Tuesday, May 03, 2011

GOP Wingnuts Try To Rewrite History

A little history refresher:

September 11, 2001: Osama bin Laden's minions, on his orders, attacked the United States, and murdered 3,000 or our citizens.

September, 18, 2001: When speaking to the country President George W Bush said, of bin Laden: "I want justice. And there's an old poster out West that says, 'Wanted: Dead or Alive.' " [SOURCE]

September 14, 2006: A few days after the fifth anniversary of the attacks, President George W Bush said capturing bin Laden is “not a top priority use of American resources.” [SOURCE]

I remember thinking, "WTF?" I mean, how did bin Laden go from  being wanted dead or alive to being a non-priority in just five years. I remember being shocked at that. And today, that shock continues. 

While former President Bush has praised President Obama for the capture and killing Of Osama bin Laden--as has Dick "Hounds From Hell: Cheney--the rest of the GOP has been busy rewriting the last few years.

GOP lapdog and chief goosestepper, Majority Whip Eric Cantor:
“I commend President Obama who has followed the vigilance of President Bush in bringing Bin Laden to justice.”

What vigilance, sir? Five years ago Bush said bin Laden was not a priority. Now, I understand that our intelligence community never stopped working to find bin Laden, but when our president says bin Laden doesn't matter I don't call him "vigilant".

Former Bush Chief of Staff Andy Card:
“[Bush] made sure everything was in place so that President Obama could have an opportunity to get Osama bin Laden.”

Again, how do you make sure everything was in place when you say, basically, 'Meh, we don't care about bin Laden.'

Former Bush adviser Karl Rove said on Fox & Friends this morning:
“I think the tools that President Bush put into place –- GITMO, rendition, enhanced interrogation, the vast effort to collect and collate this information — obviously served his successor quite well.”

Heritage Foundation President Edwin Feulner, wrote in a blog post,
“Bin Laden’s elimination vindicates U.S. strategy in the region, started under President George W. Bush.” 

John Yoo, Bush legal adviser who wrote “torture memos”:
“Without the tough decisions taken by President Bush and his national security team, the United States could not have found and killed bin Laden. It is the continuity of policies in the war on terror that has brought success, not the misguided effort of the last two years to disavow them.”

Conservative blogger Michelle Malkin Nit-Twitted:
“U know who Obama forgot 2 thank? Bush-era interrogators&detention staff who dvlped intel re couriers.”

Tea Party Nation head Judson Phillips said:
"It took almost ten years, but Osama is dead. That is the good news. The bad news is Obama is going to do what most politicians do, especially the liberal politicians....Obama is taking credit for this. He did give the order. Did he really have a choice? If word leaked out that he had solid intelligence on where Bin Laden was and did not act, it would have killed any chance he had at reelection. Of course, he made his announcement right in the middle of Donald Trump’s “Celebrity Apprentice” show. Of course, that was just a coincidence."

As for real estate mogul Donald Trump, he had more important things to Nit-Twit about:
"Don’t forget to watch Donald J. Trump’s Fabulous World of Golf—tonight at 9 pm, Golf Channel.”

Now, I don't doubt that interrogations that took place under W might have helped; and I do believe that the hunt for bin Laden continued while Bush was president. But I cannot ever forget that he also said bin Laden, who was repsonsible for killing 3,000 Americans and terrorizing an entire country, no longer mattered. 

And I will never forget how the GOP tripped all over themselves to heap praise on a man who had seven years to find bin Laden and didn't, and trash a man who did find him in just over two years.



designing wally said...

You know what I think about these people: They are Either Evil or Stupid or Both....
However, there are some polls coming in that most americans aren't crediting "the shrub" or the republicans...
This brings me a little hope...

Mind Of Mine said...

These Trump jokes are F'N hilarious!

Biki said...

what a mucked up partisian muddle. as per usual.

the verification word is "rewad" is that when you vote out a candidate only to find out all thats happened is you have changed out one wad for another?

heelsnmartinis said...

These Repubs are stupid and evil. I hope someone slaps them silly on both of their faces.

Wonder Man said...

They will get theirs

Lulu said...

Just a thought here. He wiped out 3000 lives, those people had how many loved ones? How many of those people have been affected losing relatives, friends, etc?
Years ago in the 80's Momar Quaddifa, sp, sorry. He was trying to pull a bunch of crap. We bombed him, killed one of his sons and he has not been heard from since, till now.....
I just don't get this!!!!!!
The Axcis of Evil. It is going to turn into politics as usual. Bush was at a boat in military gear. People hate Obama because he is black.
Obama gave the word to hit it!
I would love to see that tape!
So, all the Birthers and nay sayers, we did the right thing and bless the guys that were there.
My other problem, show the dead body?
I have mixed emotions about this.

Show the body, and disrepect their religion, or do what they did and dragged bodies thru the streets. USA isn't going to do it, even tho those people didn't repect the people's religion that they believed in, they dragged bodies and effingies thru the cities.
If they show the body of him, to prove that he has died?
What year was Bobby Kennedy shot down in the kitchen of a rest? That picture will never leave my mind
The picture of Bobby in the back of a kitchen, Sirhan, Sirhan!