Friday, April 06, 2018

PR All-St★rs 6 Ep13: Finally! The Finale!

The finale starts as the three finalists enter the work room to find Helen, Candice, and Amanda are back to help them finish their collections …including the creation of a seventh look.

It’s all a bit of a lovefest—well, except for Helen, who explains that she’s glad to work with Fabio because … 
“There’s one person I truly like this season, it’s Fabio.”
Wow; she’s really a bitch.

Anyway, the designers and their helpers get down to work because not is just five days to make seven looks and who has the time?

So, let’s dish …
Stanley’s collection will be Modern, Bold, Classic, and he’s paired with Amanda; he instantly gives her some colorblocking to do and she’s in heaven.

Still, I’m worried, because the clothes are beautifully made, which is totally Stanley, but I’m not getting a ‘Wow’ moment.

Anne Fulenwider agrees with me, and tells Stanley his collection needs some pow, as in color:
“You don’t get points for just tasteful, classy, and wearable.”
Stanley takes his second

I loved the first look; it’s kind of Sergeant Pepper enters the Matrix. The second look was giving me Judy Carne from Laugh-In and I liked it; and I liked that he added a red strip to it. The third look, a simple pink dress was stunning in it’s simplicity, proof that you don’t need bells and whistles on every garment. The fourth look was cute, but I kind of forgot it as soon as it passed. I called the fifth look sexy and severe, while the sixth was a tad too baggy, though I loved the idea. The last look was his take on Puritanism and I still like it.

Isaac Mizrahi thought the collection was amazing and was especially mad about the red-pink dress, calling it chaste and sexy; his one quibble was that he wished Stanley had clipped off the center pieces of the belt buckles on the first look, so it wasn’t so obvious that they were buckles. He thought the whole thing was the best, most balanced, and expensive looking, collection.

The Beautiful Georgina Chapman™ called it beautiful simplicity and loved the first and lest looks especially; she called them real clothes you could sell today. She thinks the looks are polished and mature.

Guest judge Zac Posen called it stunning, sophisticated, beautifully executed; the first look was his favorite—modern and regal—but the collar and veil on the last look threw him.

Catherine Zeta Jones …why is she here? … loved the first look, and the crispness of the pants; like Georgine, she also loved the last look, too, calling the collection organic.

Alyssa joined the crowd in loving the first look.
Since the judges hated his chinoiserie bird print, Fabio will scrap it, and stick to his navy, cream and white palette. And while there will still be contrasts, like Stanley, his looks need a jolt.

When Anne suggests a color, Fabio shows bits of yellow, and she suggests that he add it throughout to give the collection more power. Fabio uses his second Mood trip to stock up on that yellow and it was a wise move.

I loved the smocking skirt, and the new top works better, making the skirt the star of that show. The second look had a fabulous little striped coat, and while the shorts were an odd length for me, they’re totally Fabio’s edge. The third look was so casual and chic and simple; timeless, but modern. I liked what he tried with the fourth look, and I liked watching it walk, but the still photo is giving me surgical scrubs, albeit modern surgical scrubs. The fifth look also is giving me clinician, but I do love the back drape. Number six is my favorite; I was getting a Ralph Lauren vibe, but only if Ralph Lauren lived long enough to become Fabio—no offense to Mr. Lauren since he’s still alive. I also liked the kimono quality of the last look, though I found it a little too long and the fabric seemed kind of heavy.

The Beautiful Georgina Chapman™ was stunned by the fact that Fabio could drape so well; she loved the short, striped jacket and wished it had been paired with something more street, more grunge.  She did say, based on separates, he had the best collection

Isaac Mizrahi called the collection=n ‘moving,’ and loved the yellow cardigan; he called the collection delicate in its oddness but wished it had been more ‘%$@# you’ odd. He did find the collection heartfelt.

Zeta Jones loved the jumpsuit with the bell sleeves and thought the whole collection was feminine and edgy, street to couture.

Zac Posen was all about the timeless jumpsuit and said that the fifth look would have worked as just a dress—Fabio did add that his clients wouldn’t wear a dress.

Alyssa called it innovative and new and modern and relatable.
Anthony got the ‘Oh no, he’ll never finish’ edit because he completely scrapped his signature look and refused to hear it when Candice told him to bring it back. But he wanted drama and paint and leather and sheers and feathers and so that meant ‘Shut up and sew.’

It also meant a talk off the cliff from Anne, who loved what he was doing, but warned him that too much might never get done.

At Mood he opts for black velvet, because paint looks good on velvet …tell that to Elvis on Velvet … to create a Little Black Dress.

