old would describe an adult job. [And] what are you wearing? You’re the president. Not a hungover cruise director. Second, is there anything scarier than _____ walking into your wedding and going ‘where’s the bride?’ Followed by ‘come on!'”

Describing _____ as a drunk eight-year-old cruise director is the best description ever!
And then think how much money and time that newlywed couple will have to spend to Photoshop _____ out of their pictures. Sad.
Mike Pence, Vice President for now, is pushing back against a report that he is planning to run for president in 2020:

“The American people know that I could not be more honored to be working side by side with a president who is making America great again. Whatever fake news may come our way, my entire team will continue to focus all our efforts to advance the President’s agenda and see him elected in 2020. Any suggestion otherwise is both laughable and absurd.”

Odd, then, that Pence created his own political fund-raising committee, Great America Committee, despite warnings from some high-profile Republicans that it would create speculation about his intentions.
Pence knows _____ won’t last and he’s already trying to start a campaign.
Dump his ass; the sooner, the better.
Jason Chaffetz, GOP lapdog and former House Oversight Committee Chairman, enraged at the idea that the Senate would take a vacation with such a lengthy list of things to do:

“It’s infuriating. [Senate Majority Leader] Mitch McConnell went out in July and touted that the Senate was gonna stay in session through the end of next week. And yet, they adjourned early. And when you have 12 legislative days on the calendar, going through September, and you have to go through the long list you just highlighted how do you go home?”

Lest we forget, and we don’t ever forget, Jason Chaffetz resigned his position half-way through his term. So, yeah, he’s going home early, too, without getting the job done.
GOP tribal hypocrisy mentality.
Jimmy Kimmel, also on that “working vacation”:

“Just for the record, ordering Chris Christie to go on a White Castle run does not count as a meeting, or a call.”

I keep laughing at the idea of “Chris Christie” and “run” in the same sentence.
Stephen Miller, _____ advisor and SS Goon, kissing his boss’s ass on Fox News:

“President Trump is the most gifted politician of our time and the best orator to hold that office in generations. He’s been right, they have been wrong, but there is no doubt, there are segments of the extreme media, and I wouldn’t call it mainstream, it is extreme to want to have unlimited cheap migration. These are extreme positions. The extreme media is going to do whatever they can to tear down this president, but as long as the people stand for what they want and what they believe, we are going to keep winning.”

Two things;
A] they must be smoking some wild shiz in that White House, or ....
2] Stupidity is key if you wanna continue goose-stepping to Hair Furor.


mistress maddie said...

After reading some of these quotes, I do believe a kindergarten class could run the country better.

Frank said...

Ridicule, laugh, yell, scream, reason, speak out, resist, complain, be outraged, protest ... none of it matters. The insanity continues and only gets more intense.

the dogs' mother said...

Transgender folks VOLUNTEERED to put themselves in harm's way. We owe the dignity and care they deserve.

Deedles said...

Seeing that bigly chicken always fills me with a whimsical sense of joy.

Dave R said...

Someone should tell Pence that he's about as popular as a can of spam that's gone bad.

anne marie in philly said...

that chicken looks just like the dump!

Deedles said...

Anne Marie, if you go around offending bigly inflated chickens that way, they'll invade your dreams!

anne marie in philly said...

@deedles - ROTFLMFAO!

Mitchell is Moving said...

"... I’ve had great support from that community. I got a lot of votes...:

Getting a vote from Caitlyn Please-Shut-Up Jenner is not great support from "that community."

Helen Lashbrook said...

I suspect the bride and groom were overcome by their luck at having Kim Jong Don having a fit all over their wedding. After all if they wanted to avoid him that badly they wouldn't have booked their wedding at one of his gold clubs would they?

PS Why would anyone believe a word Pence says when he sticks up for der Trumpenfuhrer like the sycophant that he is?

PPS Steven Miller is seriously deranged and should be detained for treatment