Sunday, November 22, 2020

The Funny Papers

Pat Byrnes, Drew Sheneman, Jack Ohman, John Deering, Steve Sack, Marc Murphy, Ted Littleford, Michael de  Adder, Kevin Siers, Bill Bramhall, Darrin Bell, John Darkow, Clay Bennett, Steve Benson


anne marie in philly said...

oh man, what a FAB collection this week! #5, #7, #8, #10, #13, #14. january 20 is coming soon...

todd gunther said...

Walking off into the Covid sunset. How heart-warming!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Bed Head, Acme election lawyer and going off into the sunset!

Frank said...

Oh, it's far from over. Dangerous times.

Sadie J said...

Great collection this week-- very colorful! (Ha-- the Fox one is perfect!)

the dogs' mother said...

Another great (and scary) collection.
I like the January 2021 best.
take care, xoxo :-)

Jim said...

Love 'em Bob . . . #2 and the final two cartoons are my favorites this week.

Hope everyone has a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!

Travel said...

Thanks, I needed the laughs,

Mistress Maddie said...

The Exorcist one had me rolling!

Sheila Morris said...

If ONLY... the Exorcist could fumigate the entire White House gang.
Is is just me, or is Agent Orange having a hard time finding the revolving door from the White House to the New York Jail House?
Ahem. Well, of course I know you agree, Bob.
Happy Thanksgiving to you and Carlos and the rest of your family!
Love and hugs. Onward.

Ur-spo said...

I do hope the last two I can repost in confidence in January.

Dave R said...

Definitely the Acme Election Lawyer.

Bob said...

I kinda partial to the loons following their own footprints round the tree!!

If only ... dragged off would be nice, too.

The only problem with Bed Head is Melanie probably wouldn't tell him.

He'll leave a mess, but at least he'll leave, one way or the other.

What's funny is Fox trying to distance themselves from this mess.

I'm ready for 1/21/21

You, too, have a safe and sane and pleasant holiday!

Laughter is healing.

It may come to that. I know they'll have to fumigate the White House.

Happy Turkey Day to you and Pretty and the whole gang!

I certainly hope so!

Poor Rudy.

uptonking said...

Very cool stuff. Love the round the tree. And the work release... Let's hope not. He shouldn't even be up for parole by then.

Sixpence Notthewiser said...

So telling.
So on point.
So depressing.