The skirt on the first look was über tight but I liked the paint splatter. The second look also suffered from TSS—tight skirt syndrome—but I loved the sexy sheer Rihanna top. I got Origami Fortune Cookie from the third piece, and that’s no shade, while the fourth piece was a giant wow … for about twelve second. The fifth look was great coming at you and fabulous walking away. The sixth piece was my least favorite; it didn’t seem to fit. But that last look was breathtaking, and then she turned to walk away, and the skirt filled the runway, I told Carlo I need that for when I wanna make a dramatic departure from a room; we’ll see.

Alyssa called the collection a breath of fresh air, loved the back of the LBD—which he says he did because of Georgina’s advice, causing Isaac to tell Georgina she was making little monsters everywhere.

The Beautiful Georgina Chapman™ was surprised by the rock-n-roll attitude in the collection, and loved the last look, though the print bothered her; she also felt the white skirt was too long, and the top too sheer.

Zac Posen disagreed saying it was a Rihanna look and he totally knows Rihanna and she’d wear it. Isaac helped pick up the names he dropped. He also thought the all-white look was divine.

Isaac Mizrahi also loved the last look; he dubbed the fabric and design ‘brutalism’.

Zeta Jones said the last look made her gasp harder than she’d gasped since she saw how much money she’d get after signing that Michael Douglas pre-nup. She added that the LBD was ‘everything.’
I was glad they didn’t drag it out by first sending someone home, and just simply announced the winner … Anthony … wo squealed so loudly my ears are still ringing.

I loved the champagne and cake segment when the three finalists sat down together and were just nice to one another, and happy to be in the finale together. I does like me some drama, you know that, but this was nice, too.

That said, was I happy Anthony won? Yes …and no. I would have been happy with any of the three, but, while Anthony’s clothes were beautiful and has some great ideas, I felt Stanley’s looks were more refined, more new, and that Fabio’s collection was the future.

Still, I give Anthony props, because he sold that collections, noting that he listened to Georgina’s advice and Isaac’s critiques, and he took some lessons from what Zac Posen has done; he’s learned a great deal. And, quite simply, his idea for the collection … if Audrey Hepburn had lived long enough to become Rihanna …was brazilliant! He werked that collection and his win was well-earned.

Now, Line of the Night … all season long it seems they’ve gone to Anthony, but last night’s best line, for me, was when Fabio said:
“God gave me a mind that thinks, and it thinks about pockets.”
Loved that.

I also loved Fabio’s choice of music to be played during his collection—accordion music—as a nod to his grandfather, since the collection was a nod to his grandmother.

Catherine Zeta Jones? No; just no.

Again, I love me some Isaac, or, in Isaac-speak, I’m simply mad about him.

The Beautiful Georgina Chapman™, coming off the scandal brought about by her soon-to-be ex-husband, Harvey Weinstein, was the epitome of grace and elegance; truly beautiful

Alyssa Milano? Whoever styled her most of the season must have not been a Who’s The Boss fan because they put her in some hideous clothes all season long. She needs a new rider in her contract that she gets better wardrobe choices,

I seriously can see these three designers are having wonderful careers, and so that’s a win-win in my book.

What did YOU think?


the dogs' mother said...

Yes, best of luck to all of them!
And high fives to you for all your
recaps :-). xoxoxoxo

BootsandBraids said...

That was a happy surprise, and I didn't hear Anthony scream because I was too busy screaming my own darn self. I didn't think the judges could see beyond Stanley and Fabio, no matter what weirdness they came up with. In all fairness, Stanley's collection, though not all that, it wasn't too terribly weird. But Fabio .... I just don't get that guy. His collection reminded me of what the folks in the communes use to wear back in the day.

Deedles said...

I loved Anthony's collection. If Fabio's is fashion of the future, I hope I drop dead before it gets here! Mind you, this is coming from someone who survived the seventies. I'm with Boots and Braids here, I don't get the guy either. Picnic table couture.

AlexandriaVic said...


Thanks for your faithful critique. I loved every one of them. I appreciate your time and effort.

I agree I love me some Issiac. I would love to be at a party with him and just let him go on with his stories. I know he has seen some shi#$%.

I agree whoever is dressing Allyssa should be fired. Many of her clothes this season were dreadful. Last nights green thing, to me, seemed ill-fitting.

I agree I loved the cake segment. I don't like it when things get bitchy. I am too old for that. Just compete. Simply put Helen is a bitch. She likes drama and creates it. Sit down.

I agree I do not care for Ann. Let's not bring her back next season.

Once again thanks. Keep Carlos close. I know he is a keeper.

Travel said...

I fell asleep, but I liked Anthony, I can just hear hime squealing!

Kirk said...

As I scrolled down, I counted the number of outfits I liked for the contestants, and I liked all of Anthony's, so I'm glad he won.