Thursday, May 19, 2011

WTF South Carolina? Again With The Anti-Gay?

PK Weiss is a heterosexual mother of four, and the former president of Upstate Pride SC. Every year, when they celebrate Pride in the upstate, the city of Spartanburg issues a proclamation proclaiming the day in question LGBT Pride Day.

This year, however, when Weiss sent an email to the Spartanburg County Council, asking them to issue a proclamation declaring June 4, 2011 to be LGBT Day in the county, she didn't get quite the response she wanted.

The city council refused. In fact, Council Chairman Jeff "Asshat" Horton, who received the email from Weiss, responded with 'No'.

Nothing else. 'No'.
No, 'Dear Ms Weiss. Just 'No'.

"There was no salutation, no closing, no thank you for the invitation. Just "no," and I thought that was rude and dismissive," said PK Weiss. The group will, however, have a march and Pride festival that day at Barnet Park in the City of Spartanburg, whose mayor did sign a proclamation.

But even more than Jeff "Asshat" Horton's simply rude, and simple, response, was the fact that he chose not to even bother asking the rest of the Spartanburg County Council. He said he didn't consult the others about the request because he has a good pulse on what they feel, and no one would have supported it. See, apparently Jeff "Asshat" Horton knows that everyone on the council is an anti-gay, homophobic, bigot, so why bother making a call and asking anyone? Or else, he's afraid they might actually approve of an LGBT Day proclamation, and this bigot wouldn't have that.

So, you know, Spartanburg, maybe the next time Jeff "Asshat" Horton comes up for reelection, or reappointment, to the council, a simple one word response from you all is what's needed.


Failing that, I'll just say, Fuck you, Jeff Horton, and the homophobic horse you rode in on.



Wonder Man said...

crazy, just crazy

Joy said...

Probably claims to be a Christian, too. Yeah, right.

How neat! My WV is unity! :-)

Anonymous said...

Look on the bright side. If what they say is true, the world will be rid of bigots like him on Saturday when the Rapture occurs.