Wednesday, August 23, 2017

ISBL Asshat of the Week: Racist Nicholas Fuentes

Nicholas Fuentes, a 19-year old Boston university student, is leaving school after receiving death threats for attending the Charlottesville white supremacist rally.

He says the "level of hate" he's seen from people who do not know him is "disturbing."

Odd, isn’t that, coming from an Asshat who marched through Charlottesville with Nazis and white supremacists shrieking about people they don’t know. Odd, isn’t that, from a man who wrote on Facebook:
"The rootless transnational elite knows that a tidal wave of white identity is coming. And they know that once the word gets out, they will not be able to stop us. The fire rises!"
Honey, all we need do is piss on your little fire and you’ll all crawl back under that rock.
"They say we're the hateful ones, we're the bigots, and I get messages all day long from people I've never met telling me what a terrible person I am. There's no hate on this side. I hate no one. My reason for going down to Charlottesville ... was to demonstrate [against] “immigration, multiculturalism, and post-modernism.” 
Against immigration, Nicholas Fuentes? he sounds like a descendent of those fine first families that arrived on these shores and created America ... Washington ... Jefferson ... Adams ... Fuentes? Honey, unless you are a direct descendent of Native Americans we are all immigrants here; asshat.
“The rally was about not replacing white people. It was to show solidarity for a cause which has not been talked about in the mainstream media, which the American people never got a vote on, and that is the fundamental transformation of the composition of our country."
Yes, Nicholas, remember that one word you said? “Our” country; it isn’t yours and your idiot friend’s country to demand that we cease immigration and get rid of brown-skinned folks; it’s our country.

And Nicholas, the “mainstream media” has been talking about racism and hate forever, most notably the rise in racism since we elected our first black President in 2008; that’s when the white supremacists went full bore into hatred, Nicholas.

In the wake of Charlottesville, Nicholas is growing fearful of Boston, which is why he’s leaving school:
“It’s becoming very dangerous. Massachusetts, and Boston in particular, are among the most left wing states and cities. Probably anywhere I would go would be safer than Boston.”
Fuentes says he's hoping to transfer to Auburn University in Alabama.

He’ll fit right in there.

So long, Asshat of the Week.


Leeanna Henderson said...

I would love to be the fly on the wall when the WS in Aladamnbama hear his last name. Fuentes may want to change schools again or his last name. The boy's got crap for brains.

the dogs' mother said...

So the origin of his surname is Spanish...

Deedles said...

Seriously? I do believe that a lot of these people were dropped on their heads as babies! Too bad they all survived. I apologize, but the sheer stooooopidity makes me mean sometimes.

anne marie in philly said...

actions have consequences, asshat! and when you go get a job and someone googles your name...NO JOB FOR YOU! bwhahahahaha!

Sadie J said...

The sheer absurdity of these people astounds me. They can dish out, but wow, if someone says boo back.

Helen Lashbrook said...

And didn't the native Americans come over the Bering Strait before the land bridge went down? All Americans are immigrants, so why all the hate to people coming now?

Mitchell is Moving said...

Oh, poor child (hateful, violent, racist, anti-semitic, Nazi child).