Thursday, November 21, 2019


Carlos and I rarely fight. Oh, we have disagreements and discussions, but they hardly ever escalate into some sort of yelling kinda thing; we generally agree on most things, and those that we don’t, well, in the end, he does it my way. I kid; we just compromise. But … after his recent hernia surgery, I  made it clear he wasn’t to lift anything, and that included dogs and cats; he even slept in the guest room, door closed, to keep the cats from jumping on him.

We had his follow-up appointment with the surgeon last week, who was pleased with Carlos’ progress and happy he had very little pain. He gave the ‘OK’ for Carlos to resume playing the trumpet but cautioned him against lifting anything over twenty pounds for the next month or so.

And that’s the rub … we did the groceries and he tried to carry the bags. I reminded him that I would be carrying the bags, and once we got home, he could put things away. We went to CostCo and, again, he tried lifting a box filled with groceries and again I reminded him that I would be carry the boxes and once we got home, he could put things away. We also bought dog food—a fifty-pound bag because it was the only one they had—and AGAIN he tried to lift the bag and yada yada yada … We left the bag in the car because it was too big for the Pet Food Cupboard™, but on Sunday, I heard him in the garage, in the car, opening the back, and then coming inside.

He is NOT carrying that dog food, I thought. And then I heard the bag open and heard the contents being emptied into another container for storage and I went mad. But I held it in. I calmly did my thing. I went into the kitchen to fix dinner and when he came in, I got mad all over again, and  to cover my anger I threw a spoon into the sink from across the room.

“Is something wrong?” He said oh … so … sweetly.

5 … 4… 3 … 2 … 1

“But I feel—”
Then I asked if he wanted chopped scallions on his soup, because once the rage was released, I was in a good mood.

Carlos, on the other hand, hasn’t lifted another thing.
A Straight Pride group held their event in Dallas over the weekend and … three people showed up.

So, either there are only three straight people in Dallas, or the people of Dallas see a ridiculous stunt when it advertises on Facebook. Which was where the anti-LGBTQ Straight Pride group Protecting Our Next Generations [PONG] promised to discuss abortion [hint: it’s murder], marriage values [hint: Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve or Madam and Eve] and genders [hint: there are just two].

PS Two of the men that showed up were from Boston and the third was a Proud Boy from Hateville, USA, so not a single person living in Dallas stopped by.

Go figure.
Speaking of dumb homophobes, a _____ supporter in Minneapolis left an ignorant comment about a  gay bar after _____ held a rally in that city last month, and her ignorance went viral.

The gay bar in question, the Saloon nightclub, protested BLOTUS by flying the giant _____ baby balloon from its rooftop and this irritated _____ supporters so much that one, Pamela Ogletree, took to Twitter to proclaim that Saloon would no longer be getting her business.

A commenter asked: “Were you a frequent visitor??”

And one finally told her: “Cuz it’s a gay bar, Pamela.”

And suddenly a meme was born; one person turned the phrase, “It’s a gay bar, Pamela,” into a rainbow-colored enamel pin—it’s available for $10 with 50% of proceeds going to Out Front Minnesota, the state’s leading LGBTQ organization. T-shirts were made; signs posted; Tweets sent out.

“It’s a gay bar, Pamela” is the new “That’s so dumb.”

Pamela Ogletree has not responded to media requests seeking to understand how long she’d patronized the Saloon before it “lost her business.”

Deplorables are dumb.
Last Summer _____ said he would be pursuing gun control measures after a series of shootings in El Paso and Dayton. This fall he quietly dropped the plan because he was told it would hurt his election chances.

Earlier this Fall, he said he would meet with representatives of the vaping industry to try and stem the deaths from vaping. Now he’s shelved those plans, too, because, again,it would hurt his election chances.

Plainly: _____ wants guns and vaping to continue no matter how many are injured or killed because his winning reelection is more important than human life,

That’s all.
Last week, Lil Nas X became the first out gay musician, and rapper, to take home a Country Music Association Award when he and collaborator Billy Ray Cyrus won the “Musical Event of the Year” trophy for the remix of “Old Town Road,” which spent an unprecedented 20 weeks at # 1 on the Billboard Hot 100. They beat out the duo of Brooks & Dunn, the duo of Garth Brooks and Blake Shelton, and the group of Maren Morris and the Brothers Osborne.

Although Lil Nas X is the first gay musician to win a CMA for his own song, it isn’t the first time the show has handed out an award to an LGBTQ+ person. Brandy Clark and Shane McAnally both won for co-writing Kacey Musgraves’ LGBTQ+ anthem “Follow Your Arrow” in 2014. 

