Saturday, May 28, 2011

Outstanding Guest Comment Of The Week: Miss Ginger Grant

This week the competition was stiff......stiff...he he.....and the finalist were narrowed down to three.
Second runner-up is Allan, who commented on my inability to take one single picture at our Cinco de Never Festival:

Allan S has left a new comment on your post "I Didn't Get Raptured As Much As I Got Sangria'd":

honey, next time you go sip, click, sip, click. After a few drinks you will be making art. 

Stop in and say hi to Allan at The Adventures Of An Extroverted Wallflower, a "nuyorican-queer-b-boy-nerd."

And first runner-up, who, in the event that the winner cannot fulfill the obligations that come with this award, which means they have to read it, will take over the crown, is Stephen, who is as much a fan of Wisconsin politicians as I:

Stephen has left a new comment on your post "Wisconsin Doesn't Like the Gays":

I will take Bigoted Assholes for $1000, Alec. 

Why don't you take a moment, and head on over and visit Stephen at Post Apocalyptic Bohemian and read the "random musing of a mid-20th century gay man."

But the winner of this week's coveted....coveted? Seriously?.....ISBL Outstanding Guest Comment of The Week is.....Miss Ginger Grant!
"Miss Ginger Grant is a philanthropist, performer, and icon in the Houston, Texas community. And yes, she is a drag queen!"
But she is also an icon of the blogosphere!

Miss Ginger Grant has left a new comment on your post ""I Can See Mexico From My House"":

At least if we consolidate all the asshats into one state, perhaps they actually COULD successfully secede from the union and no one would miss them. I volunteer to help Rick Perry pack his shit! 

Visit Miss Ginger at:
The FABULOUS Blog of Miss Ginger Grant! AKA The Royal Blog of Queen Ginger Grant!
Countdown To Ball XLI
The Low Salt Cajun Queen


designing wally said...

YAY! Miss Ginger!
You can tell it's a great comment because she means it. I can actually see her packing that Shit's shit.

Miss Ginger Grant said...

I DO mean it! I've been saving used garage bags to put his stuff in!

Seriously, I am deeply honored to receive this FABULOUS award!