Saturday, November 28, 2020

I Ain't One To Gossip But ...

Just when you think she’d gone away for good, Paris Hilton has crawled from the ooze to claim that she invented the selfie. You see, back in 2017, this dim bulb Tweeted a photo of herself hanging out with Britney Spears back in 2006, and wrote:

“11 years ago today, Me & Britney invented the selfie!”

Twitter, like most of the world, ignored Paris, so she came back three years later to again Tweet:

“14 years ago, @britneyspears and I invented the selfie #LegendsOnly.”

And more than 106,000 people liked the picture, while a few took Paris to task, posting things like this from someone named Tito Ambyo:

“The drunk Aussie dude did it before you though. In 2002.”

But then a Tweeter named Shelby dropped the mic when she posted:

“Sorry [Paris], these are the oldest selfie in the world.”

So, take a seat Paris; take several seats. You didn’t’ invent the selfie, but you most assuredly invented Clueless Media Whore.

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Uh-oh, her heart may go on, but there will be fewer coins in the bank account.

Yup, Celine Dion just lost a lawsuit between herself and her former talent agency ICM Partners. ICM was suing Celine, saying she owed them a boatload of cash in commissions, as stipulated in her contract with them, and a judge sided with ICM.

It all began in 2017, when Celine signed a multi-year touring and performing contract with AEG ALLEGEDLY valued at $500 million. ICM claimed Celine never paid them their cut of the deal and so, in 2019, ICM and Dion’s longtime representative, Rob Prinz, dropped her as a client, and then sued her for the money.

Celine argued that she had already paid Rob tons of money in the 30 years she was a client but that matters not when it comes to the $500M she pocketed while a client. So, Celine then claimed that Rob and ICM tried to take advantage of her after her husband, Rene Angelil, died in 2016, because Rene handled the business side of things, and she wasn’t used to doing that on her own:

“I have paid Mr. Prinz many millions of dollars over the years. And when this all started, my team made an extremely generous offer to pay him and ICM many more millions for years to come, even though our old agreements were over and we had not made a new one. I’m not saying that Mr. Prinz did not do anything, but he’s taking much more credit for my career than he deserves. Mr. Prinz had never asked to be paid for 10 years for a few months’ work, and I never agreed to it. When Rene was alive, he took care of my business and was always very fair with the people we worked with, and he taught me to be the same. Because he wasn’t here to stand up for me at the hearing, I feel like Mr. Prinz and ICM took advantage with their demands for money and revealing confidential information about my AEG deal. I feel betrayed.”

As Judge Judy might say, I don’t care how you feel, and this judge wasn’t buying the poor widow act from someone who had been in the business since she was a child bride. Cough up the coins, Celine. Don’t be a deadbeat. ICM wants their $13 million.


Cue the dragons, Jane Seymour is pissed.

Apparently the producers of something called Glow and Darkness—a medieval miniseries—have replaced Seymour in part of the series with a :::gasp::: younger actress! You see, Jane’s character, Eleanor of Aquitaine, was supposed to age from 25 to 80, and producers just didn’t think sixty-nine-year-old  Jane could pull off mid-twenties. Normally, I’d say cast an actual twenty-something in the role, but here’s the rub:  one of Jane’s co-stars is 87-year-old Dame Joan Collins who plays a woman who dies at age 40. 

Collins can play 40 but Seymour can’t pay 25? To be fair, Jane will still play Eleanor, but another actress will play younger Eleanor, and that pisses off Jane, who says she didn’t learn about the switch until she arrived on-set:

“They told me that only I was going to play myself at 25, but before I even got round to doing it, the day before, without telling me, they found another actress to play me at 25. It’s something I really don’t understand at all because believe it or not, and you can see on Instagram, they don’t even need to do the facial stuff on me. It works just fine. Joan Collins is 87, and she’s supposed to be playing a woman who dies at 40.”

Ouch. Jane just threw Joan under the bus with the “facial stuff” comment. I wouldn’t want to be her on that film set. But, if Jane, who, yes, looks fabulous at 69, thinks she looks 25, then maybe cataract surgery is in order?

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It was just the other day that I posted about former actor and accused domestic abuser Ricky Schroeder throwing the last few coins he has into the bail out pool for the Kenosha Murderer, and now Ricky is whining that people are being mean to him for helping a boy, a child, who illegally purchased a gun, murder two people and injure a third, get out of jail.

