Tuesday, May 17, 2011

As If We Needed MORE Proof That The GOP Isn't Listening To The People

Out there in Minnesota, home to anti-gay Tom Emmer, anti-gay Target Corporation, and anti-gay Michele Bachmann, among others, the GOP wingnuts who are in control of the state house, are trying to amend the state Constitution to ban same-sex gay marriage.

You know, because they've already repealed Health Care reform, and they've fixed the economy and created millions of new jobs......oh.........they didn't? They're just working to write discrimination into law?

Trouble with that is that a majority of Minnesotans are actually opposed to amending the state Constitution. Some 55% of respondents said they oppose adding such an amendment while 39% favor a constitutional ban--a sharp reversal of poll results seven years ago.

But will the GOP listen? Of course not. See, they can't do anything they set out to do, so they'll try to do this, and then gloat about how they saved marriage from the Evil Homosexual Empire.

Still, even though the people have spoken, the Minnesota Senate approved the amendment this week, and the House is expected to goosestep right behind them. Of course, just because a bunch of ignorant, GOP bigots want to do this doesn't actually mean it will happen. The proposed Discrimination Amendment would then be placed on the 2012 ballot, and the people of Minnesota would have the final say.

And, um, GOP? They've spoken. So, perhaps you should listen for a change.


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