Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Architecture Wednesday: House in Azpitia

This house, located in the Azpitia Valley, south of Lima and close to the sea, sits in an area known for its local vineyards and pre-Columbian ruins. It’s a natural oasis for people escaping from the big metropolis of Lima.

The landscape is a mix of dry desert and green grasses alongside the Mala River that flows into the Pacific and the house sits on a slope, at the foot of the mountain with a view toward the Mala and facing the vineyards. The house was designed to integrate with the dry landscape using a palette of textures and colors common to the area.

The architects used local craftsmen to create this new home atop an area rich with ruins; the home is constructed of bricks, made of clay and sand, and fired in local handcrafted brick ovens. The foundation of the house is composed of from local stone covered with drought tolerant plantings; above the stone layer are the terraces—extensions of the kitchen, dining room and living room—beneath a wood roof, a textile grid, that offers protection from the sun. The roof-lines create a sense of shadow, semi-shade and open areas to project the interiors toward the outdoor spaces.

The first floor, all social areas, is one open space surrounded by gardens and views, while the private areas, bedrooms and baths, are on the second level capturing some gorgeous vistas.

It seems the best of both worlds; hot and arid, and cool and green—and green environmentally, too—with views for miles.


the dogs' mother said...

wow, loverly views!

Deedles said...

Nice, but somebody's got to clean it! Sorry, that's always my first response :)

Mitchell is Moving said...

Beautiful place, but for some reason it just doesn't sing to me.

mistress maddie said...

I'm ready to move in! Love all the wood used everywhere.

Fearsome Beard said...

I just learned from the post above to stay away from the PR posts as when I went to comment after the introduction there is a spoiler in the comments. I watch PR but on the DVR after the fact and should have known better.