Schroeder has been on the receiving end of some absolutely terrifying “negative social media posts” and, as MAGAts do when people call them out of their brazen ignorance, stupidity and hate, he called the police because people on social media were mean to him. Oh, honey, social media was invented so people can be mean to dicks like Rick.

Law enforcement sources say that police were called to Schroeder’s home after he went on Twitter and saw that someone had posted:

“Tbh thought he was dead. Would’ve been better”

“This was a racist move pure and simple”

And my personal favorite:

“Ricky Schroder can shove that silver spoon right up his own ass”

Police “determined none of the online comments rose to the level of a criminal threat” and left after taking a “suspicious circumstances report” adding that Schroder will be in contact with authorities if things escalate.

But then Ricky, who whined about meanies on social media, took to social media to, ahem, stand his ground by saying …

“To my Democrat Friends. This is the country want to live in? [sic] #fuckantifa

… alongside screen shots of the mean things people, said about him and a photo of Ricky carrying a gun, roaming through his backyard of his manse in Malibu looking for that Antifa threat that is sure to come his way. And he wants y’all to know that he doesn’t give a flying f**k about COVID and is having all his family over for Superspreader Thanksgiving because he’s a patriot.

Or a MAGAt loon who bails out murderers and then calls the police because the internet trolled him.


In the Thankful Spirit, let’s talk about a real patriot, from Canada, Alex Trebek. It seems the late Jeopardy! host was quite the conservationist who quietly donated 62 acres of his land in the Hollywood Hills to the city of Los Angeles nearly twenty years ago. It’s called the Trebek Open Space, and it runs into Runyon Canyon park providing trails for hikers, mountain bikers, and equestrians. When Trebek passed away a couple of weeks ago, the Laurel Canyon Land Trust posted about his donation:

“Today Alex Trebek passed away. Did you know that he was generous conservationist in addition to being a famous game show host? He donated 62 acres of land in the Santa Monica Mountains in Nichols Canyon to create the Trebek Open Space. This was not only a gift to urban Angelinos who thirst for open space and outdoor activity, but a gift to native animals such as our local Mountain Lions that require large amounts of open space in order to survive, and a gift to future generations who will have to reckon with climate change in the years to come. Thank you Alex Trebek and may you Rest in Peace.”

That’s how it’s done.

RIP Alex. And thank you.



Blobby said...

sooooo.......Ricky wants to fuck anti-fascism. If I read his words correctly - he is pro fascism. That seems about right. Pun intended.

anne marie in philly said...

alex trebek - good person. the rest of the garbage - INCINERATE IT!

Helen Lashbrook said...

I can't see that Celine Dion is going to go on for much longer looking at her photograph, after all she must be pushing 110

Someone should tell the film directors of the Seymour/Collins film that they didn't have plastic surgery in medieval times - hell, they didn't even have plastic! So with an expressionless face lil' Joanie won't be able to act a 40 year old. Perhaps it's not just Seymour who needs glasses but the casting director too?

krayolakris said...

Money grubbing Celine contrasted with Alex Trebek. Mm hmm.

the dogs' mother said...

(Alex Trebek)

take care, xoxo :-)

Debra She Who Seeks said...

I'm glad you ended on the high note of Alex Trebek.

uptonking said...

Aww... Alex. We knew so little of ye... What a nice guy.

Ricky Shroeder... Bah ha ha ha... What a dildo. I will go on twitter and hit him up. He deserves to be razzed. Super razzed.

Jane and Joan. Sigh. I feel for them both. And good for Joan for still getting out there. Jane needs to suck it up and be grateful she gets work at all and is still relevant. There are a lot of actresses who would love to be in her shoes. Also... they probably blew the touch up budget making Joan look 40... so, be kind and grateful, dear.

Celine! You make 500 million and bitch about paying out 13 million? My dear, you are looking like scrooge. Eat a sandwich.

Paris. Are the lips supposed to be the drunk aussie or Paris? I thought it was Paris with a herpes outbreak. Or bad collagen.

This was fun. Thanks for the gossip. Love it.

Dave R said...

Celine can afford the bucks, she should shut up.

Maybe Schroeder saw this as a way to get some good publicity since his career died. Hahahahaha.

You have to remember, Collins is going to be knee deep in pancake which would rather odd on a 20 something.