Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Architecture Wednesday: Campo Loft

Not a barn this week, but a 100-year- old workshop and storage building transformed into a gorgeous, simple, small home on the island of Ibiza.

The architect used concrete columns and steel beams to mimic the Ibizan ‘sabina beam’ roof and paved the way for creating this mix of rustic and industrial. And that lead to its name; ‘Campo Loft means ‘industrial open living space on the field’.

The beautiful traditional building structure has been preserved to keep the character of the typical Ibizan architecture with basic and local materials used to rebuild it; a concrete floor, chalk and mud plastered stone walls and ‘sabina beams’ made from trees that only grow on the island. One of the newer materials incorporated into the house is steel; powder-coated steel is used for the window frames and doors, and there’s a custom-made raw steel kitchen.

The building had been unused for many years, so electricity, water and sewage were not present; the architects added all these creature comforts. Water comes from a private well and there are solar panels installed for hot water, floor heating and electricity, making the home completely off the grid and self-sustainable.

The  south side of the home is wide open to the views all over the valley and is connected to a private terrace. The two bedrooms are on the north side corners of the building, to keep them dark and cool. Then there’s a dining space with build-in bench and roof light, that really made this ‘lost’ space part of the loft. A bathroom with free standing tub and windows to the main room to get a view of the fireplace and outside while you’re bathing.

This is my kind of home; a bit old, a bit new, and not so large that you can get lost in it.

Plus … Spain.

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JP said...

Very Spanish, very rustic, very me. I love Ibiza.

the dogs' mother said...

As usual loverly views.
Glad they were able to rescue it.
xoxoxo :-)

Mistress Maddie said...

Lambchop had me at Ibiza.!!!! But I do love this. It has a nice organic feel to it.

Sixpence Notthewiser said...

I love the lines and the apparent simplicity. It's a very well thought out house, TBO.
Also, Ibiza? Really? I'd live there even if I had to sleep under a tarp!


Moving with Mitchell said...

I love this.

whkattk said...

Oooo, I could live there!