Still ….
Jon Bon Jovi is hot; younger and older; hot and hot. And compassionate.

Bon Jovi dedicated his newest song “Unbroken” to honor veterans suffering Post Traumatic Stress Disorder [PTSD]), but he also, through his JBJ Soul Foundation, donated $500,000 to help build the Walter Reed facility in Washington DC for the homeless veterans.

The new facility expects 300 residents and offers a small gym, a courtyard, and a computer room. Residents can use the lounge as a meeting place among the occupants or when their family somes for a visit.

In another effort to help support veterans suffering from PTSD, all the proceeds from Bon Jovi’s song “Unbroken” will be donated to the Patriotic Service Dog Foundation, where veterans and first responders get to be paired with service dogs.

Jon Bon Jovi also owns and runs two Soul Kitchen restaurants in New Jersey where people in need can get a meal, and pay only what they can afford.

Hot, and compassionate.
Less hot, and less compassionate, and entirely full of crap, Dave Cathy’s Christian-owned Chick-fil-A has promised to stop giving to anti-LGBTQ charities, a vow it has made at least once before, and broken.

Don’t hold your breath, and don’t eat their crap chicken.
And finally, Isaac Churchill.

I don’t know much about him except that he’s a dreamy model with luscious hair …and lips, and really doesn’t mind taking his clothes off.

Oh, and I believe he lives in Milan. Dreamy.


Helen Lashbrook said...

Melanie's only hanging around until the money runs down below the $1,000,000 mark (any time soon) and then she'll be off to make money off being the first FLOTUS to care for nothing but Melanie

the dogs' mother said...

(Carlos) listen to Bob!
xoxoxox :-)

Mistress Maddie said...

You have proven tootes, your a queen not to be trifles with!!!!!

And no one ever claimed Melanie and the trump supporters were the brightest crayons in the box.

Chick fill a....not much to eat at in my mall. But if im straving,I'll go hungry the rest of the day before i eat there....even for just a drink.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

DON'T LIFT THINGS, CARLOS! We all want you to get better without further surgery!

Love the 3 person attendance at "Straight Pride," those bozos. Was Pamela there?

Sooo-this-is-me said...

Awwww, that's sweet anger, I can only hope that one day someone loves me enough to be angry with me like that. You guys should have make up sex now!

Oh boy did you make me laugh with the "it's a gay bar Pamela" post.. hahaha!

I gave up trying to hate Jon Bon Jovi years ago, it's like hating a basket of puppies.

Melania was a model, they are not known for their math skills.

anne marie in philly said...

BAD CARLOS! listen to bob and your MD! don't make me put on my high heels and come down there to smack you upside the head!

JBJ does much charity work in my city; he is a blessing.

Sixpence Notthewiser said...

Tell Carlos that the internet doesn’t want him lifting things either!
I think Chick-fil-hate is horrible food. Never liked it before, don’t like it now.
Did anybody told those two straight guys they were on a DATE? 🤣
Pamela is a see you next Tuesday, like all trumpanzees.


Bob said...

Yeah, I don't give too much time to Melanie. She made her bed yada yada yada

I think he is,because I yelled loud enough to wake the dead!

That's right! As JC said, Don't fuck with me, fellas!
And I, too, have never set foot into a Chick-fil-ahole.

Thanks for yelling!
I think Pamela would have fit right in with that crowd. Three IS a crowd, right?

It was Love Anger, so it was all good. And we did make up a;most at once!
It's a Gay Pamela might be my new favorite phrase!

I will tell him you'll come down and open a can of whup ass on him!
And JBJ, hot AND compassionate.
And hot.

Dave R said...

Just so you know, I lifted things all the time after my surgery... including a 118 lb boxer into the back of the car.

Pamela is a big part of the Republican equation for getting the Idiot Jerk re-elected.

The Idiot Jerk jumped off the Anti-Vaping bandwagon because the Vapers of American threatened to voted for someone else... How many vapers even know what an election is?

JBJ has always given back to the community.

Bob said...

I believe he got the message loud and LOUDER!

Pamels is my new go-to asshat.

Moving with Mitchell said...

Jerry and I had the same ”conversation” when I had MY hernia surgery. It’s a gay bar, Pamela. Right up there with Bye, Felicia.

JP said...

You’re almost as bossy as me...

Bob said...

@ Mitchell
Yes, It's a gay bar, Pamela is the new Bye Felicia!

I take that as a complement, and a challenge!