Monday, December 22, 2014

A Christmas Asshat: Anti-Veteran Republican Tom Coburn

Okay, can we all stop pretending that the GOP cares about Veterans? I mean, sure, they’re all pro-veteran when it’s time to send them off to war, but once those men and women return home, the GOP is all, I’m sorry, and you are?

Don’t believe me? Let’s take a peek at one such Republican Senator, Tom Coburn, of Oklahoma — oh, Oklahoma, that may explain his dumbassery. Anyway, last week, the Clay Hunt Suicide Prevention for Veterans bill passed the House along … wait a minute … it does happen …. It’s a Christmas miracle … an actual bi-partisan vote. And then it went to the Senate, where it was believed the same thing would happen, leaving only the need for President Obama’s signature, but then …

Enter Coburn. He blocked the bill, calling it too expensive, though he has never had a problem sending troops off to war no matter how many billions and billions of dollars that costs., But when these soldiers come home, and need our help and need our support, suddenly Tom Coburn is all about the Benjamins.

But how expensive is the bill? Well, it’s the whopping sum of $22 million; far under any other war expenditures that Tom Coburn is all too happy to slap his signature on.

Coburn, who is apparently called “Dr. No” in the Senate, and just loves the nickname, has missed 238 of 3,133 votes, or 7.6% during his tenure; the median is 2.1% for lifetime records of sitting senators. And in just the last few weeks, he’s missed 60 of 88 votes, putting him in the 99th percentile. He's just about the laziest Senator we have, and for that, once again, we can thank the not-so-good-or-bright people of Oklahoma. Still, if there was to be one vote Coburn missed, why couldn't it have been this one?

See, the suicide rate among veterans is currently about 22 a day. Yes, that’s right; twenty-two men and women who served our country commit suicide every single day; one veteran an hour. And Tom Coburn doesn’t care about them, not one bit because, he says, it’s just too darned expensive to care about human life. The number of veterans who have killed themselves is now more than all military personnel who died in Afghanistan since 2001 or Iraq since 2003 but it’s just too expensive to worry about.

It’s just human life; it’s just men and women who fought for this country and returned home, hoping to be welcomed as the heroes they are, and instead find Tom Coburn saying, “Fuck you.”

I say, “Fuck you, Tom Coburn.” Christmas Asshat.



the dogs' mother said...

Once again-the.mind.boggles.

Helen Lashbrook said...

The way our politicians clearly do not care for their constituents worries me. Who pays their bills? And as you say, the cost $22 million is peanuts compared with the cost of war.

Wikipedia estimates that in 2011 (so the cost would be even higher now) a single Tomahawk cruise missile would cost US$1,410,000. So don't fire 20 of those and hey presto the monies saved to save veterans lives!

anne marie in philly said...

OK people must be the dumbest on earth.

the GOP also cares about the unborn, but screw you after you pop out; you're on your own, kid.

2015 is going to be quite trying and facepalming and frustrating, I fear.