Thursday, December 11, 2014

Random Musings

We’ve been watching Black-ish on TV and finding it very funny, and very timely.

In light of the recent deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner at the hands of police, and the increased need for a discussion on race in America, the show has been talking race, making it funny, while making it thoughtful.

One particular joke this week was that Black people cannot be racist because, well, Black. And I’ve heard the same thing about The Gays.

Something to do with being discriminated against makes you unable to discriminate.

It ain’t true. Some of the biggest racist and homophobes are racists and gay folks.
Just sayin’.
Now during the episode of Black-ish, ABC ran a promo for a new show about an Asian family, with the all too funny jokes about how hard it is to say Asian names. It’s high-larious … not.

The show, sadly is called, Fresh Off The Boat; seriously.

Am I the only one who finds that title offensive? Howsabout a show about a Mexican family called Hopped The Fence or Swam The Rio Grande?

Nope, not funny either.
There has been talk about what might be the new LGBT battle now that marriage equality is sweeping the country, and most seem to think it will be ENDA; that it will be to protect LGBT Americans in all fifty states from being hired, evicted, denied housing or employment simply for being gay.

And, on the other side of that argument, comes the religious not-right, who want to be able to discriminate against The Gays because God. And so this week, a local ordinance making LGBT discrimination illegal in Fayetteville, Arkansas was repealed just months after it was enacted, thanks primarily to political activity by conservative religious leaders and the Duggar family—you know the TLC family that spits out a new child every year so they can have a TV show and spew their familial hate.

Now the HRC is going after TLC because of the Duggar's support, both financially, and vocally, to the repeal. But who cares about that? If the HRC convinces TLC to drop the Duggar’s they’ll still be supporting anti-LGBT causes.

I’d suggest we simply ask The Gays and The Gay friendlies to avoid TLC if they choose to air hate-mongers, and then turn our efforts towards enlightening those people in Fayetteville who bought into the hate.

Just sayin’. Don’t get angry, get to work.
I saw this earlier in the week and, well, it made me look at our pets in a whole new, less enthusiastic , light.

Tabatha Bundsesen, the woman who owns Grumpy Cat—AKA Tartar Sauce—may have made as much as $100 million in the past two years offa that Frowning Feline. 

The Grumpy Cat empire has grown into books, merchandise, appearances, and even a holiday movie.

I looked at our dog Ozzo, and asked why why why he wasn’t out there making money for the family? Why did they get lucky with Grumpy Cat and we got stuck with Dumpy Dog?

The next day Carlos informed me that the story wasn’t true, that grumpy hasn’t made 50 million a year for the past two, he’s made just 10 million.

Oh … my bad. Now excuse me while I get to making our pets look a little pissed off.
Well well well, it appears that the International Olympic Committee [IOC] has voted in a new Principle 6 clause stating the Olympics must be free of discrimination "of any kind, including race, color, sex, sexual orientation, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, property, birth or other status."

This new rule is a direct result of the Sochi Games and Russia’s very anti-LGBT laws and policies.

That’s good to hear.
Speaking of Carlos, I have been driving him crazy … crazier … every day by, out of the blue, busting out into my high-pitched, off-key rendition of Tomorrow from Annie.

All Carlos can do is shake his head and look away.

♫♪ The sun’ll come out ….. ♪♫
We’ve been watching The Leftovers on the DVR. I mentioned last week about the hot-itude that is Justin Theroux, but the show also includes, clockwise from the top left:
Chris Zylka, Paterson Joseph and Max and Charlie Carver.

It’s like Beefcake-apalooza over there.
Speaking of Hot Men on the tube, how much do I like Finn Wittrock who plays the bloodthirsty, murderous Dandy Mott on American Horror Story?

The answer is “A lot!” He’s a hot little killer, with a killer booty, and a way to play crazy that reminds me of that other AHS star Jessica Lange.

I hope that however AHS returns next year that Finn is part of the show.
Carlos plays in a community band here in Smallville, and this week they gave their Christmas Concert, after which the band had a Christmas party at a member’s home.

Good food, good conversation, some drama …

Like when Carlos introduced me to his conductor as his, ahem, “significant other.”
I know; we had a long talk about hat and about how, if he thinks someone might be offended by him calling me his “husband” — because that’s what I am — then that unease is on the part of the other person.

That said, we chatted up Fiona, a lovely Brit who now lives in Smallville, and as we chatted the talk turned to food and cooking. Carlos said he as the MasterBaker while I said I was the cook, and she smiled and told us that we were the perfect pair; one of us is Art — that’d be me — and the other is Science — that’s be Carlos.

I reminded him that Fiona had no qualms about chatting up the homos.
And so this week's Song in My Head is for Carlos ..... though Idina Menzel AKA Adele Dazeem, sings it far better than I.


the dogs' mother said...

So far... I have resisted the Grumpy Cat plushie. So far.

♫Musique♫ said...

Thanks for the post. I'm resisting the Grumpy Cat Toys as well. however cats are just cut period. All animals are cute to some extent. However we as a community must continue to fight against religious assholes.

mistress maddie said...

Boy alot of musing this week!!!! I must side with Carlos. That song Tomorrow is enough to make me want another bottle of gin!!!! And I too volunteer myself for Dandy's next victim. What a lovely way to go........

anne marie in philly said...

"All Carlos can do is shake his head and look away." - poor darling; you torture him so!

I have 2 grumpy cat books, 2 t-shirts, and 1 desk plaque (this last item a gift from my boss).

Blobby said...

If you broke into that song - in tune or not - I might just be asking for a divorce. Nay - demanding one.

As for 'significant other / husband', we struggle with that too. Since Ohio is turning out to be what will probably be THE last state to have same-sex marriage, we, more often than not, use 'partner' when we talk to others. Yes, 'husband' could educate them, but more likely than not, it would just confound them.

Helen Lashbrook said...

Now all the IOC needs to do is get rid of the corruption that is endemic

Greg said...
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Greg said...

At least Tomorrow is a song that can be sung by others. My partner tries to croon Chandelier every chance he gets....

Mark in DE said...

I am LOVING "Black-ish"!! The show has a funny and clever way of bringing to light social issues without being preachy. Its a winner.

I, too, found "Fresh Off The Boat" to be mildly offensive, just as you described. I even said to Spouse "Are they going to have the Cuban spin-off called 'Fresh Off The Raft'?" That's not right.

While Dandy Mott isn't exactly my taste, I think he's a great actor. He makes you think he's really that crazy.

"Significant Other"??? Really??? Oh Bob... clearly your work is not yet done. ;-)

Mitchell is Moving said...

Oh but you and Idina Menzel harmonizing on "Tomorrow," THAT would be incomporable!