Monday, August 07, 2017

The Daily Hypocrite: Caitlyn Jenner

I was all Team Caitlyn when she transitioned because I love people who live in their truth, no matter how long it may take them to accept themselves, or for the world to accept them.

Then she started talking about politics, and that’s where I became worried. I mean, it’s fine if she’s a Republican, though, again, I don’t get gay Republicans. But when she threw her support behind _____ and claimed he’d be the best candidate for the LGBT community I was furious. I mean, what has _____ ever done, as a private citizen, as a candidate, as President for us?


I mean, he scrubbed us from the White House website; he dropped us from the Census. Then he proposed a ban on transgender military personnel.

And that’s when Caitlyn finally broke away from _____, and openly criticized him:
“I believe every American should be outraged by the disrespect shown to those people wearing our country’s uniform.”
And I agreed; she added that transgender soldiers and veterans are “much braver than you, Mr. _____” pledged her allegiance to the Trans gender Community and to the country, but not to Donald _____.

And then she was photographed driving around in her little convertible wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat.

Of course, Caitlyn has now come out and apologized to the transgender community—her ­community—after being seen in the hat:
“I apologize to all of the trans community. I made a mistake. I will never do it again and I'm getting rid of the hat.”
Jenner wants us to believe that she mistakenly wore that hat after grabbing the first one she could find while rushing off to a golf club. She said she never thought she’d be spotted with the hat but now plans to either auction it off or destroy it.

It was publicity, Caitlyn, a chance to get yourself in the news, again; publicity, something you live for, no matter who it hurts. You know that you're going to be followed and photographed when you go out, so you don't make "mistakes" when choosing what to wear. It got you noticed, which you love, and then you can milk it with a faux-pology.

So, I go back again, and say, again, Fuck off, Caitlyn, you’re not needed as an ally or a spokesperson for any part of our community.


the dogs' mother said...

Yup, that sounds about right.

anne marie in philly said...

h8ful person; and her plastic surgery is melting quickly.

Mitchell is Moving said...

She didn't talk as much before her transition. I had no idea how unbelievably self-promoting, shallow, and ignorant she actually was (although there were of course strong hints).

Professor Chaos said...

There's nothing that any member of that sick family won't do to get their name in the paper one more time, to be on TV for one more minute.

Anonymous said...

I think Jenner continues to make mistakes for a set of complex reasons that range from living in a sheltered existence, hiding from feelings for so long in life, being gullible to promotors who promised fame & great fortune for "coming out," being too weak to resist the greed & publicity lure once in the spot light and also because Jenner may actually be a cross-dresser either unaware of or ashamed of it and incorrectly deducing or convinced by others that Bruce "was trapped in the wrong body." Jenner's entire concept of being a woman centers around how to look: dress, make-up, accessories, glamour, that's it. Jenner still walks, talks and dominates conversation in that baritone, condescending voice with legs gaping wide open and body pose occupying great space. If one could say a "feminine" mind exists I would say Jenner doesn't have one. I read that allegedly, Jenner even joked about having a feminized body as the ultimate fantasy enabling him to make love to himself. But the problem goes deeper, to the entire trans community insistence of people being born in the wrong body. They fail to realize that by doing so they are not only ENGORGING & RESTRICTING narrow, binary gender stereotypes, saying men only look and act one way while women only look and act the other, but they are also setting back society's development toward accepting everyone for WHO & HOW they are, AS they are. Why should a man who feels "feminine" need to carve up his body to wear dresses & make-up? To please an anonymous public & "blend in?" WHY??? Will the public love & nurture him? NO! True, unconditional love would accept him for who & how he is, without the barbaric surgery to make a synthetic vagina that will never keep itself organically clean or its natural shape on its own like a nature-made one will. Many men lose sensitivity as well. All to "look" a certain way for an uncaring public, to reinforce the stereotypes that you must have breasts & vagina to wear dresses or have a man pamper you. No! Look to the Albert character in "The Birdhouse," the Liz Taylor character in American Horror Story "Hotel," or another character in an Australian movie about a famous murder for outstanding role models!!! Male characters in those films wore dresses, make-up, etc - dressed & acted AS THEY FELT - and had friends and lived in communities that accepted them AS THEY WERE!!! This is what WE need. Identity does NOT lie on a mere, single line that runs from ultra macho to ultra feminine - NO! It runs along a square PLANE created by the intersection of 2 lines: a male line from high to low and a female line from high to low. We are ALL comprised of both and where we fall on that plane is NOT a mistake, it is who we are and nothing is wrong with it. Whoever is behind this push to surgically "match" one's mind's gender with their body is nefariously holding society BACK from unconditional love for all!!! Embrace the true self. Surround yourself with those who love you as & how you are until society catches up. I can guarantee, people without these issues will better accept, respect and welcome the person confident to be themselves than those who try to "pass" as something they're really not... well, that is as long as they're NOT shoving their sexuality & lifestyle down their throats as some trans couples seem to think it's their right or duty. They don't bother to consider that many "straight" people are uncomfortable with ANY PDA, straight, LGBTQ or whatever. So be respectful of other's potential discomfort and from most you'll get the same respect back. A world of humans will never be free from haters, but those of us who aren't can certainly continue to be the majority.

Anonymous said...

dragon auto spell correct, ENGORGING = ENFORCING please forgive that and any other auto typos that slip by AFTER typed as intended argh

Anonymous said...

Unbelievable!!! It said "darn" when I hit send yet still auto corrected it to "dragon," bloody frustrating!!!!!!!!!!!